First on the row in USA- California bans Animal Fur Products

First on the row in USA- California bans Animal Fur Products
First on the row in USA- California bans Animal Fur Products


Animal rights activists within California have been calling for the ban on animal products. In response to this call, the State has taken some steps towards this course.


Recently, the State of California issued a ban on animal fur products. As such, manufacturers residing in California will no longer sell or make items including, clothes, handbags or shoes, from fur. This ban takes effect from 2023.


However, the ban does not also apply to stuffed animals, neither does it include items made from leather, full skin of sheep, goats, and deer, and cowhides.


Thus, from 2023, any person who is found making products from animal fur, will attract a fine of $500 dollars, for a first-time offender. For a second time offender, a fine of $1000 is the stipulated fine.


While animal rights activists have welcomed the new ban with much joy, the Fur Information Council, have criticized the move. According to the spokesman of the Fur Information Council, Keith Kaplan, this move is a first step to impose other bans on what the residents will eat and wear.


Governor Newsom, has however stated that California is the leading State when it comes to animal welfare, and banning the sale of fur is part of that leadership.

At present, California is the first State in the United States to place a ban of this nature.


However, fashion house Prada had earlier announced in May last year that, starting with its spring-summer 2020 line, it will stop using fur.


A similar decision was taken by the UK’s Selfridges, when it announced that it would ban the sale of exotic animal skins, beginning from February 2020.


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