Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA-Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Expected To Prosecute Former Finance Minister Over INX Media Case

The Ministry of law has given the green light to CBI to prosecute former finance Minister P Chidambaram over INX media case. Solicitor General (Tushar Mehta) has strongly opposed the idea on inflicting bail on the minister preferring a police interrogation instead. The minister has been charged with the INX media money laundering case for giving a Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance to the group in 2007. He has also been charged with other money laundering charges.


INDIA-India Urges U.S.A To Release Students Detained As Victims Of Homeland Security Fake University Trap

The Government of India and other associations related to the U.S.A including the American Telugu Association and American Telangana Association have shown concern about the detainment of 129 Indian students and one Pakistani student who are detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for enrolling in a fake university in Metro Detroit. India’s Minister of External Affairs has Urged the government of the U.S.A to give them a benefit of doubt since they had not been involved in any criminal activities. However, some people and organizations have come forward and filed a petition against Homeland Security for setting up such a trap.


CANADA-New Court Specifically For People With FASD Expected To Be A Game Changer

A new court set to open in Manitoba is expected to be a game changer specifically to people with an alcohol spectrum disorder. Lawyer Van Dongen said that people with the disorder were often set up by justice to fail and that their understanding of the world was different. Its not known how many people have the disease in Canada for it is hard to diagnose it. The court is expected to open at the end of February operating once a week and have judges with an understanding of the conditions.


UK- Surge In Parents Forced To Fight Child Custody Battles With No Legal Representation

The number of parents forced by circumstances to represent themselves in child custody battles at Family Courts has doubled in the past six years. Campaigners have warned that “huge injustices” are taking place and that the children’s best interests were being “obscured”. This has led to disadvantaged parents having anxiety and prolonged proceedings. Statistics showed that applicants going to court unrepresented surged from one in five in 2011- to almost half of all cases in 2017. Penny Scott, chair of the Law Society’s family law committee, said that Family law was highly complex and it was incredibly difficult for people without lawyers to understand the proceedings of the court and represent themselves effectively.


INDIA-SC Decrees Mandatory Regulations For Scrutinizing Fresh Matters

With an aim of facilitating faster verification of matters, the Supreme Court registry has issued a circular composing of a checklist which has to be scrutinized by scrutinizing officers. The process may include a three-way process which includes verification by scrutiny officers and compilation by Advocates-on-Record. Finally, the Advocate-on-Record shall certify on the Advocate’s Check List that he has personally verified the petition & it is in conformity with the Supreme Court Rules, 2013.

INDIA-Lawyer Arrested In Connection To 7-Year-Old Murder

Advocate Virender Kumar (44) has been charged with the alleged murder of Model Town resident Kiran along with two other people Prithvi Singh (59), and a rickshaw puller, Kamlesh (28). The victim is though to have been strangled was found in 2011 decomposed in the Yamuna. The lawyer was allegedly given 30 lakhs by the landlord who was involved in a case with the victim, to “get her out of the way.”


U.S.A- New Law Expected To reduce Police Shootings In California

Jamilia Land believes that 2019 may be the year to reduce police killings in California. This is personal after a family friend Stephon Clerk was allegedly shot by the police when they mistakenly took a cell phone for a gun. Legislation to solve the problem is not in place yet but is expected to be on and rolling as soon as possible. There has been an argument between the people and the police as to whom is the main cause of the problem. The police claim that people should follow police orders for they are also insecure and targets of riots. On the other hand, the activists and civil rights advocates claim that police should be prosecuted and held accountable. Senate leader Toni Atkins, who shelved the bill last year, responded to Becerra’s report by saying she’s working on Weber’s legislation which aimed at balancing the equation between the police and the people hence achieving peace.


INDIA-Government Calls Upon Lawyers to Put Forth Suggestions For Regulations To Accommodate Cryptocurrency

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as long as the government of India cyptospace is concerned. This is after the Government called upon lawyers from Nishith Desai Associates to put forward suggestions to accommodate cryptocurrency. This move by the government was triggered by an appeal filed by the Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] against the circular by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI] over financial dealings ban. The appeal mostly outlines suggestions on how the government can incorporate cryptocurrency in the most secure way.


CANADA- Costco Fined $7 Million After Accepting Illegal Kickbacks

Costco has been fined more than $7 million after the company was found to have accepted illegal kickbacks at 29 pharmacies in warehouses across the province from 2013 to 2015. That investigation has revealed that the company received $7.25 million for services that the ministry says violated its terms for accepting rebates. The payments were used to reduce dispensing fees and drug markups, according to Costco. The Government has however confirmed that the company has accepted to pay the fine though they claim to have believed that the payments were legal at the time.


INDIA-Justice S K Kaul: Trained And Skilled Lawyers Needed

Supreme Court Justice S K Kaul said that there was a need for trained and skilled lawyers. In an interaction with law students at the Phillip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, the Justice quoted that the students should have the ability to think on their feet and be very precise about what they did. According to the varsity statement, more than 100 law students from various universities and law colleges and institutions participated in the event.


INDIA-Delhi HC Judicial Service revised result released

The Delhi High Court released the results for the Delhi Judicial exam that was conducted on January 13 and January 17, 2019, aimed at filling 147 posts. 675 out of the overall were shortlisted for the main exam. The exam mainly comprised of questions including General knowledge, current affairs, English language, etc. For more info visit @


INDIA- U.S Expert Weighs In Between Estranged Doctors Couple

U.S expert has opted haplo-identical bone marrow transplant apart from normal blood transfusion to a four-year-old girl who is thalassemia major. The inquiry was made by Gujarat High Court after the girl’s doctor parents had a different approach towards the problem hence they approached the court. The High court also called upon amicus curiae to find out from the expert doctors the amount to be spent on the surgery.


U.S.A- Billions Bet On Super Bowl, Including First Legal Wagers In Pennsylvania

About $6 billion is expected to be wagered on the awaited Super Bowl LIII. The American Gaming Association estimates about 23 million people to wager $6 billion dollars on the long-awaited clash between Rams and New England patriots. This is the first year that fans can bet legally in Pennsylvania. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the betting industry ahead of the Super Bowl.


INDIA-Gujarat HC Begins Applications For Civil Judge Post

The Gujarat High Court has begun the online application for the post of Civil Judge on Feb 1, 2019. The interested candidates are advised to apply on the official website, The deadline is expected to be March 1, 2019. The candidates will be selected based on aggregate marks obtained by the candidate in the written exam and viva voce test. More info about application fee and other information is to be found on the court’s official website.


UK-Jury Convicts Person On U.K. Female Genital Mutilation Law For First Time

An unnamed 37-year-old mother originating from Uganda has become the first person to be convicted with female genital mutilation since the practice was outlawed three decades ago. She was found guilty of performing FGM on her 3-year-old daughter. The woman is expected to be sentenced on March 8 at the Old Baley. The police also claimed that the woman was interested in witchcraft.


INDIA-Madras High Court Says Negative Markings Are Bad Law

The Madras High Court said that negative marking in competitive examinations should be done away with for they were bad practice. Justice R. Mahadevan said that intelligent guessing is a skill that everyone needs in life for it is full of uncertainties. The practice was done away with after a student S. Nelson Prabhakar who did not qualify for writing the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) for gaining admission into an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The student won the petition after it was found out that he lost 25 marks due to negative marking.


The U.S.A- Trump Confirms Use Of US Military In Venezuela Among ‘Options’ On Table

President Donald Trump claimed in an interview that sending the U.S military to Venezuela is an option while negotiation with president Maduro in relation to a crisis in Venezuela is not. U.S allies including Russia, Mexico, turkey, and other countries have preferred dialogue as a solution to the crisis in Venezuela. The speculation of the use of the military in Venezuela has raised concerns that it would be of a negative impact of some Venezuela’s state and Venezuela at large.


INDIA- Madras HC Reiterates That Physical Presence Is A Necessity For Marriage registration

The Madras High Court has directed the Inspector General of Registration to issue a circular making the physical presence of the parties to the marriage mandatory for the registration of their marriage. This is after a petition was filed by a lawyer (A. Kannan) complaining that Registrars of marriages are registering marriages without verifying the solemnization of such marriage in accordance with the personal laws of the parties. The lawyer also asked the court to take action against registrars who were registering marriages without following the correct procedure.


Australia-Medical Expert Say That A law Meant To Protect Lawyers And Doters Is Turning A Back On Them

Under nationally adopted laws introduced in 2010, health practitioners are required to report on each other if they believe a clinician has an impairment that could place the public at risk of substantial harm. Medical experts say health staff at risk are afraid to seek help. Many young doctors have been discovered to feel mandatory reporting a threat to their careers which is considered a positive move. A legal exemption adopted in WA was seen as the best solution to the problem.






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