Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Rajasthan State Considers Law To Make Water Available To Every Person, Fine Polluters

Rajasthan is mulling a new law to provide a person in the state with 70 litres of water every day and a prison term of one and a half years or a Rs 1 lakh fine or both for infringement of the law, a government official said on Tuesday 02 July 2019. The draft Rajasthan Water (Conservation, Protection and Regulation) Bill is prepared and under government consideration. “The Bill will soon go to the cabinet for approval before it is submitted in the Assembly,” said the Water Resources Department (WRD) official. Once enacted, Rajasthan will be the first state in India to have a law to guarantee a minimum supply of water to every family.


INDIA – High Court Is Concerned About The Lack Of Anti-Rabies Vaccines And Seeks The Stand Of Delhi Government

Expressing concern about the alarming scenario that prevails in the town owing to non-availability or short supply of anti-rabies vaccines, the Delhi High Court requested the AAP government’s reaction on Tuesday (July 2 2019). A court bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar sought to understand the Delhi government and South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s position on a court-initiated plea based on a news report highlighting the lack of anti-rabies injections in Delhi. The court listed the matter in September for further hearing. However, in acknowledging the alarming condition prevailing with the non-availability or short supply of anti-rabies vaccines, which is the state’s duty, the high court said, it did not discover any embargo.


INDIA – More Than 1 Lakh Of Muslims Protest, Demanding Anti-Lynching Law

On Monday (July 03), 97 years after Seven (7) freedom fighters were hanged by the British, Malegaon’s “Shahidon ki Yaadgaar” (martyrs’ memorial) monument witnessed an equally crucial historical event, according to the organizers, with at least 1 lakh people from the Muslim community gathering at the historic site in reaction to a call for a law against mob lynching. Calling it the community’s first rally to protest mob lynching, the organizers said the final trigger was the murder of Tabrez Ansari, 24, from Jharkhand. Clerics of Jamiat Ulema, the umbrella NGO that called for silent protest, encouraged governments to remember that the entire textile town had “come out to protect the Constitution” on a “weak call.” On Friday, the clerics decided to hold a rally with campaign messages reaching Malegaon through social media.


INDIA – Supreme Court Discards PIL’s Challenging Law Allowing Inner Line Permit

On Tuesday (July 02), the Supreme Court declined to entertain a PIL challenging a law that makes it compulsory for Indian visitors to certain northeastern states such as Nagaland to have an Inner Line Permit (ILP). A court bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said he was not willing to look into this matter. The petition was lodged by advocate and BJP member Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, who submitted that states are using this law to discriminate against the movement of individuals within their boundaries, and this amounts to infringing the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


USA – Amazon, Google And Other Top Companies Calls U.S. Supreme Court To Rule In Favor Of LGBT Workers

More than 200 U.S. firms, including Amazon (AMZN.O), Alphabet Inc’s Google (GOOGL.O), and Bank of America (BAC.N), encouraged the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday (July 02 2019) to rule that federal civil rights law prohibits discrimination against gay and transgender employees. The companies lodged a friend-of-the-court brief arguing that bias against LGBT people is a type of unlawful sex discrimination, and a decision otherwise would damage businesses and employees. The judges will hear oral arguments in October and are likely to issue a decision by the end of next June. The issue is whether gay and transgender individuals are covered by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. However, President Donald Trump’s administration has argued that the provisions of Title VII do not apply to LGBT individuals.


INDIA – USA Senate Passes Law For The Provision To Match India With NATO Allies

The U.S. Senate has enacted a legislative provision that brings India into line with America’s NATO allies and nations like Israel and South Korea for enhanced defence collaboration. The U.S. Senate enacted the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2020, which contained such a proposal last week. The amendment provides for increased US-India defence cooperation in the Indian Ocean, in the areas of humanitarian aid, counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and maritime security.


USA – Americans Battling Diabetes Cross Borders Into Canada To Obtain Life-Saving Insulin

Insulin’s high price across the nation is forcing some families with type 1 diabetes to go north to purchase the medication. From 2012 to 2016, the price of insulin nearly doubled in the U.S. – and last weekend, about a dozen people took a 817-mile bus from Minneapolis, Minnesota to London, Ontario to buy the life-saving drug. “Getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in America today in 2019 – it’s a death sentence for some individuals,” Quinn Nystrom, who coordinated the journey, said. This is the the second caravan to Canada’s in the past two months. In the U.S., one vial of the drug costs $340, Nystrom said, but in Canada, it’s just $30.


INDIA – Leasing Company In Delaware, USA, Jet Airways, Facing Insolvency Proceedings Again The International law

A leasing firm in Delaware, USA, owns the aircraft. Its operator is Jet Airways, which suspended activities in April and is now facing insolvency proceedings. However, the aircraft itself was captured by the Dutch authorities, where a claim was made on it. The lessor has now applied to the Indian Aviation Regulator’s Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) to de-register the aircraft. The lessor can take the aircraft out of India once de-registered and rent it to another airline. Although it would have been a routine affair before, now that Jet Airways is at the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), it may not be possible to de-register instantly. “The NCLT moratorium categorically denies any retrieval of the company’s assets when the resolution method is on,” a prominent aviation lawyer said.


INDIA – The Singapore High Court Instructed A Bank Account Owned By Maiank Mehta And Purvi Modi To Be Frozen

On Tuesday (July 02), the Singapore High Court ordered a freeze on the bank account maintained there by M / s Pavilion Point Corporation, British Virgin Island, a corporation beneficially owned by Maiank Mehta and Purvi Modi, brother-in-law and daughter of Nirav Modi, of USD 6.122 million (Rs 44.41 crore). The order followed a request from the Enforcement Directorate on the ground that the Punjab National Bank produced deposits from ‘crime proceeds’ by cash illegally siphoned off by Modi. Meanwhile, since his March arrest, the diamantaire has been lodged in south-west London’s Wandsworth prison.


USA – Opinion: Trump Wants To Scare Anyone Who Might Investigate Or Expose Him, And It Works

Trump effect: He has made it clear that the officials and prosecutors who investigate him, his administration or his campaign are risking their employment and reputations. President Donald Trump has been pressuring the Department of Justice since taking office to prosecute his political rivals and the law enforcement team responsible for initiating the inquiry into Russia. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resisted.


INDIA – Destruction In Jaipur Over 7-Year-Old Girl’s Rape, 160 Burned Cars

Violence broke out in Jaipur over a 7-year-old girl’s rape. The demonstrators burned 160 cars. They demand the arrest and punishment of the accused. The police force was deployed in the town to maintain law and order. In several areas, the Internet has also been suspended. Police commissioner Jaipur Anand Shrivastava said that the scenario is under control in India Today TV. He appealed not to believe rumours to the people. “We hope the case will be cracked quickly,” he said. The Rajasthan government also gave the seven-year-old girl’s family a Rs 5 lakh compensation. Minister of State Transport Pratap Singh Khacharia visited the JK Lone Hospital on Tuesday and asked about the health of the girl. “This is a terrible crime, and the guilty should be hanged. Police are making every effort to nab the accused,” he said.


INDIA – Supreme Court Demands Center Response On Challenging Money Laundering Law

Yesterday (July 2, 2019), the Supreme Court requested an answer from the Center for Congress Lawmaker Jairam Ramesh’s plea challenging the amendments to the Money Laundering Act (PMLA) through money bills since 2015. A court bench led by Justice S A Bobde issued a notice to the central government seeking its position on the petition claiming that the amendments made through money bills violated the Constitution. In his plea at the high court, Mr Ramesh alleged that the amendments made to PMLA were “unconstitutional” and “illegal” since they were not related to the provisions of the money bill stipulated in Article 110 of the Constitution.


UNITED KINGDOM – Victims Of Social Media Abuse Must Have The Legal Right To Sue Technology Giants; Children’s Charities

The Coalition of Children’s Charities on Internet Security (CCCIS), representing organizations such as the NSPCC and Barnardo’s, called for the forthcoming online harm laws to give victims of grooming and child abuse images a clear path to launch class action suits against the social media platforms where the crimes took place. The coalition argues that the present legal landscape makes it hard to initiate such activities and that it is possible to use the incoming statutory duty of care as a vehicle for redressing victims. The call arises as the coalition presented its white paper online harms suggestions to the government. The submission of the charity to the white paper said: “There should be no’ Ford Pintos’ when the analysis of corporate costs/benefits prompts a choice than paying for legal effects is financially useful rather than putting client and public safety first.” MPs also called for a statutory veto on whoever heads the new internet super regulator yesterday.


INDIA – Supreme Court To Acquire State-Of-Art Office

Supreme Court is all set to get an extra 1.5 million square feet of floor space – equal to 24 areas of football. However, The new complex has a three-level basement parking to accommodate 1,800 vehicles, the rooftop solar power grid will produce 1,400 kW or 14% of the building’s electricity demand, and the in-house sewage treatment plant with zero municipal discharge will provide recycled wastewater for horticultural and air-conditioning purposes to ensure water conservation. On September 27, 2012, CJI S H Kapadia set the foundation stone for the new office complex, and President Ram Nath Kovind will open it.


AUSTRALIA – Australian visas: What Will Change From 01 July 2019?

The immigration rate to Australia had the centre stage for the better portion of the past year when the government announces some of the most critical modifications seen in latest, including slashing the permanent intake for the first time in nearly a decade. Some of the most important modifications to Australia’s immigration scheme in latest years will take effect this year. The modification includes: Immigration cap lowered, New regional visas, Extra points for skilled migration, New parent visa, and Citizenship changes abandoned.


INDIA – Delhi High Court Criticize AAC Government Not Granting Age Relaxation To Eligible Candidates

On Tuesday (July 02 2019), Delhi High Court dismissed the AAP government for “absence of concern and awareness” and for “myopic” appointment of Special Education Teachers (SET) for disabled children by not giving eligible applicants age relaxation despite the dearth of such teachers. A bench of judges Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said that since there was a shortage of suitably skilled SET applicants, “it is qualification and merit that should be given due priority” and that age relaxation should have been granted to all otherwise eligible applicants. The court’s remark came while permitting a man’s plea seeking age relaxation to qualify for the SET post in public schools in Delhi. The court ordered the government to guarantee Tuesday’s compliance with its instructions within four weeks.


INDIA – The Centre Moved The Supreme Court Challenging A Bombay High Court Order Asking For Mehul Choksi’s Medical Report

Tuesday (July 2, 2019) the Center shifted the Supreme Court challenging a Bombay High Court order seeking a medical report from fugitive Mehul Choksi to determine whether he was fit to be extradited to India for trial in multiple cases, including the USD 2 billion PNB scam. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Centre, told the bench led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi that the high court order could adversely affect the government’s attempt to extradite Choksi to India. The Apex court said that it considered the submission of the government and passed an order on the plea list.


IRELAND – Girl Receives € 85,000 From Starbucks After Tea Scalding

A 12-year-old girl whose arm was scalded when she was carrying a takeaway cup of tea in a Starbucks cafe spilt on her under her elbow, has settled a € 85,000 High Court lawsuit. On December 21, 2014, Demi Mooney, now 16, was with her grandma in Starbucks on Henry Street in Dublin when she purchased a Frappuccino coffee, tea and a big cookie. When the tea spilt on her, she was carrying the coffee in her left hand, the cookie in her correct side, and the tea between her elbow and ribs. In her intervention taken by her mom Siobhan Mooney on her behalf, she claims to be provided with a tray for the warm drinks, especially as she was a kid. Coffee Unlimited Company, trading as Starbucks, thoroughly challenged the case and the court heard that there were questions about whether a tray had been offered and about contributory negligence.


INDIA – Three Accused Doctors Arrested For Abetting The Suicide of Dr Payal Tadvi, Seeking Bail Form Bombay High Court

The Three (3) accused doctors detained for supposedly helping Dr Payal Tadvi’s suicide moved the Bombay High Court to seek bail after last month’s special court refused bail. In the postgraduate course at TN Topiwala National Medical College, accused Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehare and Ankita Khandelwal, seniors to Payal, were detained for supposedly raging Tadvi, leading to her suicide in her room on May 22. On July 7, the High Court is probably to hear their bail requests.


INDIA – At Madras High Court, Earn Up To Rs 65,500! Hiring More Than 500 Posts Begins Application

The Madras High Court issued an official notification inviting all interested, qualified applicants for vacancies for Assistant, Reader / Examiner, Xerox Operator, Computer Operator and Typist. Last date of application: July 31. Last date for payment of fee through bank: August 2. All applicant should submit his application to these direct link:


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