Who Is The Author And First Owner Of Copyright?

Who Is The Author And First Owner Of Copyright?
Who Is The Author And First Owner Of Copyright?

Who Is The Author And First Owner Of Copyright?



The proprietor and the author are subjected to numerous rights for copyright. There could be many different cases when taking about the author and the first owner of the copyright. If a person creates some work on his own potential, then he is supposed to be the owner of copyright for that work. In the event that a recruiter hires any employee to work on some project on the behalf of the recruiter then he would be the owner of the copyright and the creator would be termed as the author.

If we take an example of the writer who writes a book or rather composes some music. The one who is the actual creator of the work is also considered as the owner of the copyright. In order to make this concept clearer, we will discuss this in brief detail in this article.

Definition Of First Owner-

The definition of the first owner could be generalized in many different perspectives, keeping in mind whether the creator is doing everything on his own behalf or doing that work by consent of someone else. So, these are summed up as follows:

In the event that the creator is utilized by daily paper, magazine and so forth under an agreement of administration, the proprietor will be the first owner without a consent despite what might be expected on account of a scholarly, emotional or masterful work.


Where a photo is taken, or a work of art or picture was drawn for a significant thought at the occurrence of the individual, such individual is considered to be the first owner of the work. When any address or discourse is conveyed out in the open, the individual conveying is supposed to be the first owner and where it is conveyed for someone else such other individual is the first owner in that case.


If there should be an occurrence of Government work, Government will be the first owner proprietor. If there should be an existence of work made or distributed by or under any open endeavor, it will be the first owner.


Rights Of Owner And Ownership Of Copyright

The rights of the owner and the ownership of the copyrights are protected in the provision of the first owner of copyright section 17. This act states that the original author of the work done should be held as the first owner of the copyright. It also includes different circumstances which are described below:

Owner Of The Work

When keeping in view the proprietor of some work which includes any of the following:

  • Literature
  • Arts & Paintings
  • Dramatic Scripts

Then the individual who has actually done the work under the consent of any recruiter who might be the owner of any publication center, magazine or some news agency without the case of agreement he would be the first owner. So, any of the publications which are being published by him in any of these forms then the author should be held as the first owner besides of the fact that there isn’t any such agreement of ownership signed.


Author & First Owner Of Copyright For Painter, Photographer, And Cinematographer-

In terms of photography, painting, and cinematography we refer to the clause (a) of the act. According to that any image was taken, painting drawn, portray sketched or cinematographic film created for the consideration of any individual then he should be said as the first owner. This also subjects contrary to the absence of any agreement made.


Author And First Ownership In Terms Of Employer-

When we deliberately take the case of work that is done by any individual who is working for an employer under the action of agreement then the clause (a) and (b) are not applicable. Keeping that in view the employer of the worker would be termed as the first owner of the copyright.

While delivering any speech or public address every word delivered is on the behalf of any other person for whom he is delivering the address shall be the first owner. Without any relevance to who delivers the speech, it must be the owner of the one who has ordered and employed him for this address. Copyright in such cases is for the employer.


Work Done Under The Consent Of Government

In case that the author who should be the first owner or the creator of some work is hired by the government then all the credit and the ownership of the copyright will go to the government authorities. Even all the work is done on his own by the author or the creator on his own but it will still fall in the same case if he works for the government.


Author Under The Public Undertaking-

In the situation when the author of the book or creator of the work, whose work is being published to sponsored with the direction of some public undertaking. Then this sort of public undertaking must be considered as first owner while there is no agreement made.

This subjects to the clause of section 28-A which specifies that the public undertaking refers that it is owned or handled by government or organization owned by it. If it works with concerns of the international organization then it should be served as the first owner of the copyright as per S. 41.


Author And First Owner Of Copyright For Commission Works-

When you ask or commission someone else or association to make a copyrighted work for you, the principal legitimate proprietor of copyright is the individual or company that made the work and not you the one who is commissioner, except if you generally concur it in composing.


In any case, in a few conditions, for instance, when copyright isn’t managed in the agreement to commission the work, courts might will find that there is an inferred permit enabling the magistrate to utilize the work for the reason for which it was authorized.


This does not really bring about an exchange of possession. Rather, the one who is taking the commission of work may just get a constrained non-elite permit. This circumstance exhibits the significance of building up who claims copyright through an agreement.


Who Claims The Copyright In Terms Of Joint Work?


Whenever at least two creators set up a work with the expectation to consolidate their commitments into indistinguishable or associated parts, the work is viewed as joint work and the creators are viewed as joint copyright proprietors.


The most widely recognized case of a joint work is the point at which a book or article has at least two writers. Although, if a book is composed basically by one writer, however, another writer contributes a particular section to the book and is given credits for that part, at that point this most likely wouldn’t be a joint work on the grounds that the commitments aren’t indivisible or related.


Author And First Owner For Works Made By Students-

There is no referring for the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act of 1988 that narrates particularly to responsibility for in works made by understudies. However, the ordinary tenets of proprietorship will apply as sketched out in segments 9-11 of the Act.


An instructor or speaker ought not have the capacity to assert joint copyright ownership on the work done by students except if they have made a significant commitment to that work this may incidentally happen with elementary school kids, where an educator’s association with a student work would normally be more extensive than the cooperation with that of high school students.


Although, a few colleges and schools may ask that student allocate their copyright over to the foundation while enlisting. On the other hand, the foundation may remove a sovereignty free permit for any works made as a state of enrolment. Without any such pacts, the owner copyright would stay with the author.


Case Held In Regards To Author And First Owner Of Copyright-


There was a case held in an Indian court for the copyright of a drama script between Lama Parsad and Nabahash (Assam 70). The Court kept the ownership of copyright for the author who wrote the script of without being held to any contracts. The story was compiled into the drama series, it was so because if a person does any work without consent to transfer the copyright then it should remain with the author.

The second case was between Thomas and Manorama (AIR 1989 Ker 49) and it was about the ownership of the copyright for the work that the employee has done while he was working for the employer. The court gave the judgment in employee’s favor, the employee would be the first owner of the copyright even when he has left his job for that employer. There wouldn’t be any claim of copyright for the administration with whom he was working.




Responsibility for work is just secured through the act and custom-based law in India, it does not offer any solution for them. Copyright exists in the first work published by the composer, it will be conceivable just with the agreement or permit of the copyright proprietor of the work.


Where the proprietor of a copyright in a unique work license for someone else to compose or adjust it, for instance, to write a film content or play upon a book, the copyright in the course of action at that point remains with the composer, who has begun it.


The author or creator of the work gets most of the benefits in terms of first ownership of copyright whether he is creating something for his own possession or working under concerned authorities.




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