Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read
Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

INDIA – Kathua Rape-Murder Case: Main Accused Sanji Ram With 2 Others Sentenced To Life Imprisonment, 5-Years In Prison For 3 Policemen

On Monday (10 June 2019), the special court in Pathankot sentenced six out of seven individuals charged in case of Kathua rape and murder one year after the event happened. All of the accused were detained in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua area for the rape and assassination of an eight-year-old nomadic girl. All six accused were sentenced under three sections, including Ranbir Penal Codes’ (RPC) Sections 201 (destroying proof), 376 (gang rape) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy).


INDIA – Disobeying The Law: Indian Farm Group Acknowledged That It Has Planted Unapproved GM Cotton Seeds

An Indian farm group said its members planted a range of genetically modified cotton plants that were not approved by the government of the country, an offence that could lead in five years imprisonment. It is the first time farmers, who claim that they should not be deprived of any current technology, have acknowledged the planting of the herbicide-tolerant cotton variety created by the Monsanto unit of German drugmaker Bayer AG. “This is a civil disobedience movement to highlight oppressive laws of government,” said Ghanwat, president of the Shetkari Sangathana Farmers Union. Last year, however, the federal and state governments cautioned seed dealers and farmers against planting and selling the unapproved variety.


USA – New York Could Become The First State To Completely Legalize Sex Work

New York could become the first state to legalize sex work after a group of progressive lawmakers launched a sweeping bill on Monday (June 10) targeted at putting the country at the forefront of an increasing movement for the rights of sex workers. The law would allow sex workers and others to apply for criminal record relief if they were earlier convicted of one of the charges being abolished. The bill would allow sex workers and others to use for criminal record relief if they were more previously convicted of one of the costs being eliminated. Also, the bill amends language throughout the penal code to create gender-neutral references to buyers and vendors.


INDIA – No Need To Report MFs Of Worldwide Indian Equity As Foreign Assets When Filing ITR

The requirement to report foreign assets in income-tax return relies on the housing status for the appropriate economic year (FY) in India. Only if the person qualifies as a resident and ordinarily resident is the person needed to report all foreign assets in return to India. One has to be very cautious when reporting foreign assets or earnings. Any omission or inaccuracy may result in criminal implications under Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and the Tax Act, 2015. However, it may be explained that the person as a unitholder in Indian Global Equity Funds has no right or control over the underlying foreign investments made by such a fund in his / her capacity as the unitholder.


INDIA – L Is For Lesbians, G Is For Gays: Indian parents Acquire Knowledge On ABCs of LGBT As They Learned To Acknowledge Their Gay Kids

Homosexuality has been decriminalized, but it is still not easy to come out in India, where it is rarely discussed openly for fear of family rejection. However, some parents are now swimming against the massive tide of tradition, whether it is counselling others or even seeking a same-sex partner for their kids, Sushma Samudra, a gay son’s mother, describes how she came to acknowledge her son for whom he is.”For me, it was hard. I always envisioned having a daughter-in-law who would remain with me. My son gave me books to read (on understanding LGBT). Now I know that’s natural,” she said.  More information about her experience is released by Roli Srivastava (Big Story 10) on June 10, 2019.


CANADA – Randy Hillier Opposes The Law On Election Finances For Independent Applicants

A politician kicked out of the Progressive Conservative party is challenging the constitutionality of an election fundraising law on how it treats independents. Randy Hillier has submitted a notice of implementation stating that certain sections of the Election Finances Act violate citizens’ democratic privileges in the charter. He claims that the law enables formal party riding associations to fundraise at any moment, but independent politicians can only fundraiser in a campaign period. His lawyer claims that the law also allows registered parties to apply for higher peak quantities, enables them to maintain any surpluses, but prevents them from doing so, and provides them with per-vote subsidies.


INDIA – IL&FS Financial Services Auditors: Deloitte, BSR, Faces A 5-year Ban On Supposed Lapses In Auditing Books Of IFIN

Top auditors Deloitte Haskin and Sells, and BSR and Co. could discover themselves shut out of a job for five years, with the government requesting the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to bar them from alleged errors in auditing the books of IL&FS Financial Services Ltd (IFIN). In a petition lodged before NCLT’s Mumbai bench on Monday (June 10th), the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) requested the prosecution of the two audit companies and the appointment of a new IFIN auditor. This follows the May 30th Serious Fraud and Investigation Office (SFIO) filing charges against the two companies.


INDIA – Kathua Rape Victim’s Lawyer Has Been Fighting Death Threats For A Year

Lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat stayed the face of the Kathua gang rape and murder trial. She received global recognition and prizes for taking up the eight-year-old victim’s case, was among the lawyers who arrived for the judgment at the special court in Pathankot early in the morning. One reason she was filled with was the steady stream of abusive texts and threats, rape and murder; she had confronted while arguing the case. “Several accusations have been levelled against me since I took the case. My life has altered,” said Rajawat at the Jammu court. She said she volunteered to fight the case as quickly as she read the newspaper information of the incident. However, she had later started gaining assistance from her colleagues. “Now, I feel that there are fewer individuals who hate me. People from my group are even appreciating me now.


PAKISTAN – Pakistan’s Ex-President Zardari Arrested On Allegations Of Corruption

Former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was arrested on charges of corruption on Monday, June 10, 2019, a Pakistani official said in a blow to Pakistan People’s Party’s opposition. Local media channels said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Zardari on his inquiry into fake bank accounts and money laundering. The former president could not be reached for comment, but he denied any wrongdoing related to those cases, and his PPP party said the claims were politically driven.


INDIA – Government of Delhi Appoints A Panel Of 69 District Court Lawyers

The Delhi government has appointed a panel of 69 lawyers to perform cases on their behalf before the national capital’s district courts. Following the approval of Delhi Law Minister Kailash Gahlot, the Department of Law, Justice and Legislative Affairs released a notice constituting the panel of advocates. These appointments shall be subject to the terms and conditions that may be prescribed from time to time. “This notification shall enter into force with immediate effect.”

INDIA – Advocates’ Body (GHCAA) May Strike To Encourage The Promotion Of The Judge Of The Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court Advocates’ Association (GHCAA) has convened an emergency meeting on Monday (June 10) against the dillydallying strategy of the union government in the elevation of the Gujarat High Court’s senior-most judge, Akil Kureshi, who is currently serving as a puîne judge at the Bombay High Court, as Madhya Pradesh’s chief justice. The Supreme Court Collegium, which is yet to be cleared by the government, suggested Kureshi for the position on May 10. Instead, the Center lately informed the appointment of Justice Ravi Shankar Jha as Madhya Pradesh High Court’s acting chief justice. GHCAA told DNA that plans are underway to strike the stance of the Center against one of Gujarat’s best magistrates and lodge a petition against the same in the Supreme Court.t and shall stay in force until further instructions,” it stated.


DUBAI – Center Rescues Dog Shot At Multiple Times In An Industrial Area

An animal rescue centre in Umm Al Quwain saved a stray dog with over 50 pellets lodged inside his body after being shot numerous times by unidentified people in an industrial region on Saturday (08 June). Dr Lenka Prikrylova of the clinic said, “The dog was shot in different areas and endured an immense blood loss and was anaemic. He’s stable now, but not out of risk. The wounds will take a long time to heal, and complications cannot be exempted.” She said it’s appalling that such brazenness violates the UAE animal protection law. “With such acts, individuals are getting away. It also brings our rescue teams at danger.” She also said the public should be more alert to notify those who breach the law. “We complain about each such incident. Hopefully, action will be taken.”


INDIA – Advocates Terrified by SC Move To Allow Increase Of Assam’s Foreigners’ Tribunals

Lawyers and legal specialists voiced severe concern over the move by the Supreme Court (SC) to approve the appointment of retired bureaucrats as members of 200 new foreigners’ tribunals in Assam. They also expressed their concern over the court’s decision to allow a reduction in the expertise needed by attorneys to be qualified to apply for the appointment of these tribunals as representatives (presiding officers). It is anticipated that the 200 new tribunals will be functional by September. The DU began registering for admission on May 30. It’s going to close on June 14.


INDIA – Delhi HC Requests Center, DU’s Stand On The Plea Challenging New Admission Standards

On Monday, June 10, 2019, the Delhi High Court requested the Center and Delhi University (DU) stand on a plea challenging its current entry standards for undergraduate classes. The court said amendment of the admission criteria just a day before opening registration was arbitrary. The petition sought to quash the revised eligibility requirements, arguing that students would be permitted to apply as per the previous standards. The DU began registering for admission on May 30. It’s going to close on June 14. The court requested the Ministry of Human Resource Development, represented by lawyer Brajesh Kumar, and the varsity to file their responses to the complaint by June 14, the next hearing date.


CHINA – China Supports Hong Kong Extradition Legislation, Opposes ‘Foreign Interference’

China massively supported the Hong Kong government on Monday (June 10) on a controversial proposed law that would allow extraditions to the continent and expressed opposition to “outside interference” following a huge protest against the legislation. The Chinese press blamed foreign interference for the massive rally that brought central Hong Kong to a halt on the weekend, accusing opponents of “collusion with the West” in the city’s pro-Beijing government. The proposed law being pushed by the pro-Beijing management of the territory would allow extraditions to any nation with which Hong Kong does not already have a treaty, including mainland China.


INDIA – Headmistress Not Authorized To Oversee the School As A Matter Of Right: Bombay High Court

A headmaster or headmaster cannot claim the right to control financial and administrative matters of the school, and it is up to the school management to decide whether to confer such power on the individual concerned, the Bombay high court (HC) said on Monday (10 June 2019). “She (headmistress) cannot pretend to be entrusted to her as a matter of fact,” said Pradeep Nandrajog Division Bench and Nitin Jamdar, head of the Gangaram Sindh National High School in Ulhasnagar, rejecting the request lodged by Geeta Chawla. Concerning the claim on financial and administrative powers, the judges said the headmistress’ wage was being paid to the petitioner, but it was up to the school leadership to decide whether to confer the powers on the headmistress.


INDIA – Is The Death Penalty Unconstitutional For Repeated Perpetrators Of Rape?  High Court of Bombay Ruled

Is the criminal provision that allows the death penalty to repeat rape perpetrators disproportionate to the crime and therefore unconstitutional? Last week, in a constitutional challenge mounted by three men convicted in the 2013 Shakti Mills gang-rape case, the Bombay High Court dismissed this plea. The court also stated that rape was an ultimate violation of the right to live with dignity and that it could be counted as a crime more severe than the murder itself.


JAPAN – Outrage At Acquittals In Rape Instances Calls For Japanese Law To Be Fixed

Miyako Shirakawa was a 19-year-old college student who was raped by an elderly person. She said her mind went blank when the assault began and she froze up. “He was on top of me when I became conscious,” said Shirakawa, 54, now a psychiatrist who treats victims of sexual abuse. That type of response “is a prevalent, instinctive reaction-it’s a form of psychological self-protection,” added Shirakawa, who became pregnant because of the rape she didn’t report to police and had an abortion. But not fighting back under Japanese law can render it difficult for prosecutors to prove rape. Thus, The latest series of acquittals has revived outrage over this legal standard, which Shirakawa and other critics claim places an unfairly heavy burden on victims, deterring them from coming forward and hurting their opportunities in court if they do. They say the law must be reviewed to make all unconsensual sex is a crime, without exception, as it is in other developed countries such as Britain, Germany and Canada.


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