Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Plea Filed At Delhi High Court Asking The Government Of Delhi To Implement The Mental Health Act

At the Delhi High Court, a PIL was filed asking the Delhi government to implement with immediate effect the 2017 Mental Health Act. The request is mentioned before a Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar bench for hearing on Monday. The plea stated that the purpose of the Act is to provide mental health care and services to mentally ill persons and to safeguard, encourage and fulfill such individuals ‘ freedoms during the provision of care and services. The petition said that an individual with mental illness is entitled to free legal services to practice their privileges under the Act, but the Delhi State Legal Service Authority has not initiated a program in this respect.


INDIA – Goa Government Supports The Amendment To The Law To Allow Women In Night Shifts

Women activists on Saturday (June 29, 2019) welcomed the Goa government’s decision to approve an amendment to the Factories Act that will allow women to be deployed in night shifts in industries. The amendment was endorsed by the state cabinet and is to be tabled during the next session of the Assembly. Writer-activist Jyoti Cuncolienkar called it a “revolutionary step” and expressed the hope that it would bring about workplace equality.


INDIA – Sikh Activists Are Demanding Kamala Harris Apologize For Defending Discriminatory Policies

An online petition was launched by a group of Sikh activists calling on Indian-American Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris to apologize to the community for supposedly defending a 2011 discriminatory policy that forbidden state prison guards from maintaining beards for religious purposes, although medical exceptions were provided. These Sikh activists claimed in a declaration that during her tenure as Attorney General of California, Harris defended a policy that barred state prison guards from maintaining beards for religious purposes, although exceptions were made for medical purposes. Kamala Harris campaign did not immediately react to the email sent seeking their response to the group’s accusations.


INDIA – Activists Called For The Government To Enact A Law Against Mob-Lynching

At Azad Maidan on Saturday, June 29 2019, activists and NGO officials gathered to protest against mob-lynching. The activists denounced such incidents, including Tabrez Ansari’s in Jharkhand, and demanded that the state frame a law against them. Minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi called these incidents “stray” at another case at Haj House and expressed hope that the secularism of India would survive. Advocate Yusuf Muchchalla requested a law against lynching from the government.


USA – Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle ‘Could Be Barred From The U.S.’ If She Gives Up American Citizenship

Meghan Markle could renounce her U.S. citizenship and become a full-time British citizen to escape America’s overseas tax laws. The Duchess of Sussex is currently a dual British and American citizen, as is her young son Archie. However, with the U.S. government stepping up its use of legislation targeting tax “migrants,” the couple might one-day face problems and a future diplomatic crisis. By law, all Americans have to pay tax whether or not they live in the U.S. The only way to prevent this is to renounce citizenship, although there is no sign that Meghan plans to do so in the immediate future.


INDIA – Supreme Court Will Reopen Tomorrow After Summer Holidays Of 49 Days

On Monday, July 01, 2019, after a summer break of 45 days, the Supreme Court will reopen and operate for 188 days this year. The Supreme Court is currently working with 23 judges, and on July 06, when Justice A K Goel retires, another vacancy would be created. Two Important decisions are pending before the Court, both linked to the same bigger controversy, Rafale. One is the review petition lodged against the December 2018 judgement of the Court by Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie, Prashant Bhushan, by which petitions calling for an inquiry into the Rafale agreement had been rejected.


USA – Study Of The Pentagon: Russia Outgunning The U.S. In A Race For Global Impact

The U.S. is ill-equipped to counteract Russia’s progressively brazen political warfare to undermine democracies, the Pentagon and independent strategists caution in a detailed assessment that echoes much bipartisan criticism of President Donald Trump’s strategy to Moscow. The 150 pages white paper, prepared for the Joint Staff Chiefs, suggests the U.S. underestimates the scope of Russia’s aggression under Vladimir Putin’s governance. The report also points to the dangers of increasing alignment between Russia and China, sharing a fear of the global alliances of the United States and an affinity for “authoritarian stability.”


INDIA – Islamabad High Court Claims The Medical Accounts Of Nawaz Sharif Are Vague And Rejects The Petition

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) held that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports were vague and then rejected his petition for medical reasons seeking to suspend his sentence. On Friday, an IHC division bench comprising Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani expressed trust in the medical therapy given by the Kot Lakhpat prison officials to the former prime minister, where Sharif serves a seven-year prison sentence since his conviction in a corruption case last December, Dawn revealed. The lawyer revealed that in addition to heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetic and renal disorders, the former prime minister faces intense depression, especially since his spouse’s death.


INDIA – Magistrate Court Charges 44 Individuals In Bulandshahr Region Of Chingravathi For Violence

On Saturday (June 29, 2019), the Chief Judicial Magistrate court released a directive to impose sedition charges on 44 individuals on December 3 last year accused of instigating violence in Bulandshahr’s Chingravathi region. Kumar and a local youth were murdered in the violence that followed in Bulandshahr when a mob rampaged over accusations of illegal cow slaughter. The court issued its order after hearing both sides ‘ arguments and the administration’s approval. Violence had erupted in the area after 25 cattle carcasses were discovered near a police station in the woods. Locals claimed the carcasses were cows, illegally killed.


CANADA – Ontario’s Top Court Upholds The Carbon Pollution Tax Of The Federal Government

On Friday (June 28), Ontario’s top court ruled that the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act of Canada is constitutional and has the critical objective of combating climate change. The Act, passed by Parliament in 2018, puts a premium on carbon pollution to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and promote innovation and the use of clean technologies. It places a fuel charge on certain producers, retailers and importers producing carbon-based fuels. The Court of Appeal for Ontario discovered that the Act falls within Parliament’s authority under the Constitution to legislate on issues of domestic concern to Canada’s “Peace, Order, and Good Government.” Dissented by Justice Huscroft.


INDIA – PIL In Supreme Court Against ILP A Matter Of Concern; Chakhesang Public Organisation

Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) expressed concern about one Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay filing PIL at the Supreme Court against ILP extension in Dimapur. The organization said in a statement by its president, Mikha Kenye, and general secretary, Veduvo Rhakho, that the PIL had become a danger to the very umbilical cord that brought Nagaland into the Union of India.  It advised that scrapping the law or even crippling any of its clauses would result in a breakdown of ties between Nagaland and the mainland. The organization also urged the petitioner and his associates out of any apprehensions, to be “rational” and never “concoct or exaggerate” ground realities.


UNITED KINGDOM – Britain Advises China To Abide By One-Country-Two-System Law Before Anniversary Demonstrations

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt urged the Hong Kong authorities to respect their citizens ‘ “rights and liberties” ahead of an enormous protest against a contentious extradition bill on Monday, the 22nd anniversary of the handing over of the former British colony to China. Demonstrators are anticipated to flood the streets at the latest in a sequence of massive protests against a draft bill that would allow suspected criminal suspects in the territory to face trial in China for the first time. Under intense public pressure, the draft law, which critics say threatens Hong Kong’s status as a global financial hub, was suspended on June 15 but not completely withdrawn as requested by demonstrators. The bilateral statement was signed between the United Kingdom and China in 1984.


INDIA – In Saudi Arabia, 3 Of Indian-Origin Family Killed In Road Accident

Three (3) people of a family based in Hyderabad died in a road accident in Saudi Arabia on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday. The incident took place when the four-member family, consisting of husband Syed Zainul Abideen, daughter Syed Atiya Banu and their two sons Syed Murtuza and Syed Ismail, were travelling in their pilgrimage vehicle to Madina from Jeddah. In the accident, the husband, wife and a son died while the other son, Syed Ismail, was injured. Syed is undergoing treatment at a local Saudi Arabia clinic.


INDIA – Cop Filed Chargesheet Against BSP MP In Rape Case

Lanka police filed charges in a case of rape and fraud lodged by a Ballia girl against Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP from Ghosi, Atul Rai, on Saturday (June 29). Inspector of Lanka, Bharat Bhushan said that, according to the complainant’s allegations and statements, the authorities had brought charges against the BSP MP before the judicial magistrate-I court. However, hearing on Rai’s request for bail for oath as a member of Lok Sabha could not take place for the second successive day due to the strike of the Central Bar Association of attorneys. The plea was mentioned for hearing on July 1.


AUSTRALIA – Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse In NSW Do Not Have The Same Legal Privileges As Survivors In Other States

The legal rights of survivors of child sexual abuse in New South Wales (NSW) lag behind the laws in other Australian states. Survivors of sexual abuse in NSW child cannot re-sue for compensation if they think an original settlement was unfair. However, abuse survivors in WA and QLD have the right to sue for more compensation, with Victoria and Tasmania seeking to pass comparable laws. NSW Greens politician David Shoebridge called on the State Attorney General to alter the law.


INDIA – Delhi HC Upholds Life Imprisonment For Man Who Raped Teenage, Daughter

The Delhi High Court (HC) upheld a man’s life imprisonment for raping his 15-year-old daughter, noting that the victim’s testimony alone was sufficient. The man was captured when his sister noticed an uncommon bulge in the stomach of his daughter and chose to have her checked. The minor was discovered to be pregnant for 28 weeks. The sibling of the convict registered an FIR at the Baba Haridas Nagar police station in September 2013.


INDIA – Bombay HC Decision On The Maratha Quota Provides BJP-Sena With The Edge Of Maharashtra

The electoral fight for Maharashtra has turned grim for Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), with Bombay’s high court last week upholding the enactment in November 2018 of a law offering reservation to the Maratha group while ruling that the quota should be reduced. The BJP-Sena aims to deliver momentum from its LS poll results in assembly polls that are probable to take place in October. The Maratha quota, reduced by the court to 12% in education and 13% in employment, is a significant sop for the community estimated at 30-32% of Maharashtra’s population.


DUBAI – Free Services For Petrol? Adnoc Clarifies The Recent Rumour

A fresh rumour has emerged online, prompting the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) to address the fake news head-on. Social networking sites in the UAE stated that customers would no longer pay for premium services between 7 am and 9 am during the months of July and August. “Please be informed that Adnoc had not formally announced any unique offer. Any offers will be announced on our official social networking sites pages or through Adnoc distribution stations,” the firm announced.


INDIA – 47% Of Trials Remain Pending As There Is A Stay From The Higher Courts

At a moment when the nation is facing an enormous pendency of cases, staying cases is the main reason for the delay in disposing of cases at district courts across India. As part of the newly introduced court management scheme, it has been made compulsory for lower court judges to record reasons for the delay in the disposal of cases and this assessment demonstrates that more than 47% of cases remain pending as there is a higher court stay. Under the District Court Monitoring System (DCMS), which assesses the performance of each judicial officer, each judge must enter the day’s work on the web-based application daily by 4:45 pm. Each judge has been assigned a unique ID.


AFRICA – Hundreds Of Nigerians Are Demonstrating Against Extrajudicial And Militia Murders

More than two thousand individuals arrived in north-western Nigeria in Maiduguri on Sunday to protest extrajudicial executions and abuses by vigilante groups fighting against the jihadists of Boko Haram, an AFP correspondent said. “They make the law, they mistreat us, and now they kill us,” he added, referring to a rickshaw driver shot dead by a militiaman near a checkpoint. Joint Task Force (JTF) members attempted to disperse the crowd with sticks. Dozens of individuals were arrested, but a little further away the demonstration was reconstituted.


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