Digital Project Supreme Court of India to be paperless soon
Digital Project Supreme Court of India to be paperless soon


According to the court’s registry all The Supreme Court is ready to go paperless with a digital project which will be implemented in stages. According to the court’s registry, all the high courts across the nation have been given login details to upload digitized records in a given format though only fresh matters listed in the first 5courts can be seen by judges on the digital device now. To this high courts across the nations have already uploaded a large number of files after a data management system of the Supreme Court.

Further the Supreme Court of India has opened 2 help desks on the court’s premises to give information about how the ICMIS works.

As per Court registry, the Supreme Court had made all the preparations to make the court paperless involving various technical and functional issues and providing a new working method for the advocates and judges,” the court’s registry said in a statement. And now Supreme Court registry is frequently communicating with courts and has video-conferences the nodal officers of the high courts.

The whole process will be updated periodically and will soon make the court paperless


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