Legal News Shots- Best National And International Picks of The Day
Legal News Shots- Best National And International Picks of The Day

INDIA – ‘Be Courageous, Keep The Law In Mind ‘: SC says NRC Needs To Come By July 31

The Supreme Court (SC) reiterated on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 that the Assam administration had time to publish the National Register of Citizens (NRC) until July 31. The Supreme Court (SC) said during the hearing that the state coordinator could continue his work on the NRC. The court also gave the state coordinator the freedom to “mention the matter before the Registrar (Judicial) in case of urgent hearing during the summer vacation.” However, India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi asked the coordinator to “be Courageous and keep the law in mind,” while reiterating that by July 31 the final NRC had to come.


INDIA – Indian Lawyers Mourn The Visionary Father Of Legal Education, Professional Giant, Prof. Madhava Menon

The most influential and legendary figure in Indian legal education, Prof. NR Madhava Menon, passed away last night on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, after being diagnosed with liver cancer a few months ago. Having founded NLSIU Bangalore, National Judicial Academy Bhopal and NUJS Kolkata, and inspired and encouraged thousands of lawyers, Menon may have done more alone for the new Indian legal profession than almost any other Indian lawyer. Last night, Accolades for Menon started pouring out, especially from graduates of NLSIU.


USA – By Upholding Tax Returns From Trump, Mnuchin Defies The Law. Congress Cannot let this stand.

Mnuchin claims to rely on the Justice Department’s up-to-date legal opinion, but there is no plausible legal rationale that would justify a Mnuchin government official defying a clear federal law. In the face of the scornful violation of the law by the secretary, Congress must use every means at its disposal to ensure that it can fulfill its constitutional oversight duty.


INDIA – Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. Wins Legal Expertise Award at the 2019 Asia-Pacific FT Innovative Lawyers Awards

At a ceremony held in Hong Kong earlier this evening, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. won the prestigious ‘ Innovation in Legal Expertise: Enabling Business Growth and Transformation ‘ Award at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Asia-Pacific Awards. The Award recognizes the complex and innovative aspects of the transaction involving the acquisition and insolvency of Monnet Ispat & Energy Limited (MIEL), a leading private equity fund focused on investment in India, and JSW Steel Limited, a leading steel industry player in India.


INDIA – Veritas Raises The Wages Of Associates By Forty Percent (40%)

In the new financial year, Veritas Legal has given an average 40% pay hike to partners across all levels. The rationale for the move was to offer tier-one law firms equal remuneration and attract better talent. Reports also indicate that the firm aims to increase hiring at the associate level, but is particularly looking for lawyers with two to five years of post-qualification experience in the practice areas of corporate, M&A and private equity. Moreover, to hold structured internship programs, Veritas is in contact with various law schools.


USA – Trump Briefs Republican Senators About The Emerging Immigration Plan In The United States

President Donald Trump and assistants briefed a group of Republican senators on a merit-based immigration plan on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, which would allow more highly skilled workers to enter the United States and fewer low-skilled workers, a senior official in the administration said. The plan’s overall effect would be to leave approximately the same number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States.


INDIA – Indira Jaising Claims Victimization Because Of Allegations Of Sexual Harassment Against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

Senior lawyers Indira Jaising and Anand Grover objected to victimization because they took up the issue of allegations of sexual harassment against India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. A press statement issued by Lawyers Collective, the duo-headed organization, states that a petition filed by one “Lawyers Voice” was brought before CJI Gogoi’s Bench and Deepak Gupta’s Justice. The petition seeks to prosecute Jaising and Grover in criminal cases. Wednesday 08 May 2019, the Court issued a notice in the case.


INDIA – Nirav Modi Again Denied Bail Despite His Lawyers Saying “Unlivable” Condition In The UK Jail

A UK court denied bail to Nirav Modi for the third time on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, saying that the fugitive diamond merchant who is the main accused in the fraud and money laundering case of Punjab National Bank would fail to surrender. The Crown Prosecutor’s Service (CPS), arguing on behalf of the Indian authorities, stated that Modi should not be granted bail as the evidence presented by the defence does not constitute a change in the circumstances of the third bail claim.


CANADA – Child Sex Dolls Are Definitely ‘Dumb’, Should The Law Criminalize These Behaviors Of coping?

Expert questions were punishing sexual deviants for using a sex doll to manage their urges — if an actual human is not harmed. Newfoundland Provincial Court Judge Mark Pike heard closing arguments from both Harrison’s lawyer, and a team of Crown prosecutors on Tuesday 07 May 2019. Pike said the innocence or guilt of court Harrison would depend on whether he knew the Japanese doll was designed to look like a child. However, irrespective of the verdict, the Harrison case is set to continue — as a test case for an emerging field of AI obscenity law, and as an example of what some in Canada think is a grossly overbroad child pornography statute.


INDIA – Center Returns The Names of Two (2) High Court CJs Presented For To Supreme Court

The Center requested that the College of the Supreme Court (SC) reconsider the names of Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice Aniruddha Bose and Gauhati HC CJ AS Bopanna to be appointed as SC judges. SC sources said the Center had raised no objections regarding the integrity of the Two (2) Chief Justices, and the reservations focused primarily on their lack of seniority in the list of all-India judges.


INDIA – Rahul Gandhi Apologizes Unconditionally For The Attribution Of Chowkidar Chor Hai to The Supreme Court

In a contempt of court case against him, Rahul Gandhi filed a fresh affidavit with an unconditional apology to the Supreme Court. The affidavit states, “Unconditional apology to the Supreme Court for involuntarily and unintentionally linking SC order in Rafale’s plea for review with his political jibe” chowkidar chor hai “against PM Narendra Modi.” Rahul Gandhi said that he holds the Supreme Court in “highest esteem” and sought to close the proceedings of contempt against him.


USA – Wins In Canada, Losses In The United States – Bad Vape Law Continues To Spread

Confusion continues to rule on reducing tobacco harm. A Quebec judge struck parts of the harsh new anti-vaping laws of the French-Canadian state last Friday, ending an advertising ban. However, US lawmakers keep ramming through bans and taxes – and now even China, the producer of most vapour products, is bringing forward new regulations.


INDIA – Delhi HC Says In The Absence 0f Good Cause, Commercial Courts Do Not Have To Allow Late Filing Of Documents

The Delhi High Court held that commercial courts are not required to entertain or allow requests for late filing of documents, unless at the time of the pleadings a party can establish a good reason for non-disclosure. The order was passed in an application by the plaintiff in a commercial suit by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw seeking to file an additional document post-framing of issues.


INDIA – Bombay HC Directs The Authorities Of The Prison To Provide An Ambulance, Escort Peter Mukerjea to hospital

On Wednesday, May 8 2019, the Bombay High Court ordered prison authorities to provide ambulance and escort to the Asian Heart Institute for 26 sessions of a cardiac rehabilitation program for Peter Mukerjea, an accused in the Sheena Bora murder case. The court has adjourned the bail plea for Mukerjea for hearing until June 12. Mukerjea’s bail plea has been adjourned for hearing till June 12 by the court.


UNITED KINGDOM – UK and Ireland Sign An Agreement To Guarantee Citizens’ Rights After Brexit

The government has signed a side-deal with Ireland on Brexit to ensure that, in the event of no deal, Irish and British citizens retain exclusive rights in each others countries. The agreement reflects two (2) years of work to ensure that the existing Common Travel Area (CTA) and related bilateral agreements have been secured regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations. Reports have it that the agreement was detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on the afternoon of Wednesday 8 May 2019 before a meeting of the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference.


INDIA – Bombay High Court Counseling Center to Help Deal With Stress in Matrimonial Cases

A counseling center opened inside the Bombay High Court premises to reach out in matrimonial cases to litigants. This is the first such facility to be opened anywhere in India at a high court. The centre is part of the Sukoon project started by the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in partnership with Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI). They have been running such centres at family courts in Maharashtra for 18 months.


INDIA – Center Moves SC Cannot Interfere In Government Affairs After Madras HC Rules Puducherry LG

A little over a week after the Madras High Court ruled that Puducherry’s Lieutenant Governor (LG) had no power to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the elected government in the territory of the Union, the Indian government lodged an appeal against this order in the Supreme Court. According to reports, the Union Home Ministry’s petition seeks the apex court to validate the government’s LG powers and quash the Madras High Court’s order. The government also requested an urgent hearing in the matter from the Supreme Court, which the top court refused.


PAKISTAN – Pakistan’s Government Must Repeal Its Laws On Blasphemy

Reporting that Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman released from the death row in 2018, left Pakistan and arrived in Canada, Deputy South Asia Director Omar Waraich of Amnesty International said: “If the news is accurate, it is a great relief that Asia Bibi and her family are safe. In the first place, she should never have been jailed, let alone confronted with the death penalty. That she was then subjected to repeated threats to her life, even after being acquitted, only compounds the injustice. This case illustrates the dangers and urgent need to repeal the blasphemy laws of Pakistan.


SUDAN – Sudan’s Military Leaders Want Islamic Legislation To Guide Them

The military rulers of Sudan have said Islamic law and local norms should remain the guiding principle of the new regulations of the country. The Ten (10) member Transitional Military Council (TMC) responded by a coalition of protest groups and political parties to a draft constitutional document. Meanwhile, thousands of protesters remain camped outside the Khartoum capital’s military complex, demanding that the military rulers step down and hand over power to a civilian government.


UNITED KINGDOM – Hungary Is Failing To Deport Families To Afghanistan

In a move that rights groups say is a breach of international law, Hungary tried and failed to deport Three (3) Afghan families to Afghanistan on Tuesday 07 May 2019. It was intended to demonstrate the determination of the right-wing Fidesz government to fight what it calls “illegal migrants.” However, in the case of one family, the European Court of Human Rights intervened.



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