Difference between SS7 Signalling and SS8 Legal Interception

Difference between SS7 Signalling and SS8 Legal Interception
Difference between SS7 Signalling and SS8 Legal Interception

Difference between SS7 Signalling and SS8 Legal Interception


What is SS7?

SS7 denotes Signalling System 7, is an international telecommunication protocol standard that explains how the functioning of network elements in a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) control signals and exchange information.

SS7 is a set of signalling protocols that define call control, call setup, passing network status and call teardowns.

Nodes in the signalling system 7 (SS7) network are termed as signalling points.

SS7 is the system that controls and explains how telephone calls are routed and billed.

SS7 enables advanced calling features and Short Message Service SMS.

It may be referred to as Signalling System No. 7 or Common Channel Signalling Seven in the United States or CCSS7.

Basically call establishment, negotiation and call disconnection is done by signalling.

SS7 is called as C7 in countries in Europe and sometimes No 7 Signalling.


Following are the services provided by SS7 –

  • Call set up and call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Routing and teardown
  • SMS
  • Automated voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Conference calling
  • Toll-free (800) and (888) and toll  (900) calls
  • Subscriber authentication and extended billing
  • Mobile phone tracking
  • Mobile phone roaming


What is SS8?

SS8 is the name of a company/a brand name for a highly sophisticated communication interception and forensics system.

Telecom operators are helped by SS8’s solution to enforce the law and to facilitate real-time call interception by State Intelligence or Police in circuit switching and packet switching networks.

SS8 is a pioneer in communication interception and forensics market easing providers to operate inline with law enforcements by the government.

Not only for telecom but it could be used to monitor SMS, chat sessions, emails and web surfing or any other services.

These products basically bridges the intelligence agencies and telecommunication companies across the globe.


Difference between SS7 Signalling and SS8 Legal Interception

SS7 SS8 Legal Interception
Is a signalling system used to PSTN network. Is a company providing legal interception products to operators.
Call set up, call teardown and call control are handled by SS7. Call capture and monitoring for intelligence agencies without affecting SS7 or any other signalling is done by SS8.
In order for an operator to operate, SS7 is essential. SS8 depends on the enforcement authorities of the countries and on the local law.





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