Thursday, October 5, 2023
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Travel – Can I drive in Canada on a Tourist Visa?

Travel – Can I drive in Canada on a Tourist Visa?   If you are travelling to Canada on a visitor visa also called the temporary...

13% hike in pregnant women travelling to Canada to acquire Birth Tourism benefit

Canadian law recognizes Birth Right Citizenship. By virtue of this, every child born in Canada is immediately given an automatic citizenship. Birthright citizenship does not...

Immigration Canada: Top Three Ways To Immigrate To Canada

Immigration Canada: How to migrate to Canada? The procedure, Documents, Legality- TOP 3 WAYS!   Introduction Immigration from India to Canada can be traced to the period...

Looking for a property in Ontario, Canada? Know the professional liability of the real estate agents

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY OF THE REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN ONTARIO, CANADA   Real estate agents owe contractual and fiduciary duties to their clients, hence, agents must exercise...

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