Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

INDIA- Punjab And Haryana HC Women Lawyers Hold Session On Gender Sensitization At High Court

Women Lawyers from Punjab and Haryana High Court held a campaign on Wednesday to discuss gender sensitization. Chairperson Justice Daya Chaudhary and the others discussed sexual harassment of women in the workplace and regulations of gender responsiveness and sexual harassment in the High Court. The panel member said that action was being taken to create awareness about the provisions act. The committee has also given way to hold a meeting involving all lawyers so that a congenial working environment is achieved.


INDIA- Delhi High Court Calls For Plans To Construct Breastfeeding Facilities In Public Areas

The  Delhi High Court has asked the center, AAP government and local authorities to come up with plans to provide private and separate breastfeeding rooms in public areas. This is after the Center told the Bench of, Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao, that there was no response by the state government or other authorities with regard to providing the facilities to the mothers. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) confirmed to the court that there was no reference for such project in the existent building bye-laws. This happened as the court was listening to a plea filed on behalf of a mother asking for better facilities. The High Court has said that the matter needed examination by land-owning agencies and civic bodies and notices to the DDA, not forgetting the central government.


INDIA- Tik-Tok App Expected To Face Ban For Spread Of Cultural Degradation Among Teens

Indian lawmakers have suggested the ban of Tik-Tok app which is alleged to cause “Cultural Degradation” among teens and young adults. Users around the world had encountered of extremist content while using the app, including anti-Semitic content and racist videos. According to statistics in January, there are more than 20 million users in India. According to a Tik Tok representative, they had robust measures to protect users against misuse including report laws to report any form of term violation. The community welfare workers that the mobile application (TikTok) was acting as a platform for heated debates inimical to law and order, and sharing of sexually-explicit material. Lawmakers in India grew particularly concerned after sexually explicit content including references to possible deepfake videos and extreme cases of bullying were reported.


INDIA-UAE Residents Welcome Proposed Law To Protect UAE Women From Spousal Abandonment

UAE women have welcomed a bill introduced by India’s Minister of external affairs, Sushma Swarar which is expected to liberate women living abroad from spousal abandonment. Abandoned Women were expected to have rights over property and their husbands could face passport revocation if they refused to respond to the court summons. Cases of spousal abandonment are on the rise especially in the UK, the Middle East, and the US. The bill is expected to be passed by the lower house of the Indian Parliament before getting presidential assent after which it would be law.


USA- The House Supports Measure To Stop Saudi Support In Yemen War

For the first time, the house has supported a resolution that would end US support for the Saudi Arabian-led coalition in the war in Yemen. Only 18 of President Trump’s fellow Republicans joined 230 Democrats in favor of resolution seeking to stop U.S military from facing any hostility in or affecting Yemen such as aircraft refueling and mission conduction without congressional authorization. Yemen war has had a lot of mild effect including tens of thousands of people and collapsing of the economy. However, the administration and many of other Trump’s Republicans in Congress are against the idea. The Senate is expected to vote on the solution within a month.


INDIA-India Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

A new law proposed is expected to give China “superpowers” which include suppressing internet content. Under the proposed legislation, tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik-Tok are expected to take down any posts or videos that seen privacy invasive or hateful. Internet companies are expected to create automatic tools to block unlawful content. The legislation was proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. However, Civil liberties groups and other critics have slammed the ideas saying that it was a violation of the country’s constitution.


UAE- Laws Accept You To Date Freely But Respect Local Customs

According to a question and answer session where someone asked or legalities for dating in UAE, Ashish Mehta, a practicing lawyer in Dubai, claimed that there was no problem in dating in Dubai, only that you had to respect local Customs. He went on to explain that the UAE laws were governed by Islamic principles among other aspects. According to Mehta, people were free to meet and date in public areas as long as they did not resort to doing indecent things. Involving oneself to such doings could attract a penalty of up to six months’ imprisonment.


INDIA-Bennet University To Launch BuLexConvo Series

Law School, Bennet University has announced the launch of BulexConvo Series which aims at bringing discussions about emerging legal issues to the forefront of academic conversations. The word “Lex” means law while “Convo means” conversation. The concept “Convo” is expected to offer stakeholders a chance to think out of the box and offer unconventional, sustainable solutions. The first event is scheduled for 15th and 16th of February 2019 at the School of Law, Bennett University, Greater Noida.


CANADA-‘Gagging’ Law Protecting Cuban Culture Draws Artists Rage

A law aimed at “protecting culture” obliging Cuban artists to register with the Ministry of culture has led to controversy on the Caribbean Island which is an Icon for its musical tradition. Amateur singers found in every corner of Havana are the main targets of Decree 349 which bans artists from performing with no official authorization. The decree was signed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel on April 20, after which it faced opposition. Commenting on the issue, popular singer Tony Avila told AFP that it was not necessary to carry forward with the law for it lacked clarity. There were several other views about the matter by several other musicians including Joseph Ros.


UK-Judge Calls For Fertility Law Review Transgender Man Used Sperm Donor To Give Birth

Britain’s most senior family court has said the government should review transgender men’s ability to access fertility treatment and have children. Sir Andrew McFarlane, the president of the Family Division of the High Court invited Health Minister Matt Hancock to review fertility laws after presiding the case of a transgender man who goes access to a sperm upon his gender transition completion. The man identified as TT has taken his case to the high court so he gets registered as “the father” in the child’s bath certificate.


INDIA-Arvind Kejriwal Dims SC Verdict On Power Tussle Scandal “Against Constitution And Democracy”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has dimmed Supreme Court’s verdict as “against democracy and constitution” with regard to the power tussle between the Delhi government and L-G Anil Baijal.  The Minister claimed that his government would consider taking action against the Supreme Court. He said that the BJP-led government was making it difficult for the functioning of the AAP central government. The AAP party leader also asked the people of Delhi to give all the seven seats to the people of Delhi claiming that they would force the center to grant full statehood to Delhi.


INDIA-Delhi Government Sought An Explanation From TRAY On Implementation New Tariffs Delay

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been asked for an explanation on the delay of the implementation of new tariffs to 31st March, by the Delhi government. The government asked TRAY to file an affidavit in a week explaining the delay of the implementation of the new tariffs which should have applicable from February 1, 2019.


INDIA-Judge Who Presided INX Among 69 Judicial Officers Transferred By Delhi Court 

According to the Delhi High court’s notification dated February 14, 2019, The transfer and posting of 169 judicial officers are expected to take effect immediately. Among them is Judge Sanil Rama who was presiding over INX bribery case involving Union Minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram. Apart from Sanil Rama, there are other transfers such as the Patiala House Court Complex who are expected to have Judges Lal Singh and Anurag Sain as Special Judges (PC ACT) (CBI).


INDIA-Bombay HC Says That Hindu Marriage For A Non-Hindu Spouse Is Valid

The Bombay HC has dimmed marriage in which a Hindu and non-Hindu individuals are involved as valid as long as it was performed as per Hindu rituals. This has done away with orders passed by Mumbai Family Court terming a Hindu and Non-Hindu marriage as illegal. This ruling was passed out by a bench of Justices Indrajit Mahanty and Sarang Kotwal when working on an appeal by a woman who married a Christian man back in 1996 but was filed for separation in 2017. The woman amended for a plea of specific relief on the marriage but it was overturned by the supreme court. The bench finally sent the matter back to the Family court for a fresh start.


AUSTRALIA-Australia Set For 300 Medical Transfers After Hardline Immigration Laws Were Eased

According to Media reports, as many as 300 Asylum seekers held in the Pacific detention centers may get a chance to apply for medical transfers to Australia after new refuge law kicked in. Refugees that seek medical transfers will be processed at a controversial detention center expected to be reopened on Christmas Island. However, there is a possibility that the government will move those treated on the main island to the Christmas island which would avoid the legal complexity of attempting to transfer a person from Australia to an offshore detention center.


INDIA-Madras High Court Recommends Installation Of CCTV’s As Sexual Harassment Control Measure

The Madras High Court claim that it is highly recommended to install CCTV Cameras in the office rooms of high officials and official chambers as a measure to control sexual harassment and the effects that tag along with them. Judge Justice Subramanian who is considered to be the first judge in India to voluntary go on under CCTV glare confirmed the constitution an internal complaint committee (ICC). It was expected to inquire following procedures contemplated under the Sexual Harassment Act.


Us-Study Finds Out That Voter Id Laws Do Not Suppress Voting

According to a new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, strict identification laws don’t restrain people from voting. There is a controversial occurrence since a major assertion made by many election-oriented groups and Democratic politicians believe the opposite of this. However, the study did find out that voter ID requirements had no effect on voter fraud and that the campaign to reform voter ID laws would have no impact on the elections. According to the group, the law has its own drawbacks, as evident in an event that saw Stacey Abrams who was dedicated to voter suppression lose narrowly in an election.


INDIA-Madras High Court Formulates Guidelines For Cancelling Bail

Through Justice V Parthian, the Madras High Court has come up with guidelines to be followed by executive magistrates while ordering arrest or detainment of people accused of breach of jail bond. The guidelines call for notice to the person who jumped the bond and gives an explanation as to why action under section 122 (1) (b) should not take action in relation to the breach of the bond on the fixed date. The court also clarified that the inquiry was to be completed within 30 days and under no conditions should it be adjourned unnecessarily.








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