Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Supreme Court Wants Ex-Officials With Experience Of Law For Foreign Tribunals

On Thursday, May 30 2019, the Supreme Court advised the Assam government to include retired bureaucrats, not below the rank of secretary and additional secretary and having legal experience, for appointment as members of 200 additional tribunals for foreigners to be set up in the state. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Aniruddha Bose’s vacation bench said the state would ensure that by September 1 this year, 200 additional foreigners tribunals will be functional. The bench has been informed that retired district court judicial officers, advocates not above the age of 35 with at least seven years of practice and retired IAS officers can apply for the tribunal members’ post. The result is scheduled to be declared by August 20 after conducting interviews.


INDIA – MP Government Has Changed Mining Laws To Curb Illegal Mining, Banning Mechanized Mining In The Narmada River

Illegal sand mining is one of the significant issues in Madhya Pradesh (MP). Thus, State Law Minister PC Sharma said “No machinery can be used for the mining of sand from the Narmada River,” after the meeting of the cabinet. Mining lease will be given to companies via auction. No company will be given mining lease for more than two years at a time,” He also said No company would be monopolized in sand mining. Only through the online process will the contract be awarded for two years. It will introduce transparency. This policy will come into force as soon as the government has the clearance of the environment.


USA – “No priest can obey” proposed law, says the bishop of California

“I will go to prison before I obey this attack on our religious freedom,” Barber wrote. “Even if this bill goes through, no priest can obey it. It is necessary to protect your right to confess to God and to forgive your sins in complete privacy. To protest this bill, I urge you to contact your State Senator on Thursday 30 May 2019. “I’m going to go to prison before I obey this attack on our freedom of religion,” Barber wrote.


INDIA – Gujarat HC Provides Elderly Couples With Police Protection From Ex-Daughter-In-Law

An elderly couple had to approach the Gujarat High Court seeking protection from their former daughter-in-law, who illegally took over their house and threatened them with dire consequences if they ever returned to the property. According to the couple, the woman is allegedly trying to usurp their home in Mehsana, where they have lived for the past 20 years. The court ordered the police inspector of Mehsana B Division police station to provide police protection for a reasonable period to the petitioners.


INDIA – HC Warns Lawyers And Litigants To Buy Court Fees Stamp From Licensed Vendors

On May 30 Thursday, the Delhi High Court (HC) issued public notice warning litigants and lawyers to ensure that only authorized vendors court fees stamps should be bought. The notice was issued in the light of a Delhi Police complaint that forged stamp papers were being sold inside the high court complex for court fees to be deposited. It is verifiable the authenticity of the e-court fees deposited in this court. Court fees were discontinued almost three years ago in the form of stamp papers and should not be available now. If anyone deposits the court fee in the form of stamp papers, the same shall be subject to scrutiny, and appropriate action shall be taken if it is found to be forged and manufactured, said the high court in the notice.


CANADA – Terry Glavin: “Hong Kong Is About To Die,” And It Seems That Canada Doesn’t Care

A law requiring the transfer of criminal suspects to China would leave particularly vulnerable the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong. Chinese citizens, Hong Kongers, foreigners living in Hong Kong or people just passing the territory would be subject to surrender to China under the proposed amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. The Chinese judicial system, notorious for its compliance with every Chinese Communist Party whim, is based on an automatic guilt presumption. Torture forced confessions, and a conviction rate of 99 % enforce it.


INDIA – Court Tells Police To Provide Adequate Protection To Lesbian Couple Afraid Of Shame Killing

According to local media, a court in Kolkata, India, ordered police on Tuesday (28 May) to protect a lesbian couple who faced death threats from family members. The pair’s lawyer said that after the father, brother, and other family members had threatened to kill them, the couple had moved in with one of the women’s parents. The LGBTI community remains at risk of violence and discrimination from a largely conservative society, despite India’s landmark decriminalization of gay sex in September last year. A bench judge ordered Kolkata police to post a picket outside their house. He ruled that the police had to provide ‘sufficient protection’ to make them feel safe.


INDIA – Supreme Court Says Aid to The Relative Not A Benami Transaction For The Purchase Of The Property

In a recent judgment, the Supreme Court held that mere financial assistance provided for the purchase of property for the welfare of family members could not be classified as a Benami transactio, after a court-led bench, L. Nageswara Rao, upheld a Karnataka High Court order dismissing a plea for G’s financial assistance. Venkata Rao was a Benami transaction with his family members to buy property citing the Bhim Singh case. Considering the critical factor which state that the nature and possession of the property after the purchase; the reason, if any, for giving a Benami color to the transaction; the position of the parties and, if any, the relationship between the claimant and the alleged benamidar; the custody of the title after the sale and the conduct of the parties concerned in dealing with the property after the sale.


USA – Technology Groups Denounce Britain’s Proposal To Add Law Enforcement To Encrypted Calls And Chats Secretly

An open letter condemning a proposal to add law enforcement organizations to encrypted chats and calls secretly has been signed by a group of technology companies and organizations including Apple, Google, Microsoft and 44 other organizations and security experts. The Open Technology Institute letter — along with 47 signatories including Google, Apple and WhatsApp — details the concerns that this proposed action creates about threats to cybersecurity and human rights. The proposal suggests adding to encrypted group chats or calls a “ghost” user. This would “enable the ghost user to see an encrypted call or chat’s plain text without notifying the participants.” The letter, sent last week and published on Thursday, also focuses on the issue of trust between the user and the service provider, arguing that “any proposal that undermines user trust penalizes the overwhelming majority of technology users while allowing those few bad actors to move beyond the reach of the law to readily available products.”


INDIA – Assam Citizens’ List: SC Orders Officers To Be Accurate, Cites Troubling Reports

On Thursday, May 30 2019, the Supreme Court advised officers handling the list of Assam citizens to be accurate rather than rushing through verifying people to meet the July 31 deadline after which the final list will be published. For the first time since 1951, the National Register of Citizens or NRC has been updated to account for illegal migration from close by Bangladesh to Assam. “There are disturbing reports in the media. Hearing objections must be done properly,” said a senior court bench headed by India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, one day after reports said Assam’s retired soldier, serving in the army for 30 years, was declared a foreigner by state police.


INDIA – Supreme Court Says This Year’s Admission To Postgraduate Medical And Dental Courses In Maharashtra Will Not Be Applicable To Economically Weaker Sections

On Thursday 29 May 2019, the Supreme Court ruled in an interim order that quotas will not apply for admission to postgraduate medical and dental courses in Maharashtra this year for Economically Weaker Sections. It is expected that a total of 25 students admitted under this quota will suffer. Earlier, the court had asked the state government to learn about the status of quota admissions while hearing a petition seeking to direct the state not to implement this year’s quota. It previously refused to remain the decision of the Center but agreed to examine the law’s validity.


DUBAI – Man Is Imprisoned For Life In Abu Dhabi For Damaging Controls On Airbus Engines

After being convicted of damaging an aircraft engine controls, the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeals sentenced a man to life imprisonment, followed by deportation after serving his term. The Asian national, ALA, a technician for aircraft maintenance at a domestic airport, was also ordered to bear legal costs and confiscated his laptop. The court also ordered all arms and ammunition seized with him to be forfeited, and the defendant bears all legal costs.


INDIA – Delhi HC Says Fire Clearance Standard Practise For Restaurants Is Moronic And Responsible For Accidents

On Thursday (May 30) the Delhi High Court said fire clearance norms were moronic and responsible for accidents for restaurants in the National Capital, PTI reported. Justice Vibhu Bakhru’s observation came after the court was told that a fire clearance was not granted according to the guidelines by considering the capacity of a building where one or more restaurants could be located, but by taking into account the number of seats in each restaurant. The court sought answers from the government of Delhi and other local authorities. “Fire clearance must be looked from the point of view of building capacity as a whole and not restaurant-wise,” PTI said. On August 26, the case will be heard again.


INDIA – Don’t Have Any Right To Park Your Vehicles On The Road: Delhi HC To Shopkeepers In Karol Bagh

On Wednesday (29 May), the Delhi High Court said shopkeepers on Karol Bagh’s Ajmal Khan Road have no “inherent and vested right” to park on the road. The remarks of the court came in response to a petition filed by the association of local shopkeepers, challenging UTTIPEC’s decision to make it a non-motorized road. However, the court asked Delhi Police to allow vehicles every day for 2-3 hours to enable shopkeepers to transport their goods to the market.


UNITED KINGDOM – After Sharia Court in Dubai Says She Is a Christian, Bereaved British School Girl Will Be Stripped Of £500,000 inheritance

After a Sharia court in Dubai was told she was a Christian, MailOnline can reveal, a British schoolgirl lost her father’s £ 500,000 inheritance. It’s the latest episode in a vicious spat that last month saw her mother being held in the Arab Kingdom for four weeks on Facebook for branding her love rival a ‘horse.’ Paris Shahravesh, 14, was in line with inheriting money left by her banker father, Pedro Dos Santos, who died in March as a result of a heart attack. However, his second wife, Samah Al Hammadi – who alerted police when she was insulted on social media by the teenager’s mother – filed UAE papers claiming the inheritance. Paris was told to be a Christian by the court. Non-Muslims are unable to inherit a Muslim’s estate, according to the form of Sharia applied in Dubai.


INDIA – Faulty hip implants: Delhi HC Directs J&J To Pay Rs 25 lakh Each Of 67 Patients

On May 30 2019, the Delhi High Court (HC) ordered American multinational, Johnson and Johnson (J&J) to pay Rs 25 lakh each to 67 patients in the case of faulty hip implants. The direction of the court came after the company said it verified that these patients had undergone revision surgery and it paid them Rs. 25 lakh as compensation voluntarily. J&J also said in court that if more names were provided, they would be verified and they would also be compensated if they were found eligible by it. The court asked the firm to disburse the claimants’ checks within two weeks and listed the matter on August 8 for further hearing.


INDIA – PIL For Uniform Civil Code In Delhi High Court

Yesterday (May 30) at the Delhi High Court, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was moved seeking directions to the Center to frame a uniform civil code to promote unity, fraternity and national integration. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay’s petition, said the government had “failed” to establish a uniform civil code as stipulated for in Article 44 of the Constitution. A uniform civil system would replace personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of different religious communities with a standard set of rules governing each country citizen.


USA – Germany Hopes That New Technologies Will Stop Male Chicks Being Slaughtered

In 2016, the German parliament voted against a Green Party bill calling for a ban on chick killing as legislators decided that if industrial hatcheries simply packed up and moved to another country, the economy would suffer. Since then, however, Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has stated that chick culling is “ethically intolerable” and must be abolished as quickly as possible.


USA – The Increasing Threat To The Islamic State In Central Asia

During a recent visit to Tajikistan, Russian Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov claimed that about 5,000 Afghanistan-based militants from a group known as Islamic State Khorasan or IS-K had been redeployed north of the country, near its border with the former Central Asian Soviet states. Connor Dilleen discussed in detail in its article published online 30 May 2019, in details the threat posed to Islamic State in Central Asia.



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