Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA- Law Teachers now eligible to Practice Law In Courts Says Supreme Court

The Consortium of National Law Universities has agreed to allow law teachers to pursue litigation on the condition that they adhere to the consortium’s strict conditions. Law teachers pursuing litigation are restricted to practicing no more than three times a month and are mandatorily required to teach courses on clinical legal education. The consortium explained that any money charged for services would be split 60:40 between the teacher and the university. The consortium stated, “…not allowing law teachers to practice in the courts of law is harming the legal system…”


INDIA- UN Security Council condemns cowardly suicide bombing in Pulwama

The UNSC has strongly condemned the suicide bombing that left 40 Indian parliamentary officers dead, labeling the attack as “cowardly”. The jihadist group Jaish-e-mohammed is thought to be behind the attack. UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres “urgently” appealed to the Indian and Pakistani governments to exercise restraint in order to ensure that the situation does not further deteriorate. In addition the UNSC extended their condolences to those that have past, and wished those who were injured a quick recovery.


INDIA- Kulbhushan Jadhav case: Pakistan claims India is “breaking the law to suit its purpose”

After a tense 4-day hearing at the Peace Palace in Hague, the International Court of Justice has now retired for deliberations, which will soon determine the fate of alleged spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. Jadhav is accused of spying for India and is currently on death row in Pakistan. Pakistan claims that India has violated a number of human rights and has become an “executioner” according to Pakistan’s agent Attorney Anwar Mansoor Khan. Hearings were held under the presidency of Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf who stated that the two countries will be informed about the date of judgement in due time.


INDIA- Government reintroduces ordinance for Companies law amendments

In an attempt to plug critical gaps in corporate governance and compliance framework, government has re-promulgated an ordinance to amend the companies law. Certain functions of the National Company Law Tribunal would be transferred to the central government and a total of 16 minor offences are to be re-categorized as “purely civil defaults” all in an attempt to de-clog special courts and plug gaps in the corporate governance and enforcement framework. Government stated that, “The amendments have been brought in to address the need to impose civil liability for technical and procedural defaults of a minor nature”.


KENYA- Ruling on Law banning Gay sex in Kenya delayed by high court

“We need more time” was the message Judge Chacha Mwita had for a packed out court in Nairobi. In Kenya, same sex relationships are illegal and can carry a 14-year jail sentence. In recent years campaigners for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) rights have become increasingly vocal stating that the colonial-era law insults Kenya’s progressive 2010 constitution, which is founded on equality and dignity for all citizens. The ruling of whether to uphold or abolish the law of banning gay sex has been postponed to the 24th of May.


INDIA- Eviction for a million tribal families looks imminent

India’s Supreme Court has ordered that over a million tribespeople living on forest land will have to be evicted soon. The court has acted upon research provided by 17 states and a law passed in 2006 which states that tribespeople living on forest land for at least three generations before December 2005 have the legal right to live and work on that land. There have been over four million occupancy claims, one million of those claims have been rejected meaning that over a million tribespeople are soon to be homeless.


AMERICA- New York Nurses demand new staffing laws

Nurses in New York are protesting for legislation that that would require hospitals to meet nurse-to-patient ratios. The New York State Nurses Association says that thousands of formal complaints regarding understaffing had been filed last year however hospital executives are arguing that this would add billions of dollars to healthcare costs. The proposal has been in legislature for years but has not yet been scheduled for a vote. About 15,000 nurses from 13 health care facilities in New York participated in a protest to support legislation.


INDIA- Saudi supports India’s views on sovereignty with regards to regional connectivity projects   

In a statement issued at the end of his India visit The Crown prince of Saudi, Mohammed bin Salman, emphasized the importance of the need to respect international laws, sovereignty and territorial integrity of states when conducting regional connectivity projects. The statement hinted at one of China’s key regional connectivity initiatives, the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, which passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and is of major which is a concern for India. India and Saudi also recently agreed to cooperate in the defence sector, exchanging expertise and training.


INDIA- Former BCI officer held guilty of corruption

CBI special judge Jagdeep Singh convicted Daulat Ram Sharma, former Bar Council of India (BCI) associate manager trustee, with charges of corruption. Sharma together with former member of the BCI, Rajender Singh Rana, reportedly took a bribe of Rs 1.25 lakh from Moti Lal Jindal, vice-chairman of Swami Devi Dayal Law College. Sharma and Rana were instructed to write favourable reports about the college’s three-year LLB and five-year BA-LLB courses, which were only allowed to run from 2007-2009, but because of the false reports were approved to run from 2009-2012.




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