Legal News Shots- Today's Top Picks!
Legal News Shots- Today's Top Picks!

INDIA – Supreme Court Demands The Center’s Stand On Petition From IAS Trainees and IPS Officers

On Monday (June 17), the Supreme Court requested the Center’s stand on requests moved by a group of 2018 batch trainee IAS and IPS officers seeking another opportunity to practice framework preference in parity with 20 other peers given the relief by the apex court last month. On May 17, the apex court had requested the Center to accommodate 20 trainee IAS and IPS officers, who had questioned the government’s allocation process for the 2018 batch, by raising their preference to one post each in the state frameworks this year. However, the Centre had then moved the top court challenging the High Court’s decision.


INDIA – “Archaic Labour Law Must Be Abolished,” Claims The Indian Staffing Federation

The percentage of individuals in formal employment in India will only increase if the archaic labour regulations of the country are completely scrapped, the Indian Staffing Federation said, adding that the laws are insignificant in today’s context. “Small companies will not shy away from scaling up their companies or adding individuals if labour laws are made friendly. This will automatically increase the country’s formal employment. It will also enhance the ease of doing business and pick up the investment flow. Ultimately, streamlining labour laws will have a beneficial effect on the economy,” ISF President Rituparna Chakraborty. She added, “we need laws that are going to be easy, productive, and that will improve the employability and employment system we have in the nation today.”


INDIA – Heatwave In Bihar Killed Over 70, Government Call For Tougher Law

Heatwave in Bihar that killed over 70 people on Saturday (June 15, 2019) last has led the administration in Gaya city to take strict measures, banning large gatherings during the day. In a statement, the Gaya government enforced Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which usually prohibits large crowds, to control law and order but this time to force the general population to stay indoors so that they do not become a victim of the heatwave killer. When the temperature stays at 45 degrees Celsius and above for two consecutive days, a heat wave is declared. When the temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius, it receives a “severe” tag.


USA – War Crimes Trial for U.S. Navy SEAL In The Killing Of ISIL Inmates To Start Today (June 18)

A trial of a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL charged with the murder of an injured ISIL prisoner-one of the most prominent war crimes cases of the Navy-is scheduled to start at U.S. Naval Base San Diego on Monday (June 17). A trial of a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL charged with the murder of an injured ISIL prisoner-one of the most prominent war crimes cases of the Navy-is scheduled to start at U.S. Naval Base San Diego on Monday. The judge, Captain Aaron Rugh, held previously this month the efforts of the prosecution to monitor defence messages to discover a news leak casting doubt on Gallagher’s capacity to get a fair trial and breached his constitutional lawsuit. He released Gallagher from custody, removed the lead prosecutor, and lowered the maximum penalty he faces if convicted with the parole of premeditated murder to life imprisonment-instead of no parole. The judge also allows the defence to dismiss two more prospective jurors without cause than normal during jury selection.


INDIA – 2019 Law School Admission Test Results (LSAT) Released, Check Your Score At

The result of the 2019 Law School Admission Test (LSAT, India) examination was officially declared Monday, June 17, 2019. The 2019 LSAT India Result can be downloaded from Alternatively, the results of LSAT can also be checked from the third-party platform – The released 2019 LSAT India Result is accepted for admission to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The LSAT examination was conducted on June 2 by the Pearson VUE on behalf of the US-based law organisation-Law School Admission Council (LSAC). According to the Careers360 report, the LSAC will grant up to 6 lakhs of LSAT India Law Scholarship to the exam topper for this present academic year. This initiative marks the celebration of finishing Ten (10) years of administering LSAT India Examination.


INDIA – 2019 Maha Directorate of Higher Education Releases CET LLB Result at

On June 17 (Monday), the Maharashtra Higher Education Directorate published the MHT CET LLB Result 2019. The law result of the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) for the 2019 academic batch was uploaded to the official website of Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell – and is accessible for download in PDF format. The declared MHT CET Law Result 2019 includes names, roll numbers and total scored marks out of 150 qualifying applicants.


UNITED KINGDOM – Mohamed Morsy, Ousted Egyptian President, Dies During Trial In court Room

Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, ousted by the army in 2013 after one year in office, collapsed in a courtroom and died, officials claim. A top figure in the now-banned Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, Morsi had just spoken at a hearing on allegations of espionage from a cage. State TV said that the cause of death was a heart attack. Activists and his family had long said that Morsi did not receive therapy for severe health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes and was constantly kept in solitary confinement.


INDIA – Case Of Now Or Never; India Needs An Immediate Tax paradigm Shift In 2019 Budget

It’s a loud and clear message. India requires an immediate tax paradigm shift. Thus, the state placed direct tax measures firmly at the top of its portfolio within a week of its second term, at the core of which is a new Direct Tax Code (DTC). To render it much simpler, the DTC requires to rejig the current tax rate framework. A region that needs near consideration if our corporate tax system is to be streamlined is the minimum alternative income (MAT) ratio of 18.5 per cent (on a company’s library revenues). Also, the gradual decrease in corporate tax payments and the rise in the MAT level over the years have significantly bridged the gulf between the two levels. Furthermore, the age-old evaluation method needs to be stepped up, and the idea of independent e-assessments offers the state with an excellent chance to implement such a shift. There appears to be a divide at present between the concept of independent e-assessments and the current series of laws. This divide requires to be bridged through the adoption of new evaluation legislation and the issuance of full execution rules. This Government demonstrates tremendous strength in its previous period by implementing GST and in this nation altered the indirect tax landscape for good. There can be no more appropriate moment in our direct tax system than the current Government to reproduce a similar transformative change.


INDIA – The Indian Govt Is Preparing An All-out Assault On Tribal Rights

A meeting in Delhi on Tuesday (June 18) could determine the destiny of eight million Indian tribal individuals and other forest inhabitants. The talks between states and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs follow the highly contentious order of the Supreme Court in February to dislodge millions of individuals whose land rights claims have been dismissed. The next Supreme Court hearing in the case will be on July 24, when the court can again order the eviction of millions of individuals. This arises at a moment when the tribal peoples of India are facing an unprecedented assault on their rights. India’s new Minister of Environment and Forests, who spoke in support of sight shooting policies, will also attempt to push through a draft amendment to the British-era Indian Forest Act. The suggested modifications were defined as even more draconian than the original.


USA – Gunman Was Shot Dead After Opening Fire At The Federal Court In Downtown Dallas

A man in a mask and fighting equipment was fatally fired in downtown Dallas on Monday (June 17) morning after opening fire outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building with an assault weapon. No one else has been wounded. At a news conference on a road corner near the federal building, FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno identified the gunman as Brian Isaack Clyde, 22. Clyde died on the scene and was taken to the Baylor University Medical Center, officials said.


INDIA – Orissa High Court Lawyers Boycott Court Protesting Inadmissible Nominees Recommended As Judges Until June 26

Orissa High Court lawyers on Monday, June 17, 2019, boycotted the Court of Chief Justice and two other magistrates to protest against the Collegium’s decision to recommend names of individual lawyers who are not High Court Bar Association regular practitioners for appointment as judges. At the meeting of the General Body at 1:30 p.m., it was decided that the lawyers will continue to boycott the courts of Orissa’s Chief Justice, Justice Sk Mishra, and Justice Kumari Sanju Panda (which make up the Collegium) until June 26, when the next meeting is held. Meanwhile, a delegation from the High Court Bar Association will meet with India’s Chief Justice, Prime Minister and Law and Justice Minister of the Union and other officials.


INDIA – Court In Kathua Rape-Murder Case: “Poetic Justice Should Be Done For Evil Criminal Act”

The special court, which convicted Six (6) individuals in the rape and murder of an 8-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua, called the crime “devilish and monstrous” and said it was committed in the most “shameful, inhuman and barbaric way” for which “poetic justice” requires to be done. Judge Dr Tejwinder Singh said, “the devil and monstrous crime” has sent shockwaves across society, and the guilty must be brought under the sword of justice. After hearing prosecutors as well as a battery of 57 defence attorneys, the judge said, “There is nothing recorded that could demonstrate that in this situation there is a false implication (as claimed by defence attorneys) of accused individuals.”


USA – American Copyright Troll Lawyer Imprisoned For 14 Years

An American lawyer, Paul Hansmeier, who ran an x-rated online fraud scheme has been imprisoned for 14 years. He shared internet copies of pornographic films and then sued individuals who uploaded them for copyright infringement. Victims were told to pay a “settlement fee” of $3000 to prevent further legal intervention. The plan is thought to have raised about $3 million over three years for Hansmeier and his accomplice. “It’s almost incalculable how much your abuse of confidence has hurt the administration of justice,” said the judge at the hearing where Hansmeier was convicted. The judge also ordered Hansmeier to repay the scam’s $1.5 m to 704 victims. “I’m looking forward to finally putting this whole mess behind me,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune cited him as stating after being convicted.


INDIA – Plea For Trial In The Supreme Court After Conviction Of The Accused

The Supreme Court linked the issue to a bigger court whether more individuals could be summoned to stand in court after the conviction of the accused. A judicial bench in the Supreme Court, N.V. Ramana, and M. Shantanagoudar was receiving an application from four individuals who had been ordered by a Punjab tribunal to stand trial after nine individuals had already been sentenced in the situation. The Supreme Court said CrPC Section 319 reflected two critical objectives: the courts’ duty to establish the guilt of all the accused and give full justice, and the responsibility of the State to bring every criminal prosecution to its logical end (Shutterstock). The court, however, said that further consideration was required for the pending legal issues: Whether the trial court has the authority under Section 319 of the CrPC to invite extra suspects at the end of the district and the dismissal judgment. Further, whether the tribunal of the trial has the authority to invite additional suspects when the prosecution of certain other indicted persons is pending and lastly. What are the rules to be followed by the qualified tribunal when practising authority under Section 319 of the CrPC?


INDIA – PIL filed Against The Use Of Electronic Voting Machines; Supreme Court Refuses

The petitioner wanted the court to declare the use of EVMs unconstitutional and, requested the paper ballot, for re-election for Lok Sabha. Not only had the petitioner challenged the clauses of 61 A of the People’s Representation Act, stating that the voting machines should not have been permitted in the recent elections, but he also requested re-election through the paper ballot. Notwithstanding anything specified in this Act or the laws specified therein, voting machines may issue and record ballots in such a way as may be specified in such constituencies or constituencies as may be specified by the Election Commission, taking into account the conditions of each situation.


DUBAI – Know The Law: Dubai Decreases The Bankruptcy Fee

According to a law published by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Dubai Ruler, the Dubai government has decreased the charges for filing bankruptcy and peaceful resolution of bankruptcy allegations at Dubai Courts from Dh2.000 to Dh500. Claims lodged by shareholders against the board of directors of a public shareholding business or its executive management, if the plaintiff’s stake does not exceed 10% of the company’s complete stocks, will also be free. Applications for publicity or evidence of Islam, ratification of a social welfare request, and demands for death and inheritance shall also be free of charge.


INDIA – 22-Week Pregnancy Of A Minor Rape Victim Terminated To Prevent Physical And Mental Health Issues; AIIMS Tells Delhi HC

The All India Medical Sciences Institute (AIIMS) informed the Delhi High Court on Monday (June 17) that it had removed a minor rape victim’s over-22-week pregnancy as continuing with it would have had a severe effect on the physical and mental health of the girl. It also informed the court that in the rape case, the foetus had been maintained for DNA assessment. The submission was obtained before Justice Najmi Waziri, who later disposed of the complaint moved on behalf of the rape victim requesting approval to terminate her pregnancy medically. On June 14, the high court had requested AIIMS to set up a medical board to examine whether it was necessary to end the pregnancy of the 14-year-old rape victim and, if necessary, to carry out the procedure promptly. The court also directed that a report be put before it on the choice of the medical board. It also instructed the conservation of the foetus in the rape situation for DNA assessment.


INDIA – SC Decides To hear PIL Seeking Security For Doctors At Government Hospitals Nationwide

On Monday (June 18), the Supreme Court (SC) decided to hear a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requesting safety for doctors at public hospitals across the nation. A Deepak Gupta and Surya Kant Vacation Bench of Justices mentioned the matter for hearing today, Tuesday, June 18, 2019. The petition lodged on Friday (June 14) requested an urgent hearing and also requested instructions from the union ministries and the West Bengal government to deputize security staff at all state-run hospitals to guarantee doctors’ safety and security. Doctors across the nation have protested against the assault on their West Bengal colleagues. Scores of doctors in the domestic capital’s state and private hospitals, including those at AIIMS, decided on Monday to boycott job for a day.


DUBAI – Know The Law: Can UAE Employers Decrease Wages Without New Contracts?

It is known that you have been working for a private company in Dubai for the last eight years, and your employer intends to decrease all workers ‘ wages by 15%. In this respect, you want to understand if it is legitimate for the employer to decrease the remuneration of an employee and if it is necessary for the company to tell its employees by e-mail or official notification. You also want to understand if the employer is needed to provide the accrued end-of-service advantages and draft a new agreement once the worker accepts the decrease. It is unlawful for an employer to decrease the remuneration of an employee, except as provided for in Article 60 of Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 Regulating Employment Relations in the UAE (Employment Law). Article 60 of the Employment Law states: “No amount of money may be deducted from the remuneration of an employee in respect of private claims, except in some cases.” Although the employer offers an employee with an official letter or e-mail concerning wage decrease, it will only be valid if a revised employment contract is signed and presented to Mohre


AFRICA – Centurion Law Group Declares Its Plan To Pursue Public Listing

Centurion Law Group (“Centurion”) ( is set to become the first African legal and energy consultative company to be publicly listed this year as it is preparing to enter one of Europe’s leading stock exchanges. Last year, Centurion obtained IMANI-African Lawyers on Demand to launch Centurion Plus, Africa’s leading flexible legal services model offering cost savings and effective, flexible legal services across the continent. Through Centurion Plus, corporate customers across Africa can pick for temporary and project-based legal services from a pool of online 190 carefully vetted, on-demand lawyers. “Centurion has always distinguished itself by its capacity to adapt to change, make the deal and be pan-African and pro-African,” said CEO NJ Ayuk. “The legal market in Africa has altered a lot, and we are proud to be a leader in legal transitions in Africa.


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