3 Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Rural Areas

3 Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Rural Areas
3 Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Rural Areas

Auto accidents are a big cause of death in India. Many people use two-wheelers to get around, and around 17 percent of riders and passengers die in road accidents. Car, jeeps, and taxis are not much safer, with just under 27k people dying in road accidents in 2017. But what about accidents in rural areas?

Road traffic accidents are less common in rural areas because fewer people have access to a vehicle. This isn’t the case in a country like the US, where people are just as likely to drive in the country compared to in a city. In the US, anyone involved in an auto accident can contact an Indianapolis auto accident attorney to seek financial compensation, but in India, being involved in a serious accident could mean life-long financial hardship or even death. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid such a tragic scenario. With this in mind, here are the most common causes of auto accidents in rural areas.

Driver Inattention

The leading cause of auto accidents in rural areas is driver inattention. 78% of accidents can be attributed to driver fault.

In a congested city, a high level of concentration is needed to stay safe and drivers must stay alert when navigating busy roads and intersections. The minute your concentration slips, you are at risk of an accident.

Driving in a rural area is different. There are far fewer vehicles on the road, so it isn’t necessary to stay alert all the time. In fact, it’s common for drivers to drive on autopilot because they are so familiar with the roads. However, this is dangerous, as losing concentration is likely to lead to driver error, such as driving too fast or not paying attention to the road.

The faster you are traveling, the harder it is to stop when there is a blockage in the road, such as a pedestrian or animal.

Drunk Driving

Drivers in rural areas are more likely to drink and drive. Because there are fewer vehicles on the road and law enforcement personnel are few and far between, people assume they can get away with drinking to excess and then driving.

Unfortunately, alcohol dulls the senses and slows our responses. We take longer to react to a situation when drunk, so we are much more likely to be involved in a serious accident.


Pedestrians are sometimes responsible for auto accidents. When there are fewer vehicles on the road, pedestrians are less likely to be careful when walking along roads or crossing roads. They may wander into the road without looking. Unfortunately, if a pedestrian walks along a road at night when there is no lighting, a driver may not see them.

Cyclists are also at risk, and since many people use bicycles to get around in rural areas, it is a good idea to watch out for people on bikes when you drive.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain your vehicle too. Motor vehicle defects account for 2.3% of accidents, all of which could have been avoided.




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