Legal News Shots- Today's Top Picks!
Legal News Shots- Today's Top Picks!

INDIA – Walmart Faces Significant Indian Testing With Startup (GOQii) Over Flipkart’s Legal Spat

The legal challenge of an Indian startup against a Walmart unit claiming losses caused by sharp discounting its products are gaining assistance from other internet vendors in what forms a primary test of how the gigantic retailer works in the nation. The legal tussle between GOQii, a smartwatch-type health device vendor, and Walmart’s Flipkart unit, arises months after India imposed more stringent regulations on international e-commerce investment directed at dissuading such sharp discounts. Last month, GOQii sued Flipkart in a Mumbai court, alleging that its systems were discounted at the retail cost by around 70%, much more than the two parties agreed, legal papers relating to the case were shown. On Friday (June 07), the case will be heard. However, Flipkart rejected any wrongdoing, stating it was not liable for any discounts that are determined only by third-party businesses that sell on the e-commerce website.

INDIA – LR Law College To Offer Courses In LLM, From This Academic Session

From this academic session, the Lajpat Rai (LR) City Law College has reintroduced its two-year Master of Law (LLM) course. The course will operate in self-financing mode at Sambalpur University’s constituent college. The LR College also provides a Bachelor of Law (LLB) course, an integrated Business Administration Bachelor of five years and Bachelor of Law (BBA LLB) program in addition to a postgraduate degree in Industrial Relationship and Personnel Management (PGDIRPM).

BRAZIL – Lawyers Drop The Accuser Of Rape From Brazil Football Star Neymar

Globo TV revealed on Monday (03 June 2019) that lawyers for a woman who accused Brazil star Neymar of rape are no longer representing her due to contradictions in her story.  The law firm Fernandes e Abreu says the woman (their client) initially told them that she had consensual sex with Neymar, the world’s most expensive footballer, at a Paris hotel in May, and that he became violent and assaulted her. However, the attorneys said the woman’s formal complaint to the Brazilian police “described what had occurred as ‘ rape, ‘ which is” a distinctly different allegation.

INDIA – Academic Year 2019-2020: Distance Programmes At National Law School Of India University, Start Admission Application

Department of Distance Education, Indian University National Law School; Nagarabhavi, Bengaluru-560072, has invited applications for the 2019-2020 academic year for admission to different courses in the Distance Learning mode. The programs are (i) Two-Year Master of Business Laws Program (M.B.L) (ii) One-Year Postgraduate Diploma Programmes: (a) Human Rights Law (PGDHRL) (b) Medical Law & Ethics (PGDMLE) (c) Environmental Law (PGDEL) (d) Intellectual Property Rights Law (PGDIPRL) (e) Child Rights Law (PGDCRL) (f) Consumer Law & Practice (PGDCLP) (g) Cyber Law & Cyber Forensics (PGDCLCF). Eligible applicants are graduates of any discipline from a recognized university and employed individuals. You can fill in and submit applications online at http:/ or download form for offline applications (which attracts a fee of Rs.1500. The last admission date is June 29, 2019. Extended admission date with Rs.500 late fee is feasible until July 15, 2019.

INDIA – Eid Occasion: Gurgaon To Deploy 11 Magistrates For The Purpose Of Ensuring Law And Order

The Gurgaon District and Sessions Court ordered the deployment of Eleven (11) Duty Magistrates throughout the town to guarantee that law and order are maintained at the period of the Eid, today (05 June 2019). From Tuesday 04 June 2019, the instructions came into effect. The move comes after a group of six males disrupting namaz at an empty plot in the town for more than a year. A case against the accused was recorded – all inhabitants of the villages of Wazirabad and Kanhai.

USA – China Cautions Passengers About Harassment By U.S. Authorities

The Chinese government advised its people of American law enforcement bullying as the two nations participate in a global trade war. A travel advisory published by the Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in the United States on Tuesday 04 June 2019 mentions improved scrutiny of Chinese citizens travelling to the United States. The foreign ministry advised Chinese visitors to remain conscious of safety hazards and to behave “actively and properly” to the respects in which American law enforcement would “harass” Chinese visitors.

INDIA – Legal System: Female Lawyers Want Greater Judicial Involvement

Women lawyers on Tuesday 04 June 2019 called for higher female involvement in the judiciary and the presence in the legal system of marginalized parts of the society. They spoke at a panel discussion held on Indian Women’s National Federation (NFIW)’s 65th anniversary. Judicial Accountability and Women was the topic of discussion. Kripa, a lawyer at the Supreme Court, mentioned cases when she encountered discrimination and called for females to be more involved in the judiciary. Ratna, another lawyer at the Supreme Court, said the way the sexual harassment case against India’s chief justice was handled was lacking transparency.

INDIA – #MenToo: Named As The Plotter, The Woman Could Be Detained

With the woman’s lawyer accusing actor Karan Oberoi of rape saying she had “directed” the May 25 assault on herself, city-based lawyer Hitesh Jain, who is independent of the issue under investigation, said she should be detained by police “for the time being.” Jain also said that in a unique situation like this, “the police should not oppose the bail plea made by the accused on new twists.” It’s, after all, a man’s freedom issue, he added. On Monday (June 04 2019), the prosecution had opposed the woman’s attorney, Ali Kashif Khan’s bail plea. If the police have not yet detained the woman — because the law stipulates that a woman cannot be arrested from sunset and sunrise (the hearing in the case of her lawyer finished on Monday evening)—they could issue a notice to her and also monitor her activities until they call her to question.

USA – Virginia Governor Gives Commands On Special Weapon Control Session After Shooting At Virginia Beach

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam instructed a special parliamentary session to tackle gun abuse on Tuesday (04 June), four days after a government murdered 12 individuals work worker in a shooting incident at a municipal facility in Virginia Beach. Northam said he would seek universal background checks, bans on assault weapons and suppressors, extreme-risk protective orders, prevention of child access and other limitations.

INDIA – Delhi High Court Restricts Asus Technology From Using ZEN, ZENFONE Trademarks

The Delhi High Court has restricted Asus Technology, a phone manufacturer, from using the “ZEN,” “ZENFONE” and other related terms when selling mobile phones and other products. Judge Manmohan passed the interim order. The case was brought against ASUS Technology Pvt Ltd by Telecare Network India Pvt Ltd. Telecare Network India Private Limited argued that it was a previous user and had been using the ZEN and ZEN MOBILE marks since 2008 on an ongoing basis. In the plea that both brands had a comparable price variety, was further raised. Asus Technology counsel, Sandeep Sethi, argued that Jonney Shih, a staunch believer of Zen philosophy, spearheaded Asus. He added that the company had been using the Zen Design Concept for a long time on its gadgets. The next hearing date will be July 10.

INDIA – The Legal Fight To Win Rights To Mallya’s UK Assets Is Difficult, Indian Banks Trying Their Best

India’s attempts to take back Vijay Mallya are in their final phase, and the chances are high that he will be deported effectively, but winning the rights to his overseas property is an entirely distinct task. His UK assets ‘ ownership patterns are complicated, with many of the possessions passing through a web of firms. Moreover, half a dozen civil and bankruptcy proceedings were clubbed with the invocation of multiple global legislation by Mallya’s legal team have made it all the more hard for Indian banks to claim their property. A flurry of innovations in UK judiciary, however, has provided the lending banks with a ray of hope.

CANADA – Rona Ambrose Supports Amendments To The Law On The Training Of Canadian Judges In Sexual Assault

After a two-year stall, the Senate is ready to lastly pass a private member’s bill that would require judges in Canada to undergo training on sexual assault law, including rape myths and stereotypes about victims and the effect of trauma on memory. In February 2017, former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose introduced Bill C-337 and was adopted unanimously by the House of Commons just three months later. It has since languished in the Senate, despite enjoying great assistance in principle among the multiple organizations in the upper house. However, she has now supported several amendments to the bill that some senators thought essential to tackle issues that could undermine judicial independence and generate a perception of judicial bias in favour of victims.

INDIA – Minor Girl Raped By The Brother-In-Law, Five Others In Chandigarh

A 16-year-old girl was reportedly raped in Chandigarh by her brother-in-law and five others, police said. The victim in her police complaint said that on May 9, her brother-in-law Amit took her to his sister’s home in Sector 25. From there, accompanied by Amit’s sister, they came to a Sector 45 hotel where the four other accused were present. A case has been logged, and the police have arrested one of the accused, Parveen. The victim’s brother-in-law and four other suspects are absconding. Police have closed the hotel where the gang rape took place.

INDIA – Delhi HC Declines To Interfere With The ED Proceedings Against Hotelotel controlled By The Son of Deepak Talwar

The Delhi High Court refused to interfere with the ED proceedings to verify the temporary attachment of a hotel in Aerocity, stating that the firm that runs it was controlled and managed by Aditya Talwar, son of lobbyist Deepak Talwar, both of whom face accusations of money laundering. In connection with a case of money laundering case against the Talwars, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had provisionally connected Holiday Inn, worth more than Rs 120 crore and operated by Wave Hospitality Ltd. On piercing Wave Hospitality’s “corporate veil,” a panel of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Brijesh Sethi said it was revealed that the firms that were its shareholders were wholly owned by Aditya who did not cooperate with the inquiry in the money laundering case against him.

UNITED KINGDOM – Netflix Faces The Boycott Of Anti-Abortion Activists, Supports The Legal Challenge To Georgia’s ‘Heartbeat’ Law

Nearly 7,000 individuals in the UK have promised to boycott Netflix in protest over the streaming giant’s choice to work with one of America’s largest civil rights organizations to fight Georgia’s “heartbeat” abortion ban. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into legislation this month’s contentious “heartbeat” abortion bill – efficiently prohibiting the operation and offering the southern state one of the most restrictive law in the US. Right To Life UK, an anti-abortion charity initiated a campaign calling on individuals across the UK to boycott Netflix in protest at the resistance of the streaming service to the abortion ban in Georgia. Some 6,900 individuals have signed a petition promising to cancel their subscription to Netflix.

AFRICA – Ethiopia’s Religious Anger Over The U.S. Gay Tour Scheme

Ethiopian church organizations have called on the government to block a scheduled trip to the nation by a U.S. – based business that organizes tours for gay individuals. The organizations were particularly upset that the itinerary released by the Toto Tours business included religious sites. Many Ethiopians are profoundly religious and disapprove of homosexuality, which is also forbidden under the law. The government’s call to prohibit the trip was allegedly echoed by the Ethiopian Inter-Religious Council, which contains Christian and Islamic denominations.



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