Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA- Parliamentary Panel Advises Government To Bring Law To Punish People Urinating In Public

A parliamentary panel has advised the Government to improvise a law that will back up the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), under which permission is given to punish those who spit, urinate and litter public areas.  The committee chairman Dilipkumar Mansukhlal Gandhi said that it was a good idea to include sanitation in part of the school curriculum so as to create awareness. According to the government data, 99% of rural household have toilets. However, the panel has said that people should focus on the use and not availability.


INDIA-Supreme Court Bench Suspends Proceedings After Advocate Points Out Ceiling Cracks

Proceedings were suspended in courtroom 3 for over 20 minutes after an advocate pointed out to a bench that there were cracks in the false ceiling over their heads. This is not a common occurrence in India. On discovery of cracks in the panels of the false ceiling, Justice S A Bobde, Justice SK Kaul and Justice Deepak Gupta retired to their chambers. The matter was finally civil construction department of the court. The proceedings went on but they moved their chairs from the panel.


AUSTRALIA- Notre Dame President Claims New York’s Abortion Law Is A Great Threat

Rev. John I. Jenkins president of Notre Dame University has said that the New York abortion law is a great threat and that it had stripped protection of unborn children. New York’s Reproductive Health Act which was enacted last month gave a lot of privileges to expectant mothers including aborting 24 weeks of pregnancy when health was at risk. Opponents of the law claim that it is very extreme. Earlier in a statement, Jenkins who has been president of the private Catholic university in 2005 has claimed that it would diminish the moral instinct to protect innocent and vulnerable life. Jenkins went on to urge people to think of who was next as they contemplated the effects of the law.


INDIA-Controversial Citizenship Amendment Dropped After Violent Protest

A bill aimed at helping Hindus and other minorities move to neighbor Muslim-majority countries has been taken down after amid protest in the north-east. Regardless of the protests, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah said in a rally last month that it would be passed. There were some injuries as six women were injured in the protest. There is a dark side when it comes to BJP advantageous political expectations of the bill. According to Subir Bhaumik a journalist with a lot of expertise in political affairs, the bill was meant to win over Bengali Hindus to the BJP’s cause.


INDIA- ‘India Does Not Have Jurisdiction To Consider State Subject Law’

According to a press release, Islamabad: Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human rights (JKCHR) supports the call given by the Joint Kashmiri Resistance Leadership (JRL) as warning against any bad intention by the Indian Government to predispose the 91- year-old State Subject Law in Kashmir. According to JKCHR statement, the hearing of 35A and 370 by Supreme Court of India on 13 or 14 of February was a manifestation of a colonial mindset without merit in international law. JKCHR s president Dr. Nazir Gilani asked the Jammu and Kashmir Government in Indian occupied Kashmir to bring back the Entry Permit for Indian citizens which were unlawfully done away with by Prime Minister of Kashmir back on 31 March 1959.


IRELAND-Northern Ireland Expected To `Fall Two Steps Behind’ England And Wales As No-Fault Divorce After Two Years Set To Become Law

British justice secretary David Gauke has confirmed he is yet to bring a law that would make Northern Ireland “fall two steps behind” England and Wales as long as divorce is concerned. According to the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1973 in England and Wales divorce could be accepted only if there was discoverable fault such as adultery in the marriage. Meanwhile, a family lawyer has come forward and dimmed the law faulty as it had not been updated lately.


INDIA- Delhi HC Accords A Day-long Hearing On Custodial Torture After Petitioner Says He Was Not Heard.

A bench headed by justice Ranjan Gogoi accorded a day-long hearing to PIL inquiring on center to frame a law on custodial torture and inhuman treatment. This is after a petitioner and former Law Minister Ashwini Kumar claimed that they were not heard. The former law Minister claimed that India had not ratified signatory of the United Nations’ Convention Against Torture since 1997 since there was a dark side in the legislation. He went on to claim that almost five people were killed every day because of custodial torture. The bench said that it would dedicate all the time necessary and asked what process was required for the petitioner to get what he wanted. The court will resume hearing on Thursday.


CANADA- QuadrigaCX Is A Subject Of Bidding War, Bloomberg

Lawyers are expected to meet at Scotia Supreme court to win creditor representation over creditor representation of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX which Bloomberg describes as “subject of a bidding war.” The amount of cash lost following the fall of the company is $190 Million CAD from cryptocurrency. The ensuing legal action has added another $70 million CAD while involving about 115,000 users. It is claimed that after the death its CEO, Gerald Cotton in December, there was no way to access client funds in cold wallets. A recent report suggests there was no cash at all.


INDIA- Court Document Claims That Bombay High Court Overturned 2017 Arbitration Award To HPCL For Rs 800 Crore

According to a court document viewed by Reuters, Bombay HC overturned 2017 arbitration award of more than Rupees 8 billion owed to India’s Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd by Malaysia’s M3nergy. In 2017, HPLC received the amount after the delay of M3nergy to finalize a consortium agreement. According to the Economic Times newspaper reported at the time, this led to the termination of an exploration contract with India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Rishab Gupta, a partner of the firm representing M3nergy confirmed that the January 10 ruling was for the Rs 800 Crore given in 2017.


INDIA- Mumbai University Expected To Give Partial Law Course Degrees

Several students who should get an LLB (General) degree or BCL after partial course completion in 2018 are expected to get their convocation degrees from MU. The University is expected to decide on distributing the degrees since they had stopped the practice in 2016. Vinod Malale, examination section’s spokesperson said they were investigating the matter while another claimed that the degree was of use only to 20% of the student.


Venezuela- Venezuela Oil Experts Shift To India After Sanctions Cut Oil Flow To U.S

Venezuela oil experts have turned towards India after new US sanction began on January 28. Venezuela seems to be paying attention to cash clients especially India who are the second-largest customers after the US. The sanction mainly aims at restricting president Nicholas Madura from getting access to oil revenue which has helped in keeping his government in power. According to data by Definitive, several tankers carrying Venezuelan oil or crude were observed going to Asia although other destinations were unclear. An analyst has said that it is difficult to find customers in Asia.


INDIA- Chudasama And His Lawyers Face Gujarat HC’s Rage After Partiality Accusation Before Supreme Court

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and his lawyers faced the rage of Justice Paresh Upadhyay of the Gujarat high court on Tuesday for partiality accusation on the court before the High Court. Justice Upadhyay was hearing a petition filed by filed by Congress candidate Ashvin Rathod challenging Chudasama’s election victory in 2017. The court expressed its displease after Chaudasama claimed that orders passed by the High Court were of “Ulterior Motive”. The court said it was humiliated by these allegations and asked Chudasama’s advocate to approach the Chief Justice if he wanted the case transferred from his court.


INDIA- Supreme Court Seven-Judge Bench Expected To Examine Minority Status Of AMU

A seven-judge bench is expected to give a stand concerning the degree of correctness in an issue of minority stand in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). In the process, the court will review its 1968 decision in the Aziz Basha case which held that AMU was a central university and not a minority institution. Thereafter in 1981, the minority status of the university was restored by amendments by the government. Both the AMU and the center approached the court for an appeal. However, the center later withdrew from the case making AMU believe that the move was politically motivated. It was finally decided that it was not logic for the center’s move to determine decisions affecting the community.


UK-Up skirting Officially A Criminal Offence As New Law Kicks In

Upskirting has officially become a criminal offense after a new law passed in parliament was introduced. The offence may lead to two-year imprisonment and being placed on the sexual offenders’ register. This is due to the 18-month campaign by writer and activist Gina Martin. She described it as an offense under Sexual offenses act 2003. It received more than 50,000 signatures in its online petition. However, there have been several people against the law including MP Sir Christopher Chope. In 2018 data has revealed that young girls of up to ten years have been targets.


INDIA- Kapil Sibal Defends Anil Ambani In Court And Stabs Him In The Back When Outside

Congress MP and senior lawyer Kapil Sibal slammed industrialist Anil Ambani after defending him in court, a move that made the BJP accuse him of acquiring two contradicting positions. He twitted that Airbus, France government had an idea that the PM would sign an MOU on his visit to France between 9th and 11th April 2015. However, Sibal claims not to see any problem with the issue. AICC spokesman Randeep Surjewala also confirmed that his political stance was clear and that there was no contradiction.


INDIA- Supreme Court Reserves Order On Ericsson’s Contempt Plea Against Rcom Chief Anil Ambani

The Supreme Court reserved its ruling on Ericson India’s plea seeking contempt against Reliance Communications Ltd along with two others for not paying off RS 55 Crore debts. During the hearing, senior advocate Dushyant Dave who was standing on behalf of Ericsson said that contempt was evident and that action should be taken. However, the opposing side claimed the opposite. The court had earlier, 23 October asked Rcom to pay off their debts by December 15, 2018, or they would attract a 12% per annum interest penalty. The plea by Ericsson Is that Ambani hand over Rs 500 Crore with interests as per the 23rd October order.


JAPAN-Japan Gay Couples Seek Marriage Rights In Valentine’s Lawsuit

The couples, Chizuka Oe and Yoko Ogawa knew that their marriage registration request would be rejected after submitting it at Tokyo town hall. Ogawa said that they were informed that they couldn’t be registered because they were both women. The couple, together with other couple are planning on filing lawsuits to make the government recognize gay marriage. However, the government has claimed that the constitution does not support gay marriage.  There are no privileges given to gay people including one partner parent recognition among others. They hope that the government will change the law.

INDIA- Delhi HC Sets Aside Govt Ban On Lupin’s Diabetes Drugs

Lupin drug company has experienced relief after the Delhi High Court canceled a ban of diabetes treatment drugs by the central government, based on a report by a sub-committee of the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) on July 31, 2018. The drugs comprised of fixed dose combinations (FDC) Gluconorm-PG 1 Forte and Gluconorm-PG 2 Forte. The company moved directly to the High Court claiming that the drugs had a great effect on the control of blood glucose levels. Lupin also claimed that apart from reducing the amount of insulin used by diabetes type-2 patients the drug improved cardiovascular as a result of improved glycemic control.




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