Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – The Government Of India In Twelve (12) Months To Come Out With National E-Commerce Policy

Within Twelve (12) months, the government will come out with a National e-commerce policy to promote the sector’s holistic development, an official said. This was notified on Monday (June 24, 2019), at the second marathon conference with stakeholders, including e-commerce businesses, by industry and commerce minister Piyush Goyal. To tackle stakeholder grievances on foreign direct investment (FDI) and draft e-commerce policy, an inter-ministerial committee under the Department for Promotion of Industrial and Internal Trade (DPIIT) would be created, the official said.


INDIA – UK Court To Rule On £1 million That Hyderabad Nizam Sent To London in 1948

The case has passed through several turns, with India and the offspring on the same side against Pakistan, claiming the cash on the floor that it was a donation to the country’s citizen or compensation for assisting the Hyderabad state during the annexation of India in 1948. England and Wales ‘ high court is due to rule on a historic case involving India, Pakistan, and descendants of Hyderabad’s late 7th Nizam, who in 1948 sent £ 1 m to a London bank, now estimated at least £35m. Court documents on behalf of the Nizam’s descendants and other claimant’s state: “India’s claim to the Fund is by the manner of the alleged 1965 allocation by the 7th Nizam; Pakistan depends on measures nearly 20 years earlier to challenge India’s capacity to depend on that allocation.” The case has been heard in numerous British judiciary over the centuries, including in the House of Lords, but in the forthcoming judgment, a decision can finally be reached.



INDIA – Government 0f Mamata Mulls Life Imprisonment For Official Who Accept ‘Cut Money’

Strengthening the noose around corrupt authorities, the West Bengal government is now contemplating charging elected public officials and government officials who receive “cut money” from beneficiaries of welfare schemes under a hard law that offers for life imprisonment in the event of a conviction, sources in the Chief Minister’s office said. Speaking on the situation of anonymity, authorities said the “errant” officers will be prosecuted subject to chapter 409 of the Indian Penal Code relating to a criminal breach of trust by a government official or a banker, dealer or agency. Police Superintendents of all districts have been told to conform with the orders as soon as a formal complaint was received. The act of the Bengal government arises at a moment when several politicians of the governing Trinamool Congress are being mobbed by individuals requesting “refund” the cut money they have done to guarantee that the advantages of government schemes reach the beneficiaries involved.


INDIA – Interstate Office Services To Be Included In Goods and Services Tax Net Like HR

The government is set to make it clear that services supplied by an organization’s office in one state to another office in another state will face tax on Goods and Services (GST). A circular to this purpose, approved by the GST Council, will shortly be issued, a government official said. This is in line with the perspective made by the Karnataka Advance Rulings Authority (AAR) that in-house functions such as Human Resources (HR) and payrolls will face GST, for which invoice will have to be issued if carried out from a centre in one state for offices in other states. The ambiguity as to whether vital administrative services supplied by staff situated at one place would amount to services provided from one place to another under the GST system has resulted in litigation. The matter has now been admitted to the Karnataka High Court, and notice has been given to the government.


CANADA – Huawei Executive’s Lawyers Tells Canada To Cancel The Request For Extradition From The U.S.

Lawyers for a senior executive at a Chinese technology company, Huawei asked Canada’s justice minister on Monday (June 24) to quash extradition proceedings against Meng Wanzhou and release her. The court proceedings are planned to begin on January 20. Meng is presently out on bail. The U.S. intends to bring Meng to court for fraud for allegedly violating sanctions against Iran and lying to U.S. banks about it, allegations disputed by their lawyers.  Copy of the letter to Minister of Justice  David Lametti has not been made public. However, in a press release announcing the letter, Meng’s attorneys encouraged Lametti “to cancel the proceedings because the extradition proceedings are without merit and the suspension of the trials would be in Canada’s best interests. Under Canadian law, the Minister of Justice may intervene in extradition cases.


INDIA – IBC Has Introduced Discipline To The Ecosystem: Rajesh, Managing Partner of SNG & Partners Law Firm

Not only has the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC) changed the manner lenders are distributing cash, but the way proponents handle their liabilities has changed. Although the law has been implemented for only about three years, several gaps stay, and the state and the judiciary are still plugging them. Overall, Rajesh Narain Gupta, managing director of the law firm SNG & Partners, introduced new discipline to Maulik Vyas in the environment. In developed countries where insolvency regulations have matured, bank financing is accessible with a prior fee to satisfy the expenses of litigation as well as any urgently needed cash to restart the business. There is scepticism about this in India, and banks will take time to finance until they mitigate their danger. Where sound corporations acquire businesses/companies under IBC, he said investors would certainly receive fund from the bank based on their credential.


INDIA -Eight Years After His Death, Indian Woman Inherits son’s Legacy In UAE

Eight (8) years after his death, a 78-year-old Indian lady received the legacy of her unmarried son in the UAE, leaving her overwhelmed, a press report said. The 35-year-old son of Marykutty, Thomas Shino worked with a good wage in a Dubai business. He left all his money in Kerala after his suicide for his older brother and mom. A call from a will-writing company in Dubai made her realize she had acquired a great fortune. The sum is about Rs 75 lakh and, the study said, her share was near to Rs 33 lakh. Thomas said she knew her son had savings, but she didn’t know how to get them.


USA – Academy of International Lawyers Promotes Out Of Classroom Lessons

In Plano, more than 50 youthful lawyers from 25 nations are learning about the U.S. justice system and international trade. They also learn about their colleagues ‘American lives and cultures. At the latest, KERA News caught up with some of the lawyers. Mark Smith is this year Academy’s Dean said: “As valuable as the experience from a school view, the biggest value comes from what the learners learn from each other.” So while, yes, these young experts are learning the ins and outs about current events such as newly imposed tariffs or trade agreements that suddenly need to re-negotiate, they are also learning older lessons that have gone through time. Business lawyer Shikha Singh from India claims that private relationships like those forged in Plano will assist in contract negotiations. By the time summer school for international lawyers is over, the message Academy leaders hope every student will take home is vast.


USA – SC Throws Out 1905 Law Against So-Called Obscene Trademarks, Says It Is Unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court (SC) ruled against the Trump administration on Monday (June 24) when it said a centuries-old law prohibiting so-called obscene or immoral trademarks is unconstitutional. All Nine (9) judges agreed that the 1905 Lanham Act violated the freedom of expression guarantee of the First Amendment. The Justice Department wished to maintain the 1905 law in place, arguing that the American marketplace would be flooded with dirty language trademarks. Monday’s choice focused on a California designer who wished to register FUCT as a brand name for his clothing. The United States of America Federal He was turned down by the Patent and Trademark Office saying his brand name looked and sounded too much like a well-known obscene word.


INDIA – Indian Girl Died In U.S. Desert While Smuggled; Parents Said They Wanted A Better Life For Her

The parents of a 6-year-old Indian migrant female who died of a heat stroke in an Arizona desert said, “We wanted a safer and better life for our daughter, and we made the highly challenging choice to seek asylum here in the United States (US),” said the mom of the girl, Ms. Kaur, 27, and her dad, Mr. Singh, 33, in a joint declaration issued by the U.S. Sikh Coalition that did not offer their first names. The death of the girl occurred earlier this month, the second recorded case of a migrant child’s death this year in Arizona’s southern deserts  identified the risk of summer heat as a spike  of migrant families, mainly from Central America, crossed the U.S .- Mexico border to seek asylum. According to immigration lawyers, Indian asylum seekers vary from Sikhs claiming political persecution to lower caste “untouchables” facing death threats for marriage outside their class.


INDIA – Murder Of UP Bar Council Chief: Top Court Rejects The Plea For The CBI Probe

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (June 25) declined to accept a plea requesting a CBI probe in the latest murder of Uttar Pradesh Bar Council President Darvesh Singh Yadav at the Agra court premises and asked the petitioner to contact the Allahabad High Court. The court bench referred to the prayers made in the petition submitted before it and said that most were related to the event in which the chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Bar Council was shot dead.


UNITED KINGDOM – New Law To Safeguard Individuals With Food Allergies To Be Introduced To Wales

A new law will be implemented in England to safeguard food allergy sufferers-and the Welsh government has said it will also introduce tougher laws. Natasha, from Fulham, West London, endured a serious allergic reaction after unknowingly eating sesame in an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette she had purchased from a Pret, a Manager at Heathrow Airport. The law, which will apply to England and Northern Ireland, is due to come into force by the summer of 2021.


INDIA – Indian Royals Are fighting Pakistan For £35m Locked Up In A London Bank

In a battle over £35 million that has been stashed in London since partition in 1947, India and Pakistan brought their historic rivalry to the High Court. British attorneys are attempting to resolve a row involving a cast of characters including a state ruler who lavished the Queen with diamonds and an MI6 spy who was accused of gun-running during the first India-Pakistan war. The dispute centres on £ 1 million that was given by the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad – the state monarch – to Pakistan’s safekeeping embassy before the partition of India in 1947. More details on the matter to report when information is available.


INDIA – Academics Asks Center To Drop All Charges Against NGO Lawyers Collective In A Case Of Violation Of FCRA

Several scholars released a declaration statement on Tuesday (June 25) expressing “profound dismay” at the alleged harassment of the Lawyers Collective Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the Centre. The scholars sent their declaration, among others, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. In a case of an alleged breach of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the Central Bureau of Investigation had lodged a first information report against the group earlier this month. Similarly, on June 20, a group of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer people wrote an open letter criticizing the government’s decision to prosecute the Lawyers Collective. It told the Center to stop harassing the organization.


USA – SC Agrees To Decide The Insurers Bid For US$ 12 Billion In Obamacare cash

On Monday (June 24), the U.S. Supreme Court (SC) agrees to decide whether insurers can seek US$ 12 billion from the federal government under a program set up by Obamacare law to encourage them to give medical coverage to earlier uninsured Americans. The judges will hear an appeal from a group of lower court insurers ruling that Congress had suspended the government’s duty to make such payments. The insurers have said that ruling if permitted to stand, would allow the government to take a “bait-and-switch” and withhold cash promised to the businesses.


INDIA – India-Bulls Case: Police Bust Organized ‘Blackmailing’ Racket Run by Lawyers

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd said Tuesday (June 25) that cops had uncovered a racket of hurling accusations of money laundering at the housing finance company in Gurugram in Haryana. In a regulatory filing, the firm said a Gurugram court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Kislay Panday and his dad, Ram Mani Panday, who are professional advocates and who ran the “organized” racket. The firm said: “Kislay Panday and Ram Mani Panday have constantly sent the malicious complaint that was originally used to try to extort money from Indiabulls, under several people’s names.”


INDIA – Notwithstanding Unusual Medical Conditions, 28-Year-Old Achieves The Dream Of Becoming A Lawyer

On June 16, hundreds enrolled in the Kerala High Court as advocates, but among them, Pramitha Augustine, 28, cuts a prominent figure. Augustine, Ernakulam’s resident, had a problematic winding journey to meet her dreams of becoming an advocate; battling through a financial crisis, a congenital health condition that detained her height at just 3.5 feet, and the Kerala floods. She said “Life did not take shape as I wished it. However, being an advocate is the one thing that occurred as I wished.” She added, “There will be obstacles; knocking you down will be challenging, but never go down, look ahead and fight it out.”


INDIA – Delhi High Court Affirms A 1.5-Year Prison Term For The Proprietor Of The Textile Industry

On Monday (June 24), dismissing a plea from a textile industry proprietor, the Delhi High Court upheld the one-and-a-half-year prison term granted to him by a  court of law for causing water pollution. The Justice Sunil Gaur said there was no illegality in the judgment of the trial court and rejected his appeal claiming that the water samples evaluated by the court were not removed from his unit and it was not a water discharge unit. The judgment of the trial court also indicated that direct release of the commercial effluent thus allowed the polluting material to enter a stream or sewer or land without the installation of an effluent treatment plant (ETP).


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