Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – MP Government Considering 70% Job Employment Law For Local Youth In The Private-Sector: Kamal Nath

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh (MP) Kamal Nath said on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) that the state government is considering bringing a law to guarantee 70% employment for local youth in the private sector. Kamal Nath said this in the state assembly while intervening in the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and other work recruitment tests on an age relaxation issue for “outside” other states applicants. Kamal Nath said his government would provide incentives to sectors that offer 70% of their jobs to those from the state after taking over as chief minister last year, and stated that individuals from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are getting jobs at the expense of the local population in Madhya Pradesh.


INDIA – Goa Indian State Considers Compulsory HIV Testing Before Marriage

Goa Indian state officials are considering legislation that would require couples to take an HIV test before they get married, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane of the region announced on Monday (July 8, 2019). Rane, who also serves as the Minister of Law for the region, added that the Law Department is presently reviewing the proposition before lawmakers officially implement the law during the Monsoon Session, which starts on July 15. According to statistics from the Times of India, the state of Goa has recorded a total of 17,122 HIV instances since 1987, with 1,812 fatalities reported up to February this year. The journal also discovered that the main method of transmission is sexual intercourse, which is relevant in between 83% to 96% of instances.


USA – Federal Courts Of Appeal Interrogates Democratic Lawyers As To ACA Or Obamacare Is Constitutional

A federal court of appeals questioned Democratic lawyers on Tuesday (July 09, 2019) as to whether the ACA – Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare Act, violated the Constitution. In a case pending in the United States, the judicial scrutiny is the next stage. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals where the court of appeal has to decide whether to maintain the decision of a lesser court that struck down the landmark law of health care. Lawyers from a coalition of 16 Democratic states and House of Representatives and lawyers from the Department of Justice and a group of 18 Republican states submitted their cases to the New Orleans Court of Appeals.


INDIA – Supreme Court To Hear Pleas In August About The Move By The Center To Deport Unlawful Immigrants Of Rohingyas

On Tuesday (July 9, 2019) the Supreme Court said it would give final hearing in August on a batch of requests challenging the decision of the Center to deport illegal Muslim Rohingya immigrants to Myanmar. The top court also seizes petitions supporting the government’s commitment to deport more than 40,000 Rohingyas who escaped to India following violence in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State and settled in Jammu, Hyderabad, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, and Rajasthan. In the meantime, a bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose requested parties ‘ counsel to submit their written submissions. BJP chief and advocate Ashwini Upadhaya, one of the petitioners, filed a petition in support of the government’s position and said that “few NGOs pose a greater danger to the country’s unity than enemy countries such as Pakistan.”


INDIA – Cabinet To Examine Bills on POCSO Amendments And the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill

On Wednesday (July 10, 2019) the Union Cabinet is likely to consider the Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences (POCSO) Amendment Bill and the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill to allow them to be reintroduced in parliament. Both Bills lapsed as the previous Lok Sabha’s tenure ended owing to April-May’s Lok Sabha polls. The POCSO amendments Bill which lapsed sought to enable gender-neutral implementation in cases involving children, harsh punishment up to death penalty for the offender. This was seen to be in line with the 2013 Criminal Law Amendment Act, which applies in cases concerning girls under 12 years of age to rape crimes even up to death.


USA – Manhattan Federal Judge Denies The Department Of Justice’s Request To Remove Lawyers  On Census Case

A federal judge in Manhattan rejected a petition from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to remove a series of lawyers from litigation over the attempts of the Trump administration to put a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. Census. In a three-page decision, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman of the Southern District of New York wrote that he had to deny a motion for nine attorneys to withdraw from the lawsuit because the federal government had not given a reason for the change. “The movement of the defendants is patently deficient,” Furman wrote. “Defendants do not provide explanations, let alone ‘ sufficient reasons, ‘ to replace counsel.” A DOJ spokeswoman declined to comment on Tuesday (July 09, 2019) night’s choice by Furman.


INDIA – Nalsar University Of Law Launches India’s First Academic Program For Animal Protection

Together with the Humane Society International / India, the Animal Law Center at the Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, has introduced India’s first academic course on animal protection laws. The one-year PG diploma course will be a distance learning course for learners with a few contact courses each semester. The Honorary Director of the Animal Law Center, NG Jayasimha, said on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) “This is India’s first animal law PG diploma course, and we are delighted to launch it. The course details are available on the Nalsar University of Law’s website:


INDIA – High Court Calls On The Police To Carefully Investigate Cases Against Activists

On Tuesday (July 8, 2019), the Madras High Court ordered the police to carefully explore a sequence of cases booked against the coordinator of May 17 Movement Thirumurugan Gandhi for delivering hate speeches against the Centre, the state government as well as the judiciary and find out if he was just the face of a bigger net. Justice N. Anand Venkatesh released the direction while rejecting the activist’s batch of requests to quash some of the cases pending against him at various state police stations. “Any speech that disrespects another citizen based on religion, ethnicity, birthplace, residence, language, caste or community shall be prohibited and shall be punishable under the Indian Penal Code and other regulations. It should not be forgotten the responsibility attached to freedom of expression, “the Judge warned. The Judge also said that free exchange of thoughts, dissemination of knowledge, dissemination of various points of perspective and informed discussion should be encouraged subject to restrictions that would be watched zealously by the judiciary.


Dubai- Height Obstacle That Caused The Dubai Bus Crash Breached GCC Laws, Defense Lawyers Declared

The Omani bus driver’s two defence lawyers, said he crashed into a height barrier resulting in the death of 17 passengers last month, asserted that the height barrier was positioned in breach of GCC norms and rules for placing forward warning signs, a court heard on Tuesday(July 09, 2019). Mohammad Al Tamimi, the lawyer for the Omani driver, informed Dubai Traffic Court that the distance between the warning sign and the height barrier was only 12 meters. The GCC guideline for positioning advance warning signs states that if the road speed limit is 60 km / h, then the distance between the signboard or height restriction chain and the height barrier should be 60 meters, not 12 meters in our scenario, “lawyer Al Tamimi informed the court. The verdict is anticipated on July 11, while the defendant will stay in police custody.


INDIA – Murder Case: Owner of Saravana Bhavan Surrendered, Sent To Life Term Prison

Restaurant chain owner of Saravana Bhavan P. Rajagopal, who was convicted in a murder case and sentenced to a life sentence, was lastly filed in prison on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) after surrendering to a Chennai court. Hours after the Supreme Court refused to give him time to surrender in the event of his employee’s murder, Prince Santhakumar, Rajagopal surrendered. He came here to the court of the Additional Sessions Judge in an ambulance with a fixed oxygen mask and appeared in a wheelchair before the judge. The Supreme Court refused to grant any relief to Rajagopal earlier in the day, seeking an extension of time to surrender on medical reasons.


INDIA – Madras High Court Takes Note of Suo Motu Against ‘Honour’ Killings

Taking suo motu judicial note of a number of caste-related killings in the name of ‘honour’ in the State, on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) the High Court of Madras called for reports from the Chief Secretary, the Home Secretary and the Police Director-General on their actions to prevent such crimes in accordance with a number of directions issued by the Supreme Court on March 27 2018. The suo motu public interest litigation (PIL) petition was taken up by a Division Bench of Justices S. Manikumar and Subramonium Prasad and directed the officials to submit their reports by July 22. The judges wished to understand the state government’s preventive, remedial and punitive actions to put an end to the threat of honour killings. The apex court ordered all governments to take a series of preventive measures, such as identifying villages and districts, where such offenses were frequently reported and instructed local police to be vigilant in cases of inter-caste marriages.


AUSTRALIA – South Australian Magistrate Simon, Sentenced and Fined $1,000 For Drink Driving

A South Australian magistrate, Simon Hugh Milazzo has been sentenced for drink driving and forbidden to get behind a vehicle’s wheel for Seven (7) months after being bust by police in the west of Adelaide. Judge Davison also fined him $1,000 and said, “In sentencing you, I take into consideration that at the first chance you pleaded guilty and you were a good individual with no prior criminal history.”


INDIA – Deposit Rs 18,000 Crore And You Can Go Abroad: Delhi HC to Goyal Naresh

On Tuesday (July 9, 2019) the Delhi High Court (HC) refused to allow Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal to travel abroad for now. A single-judge Bench of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait observed that Goyal would be free to go abroad if he was ready to give a bank guarantee worth Rs 18,000core. The court’s observation came on the submission of lawyers from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), who told the court that Jet Airways and Goyal misappropriation of almost Rs 18,000 crore and been investigated by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). The airline owes the vendors over Rs 13,000 crore and nearly 23,000 odd employees, over Rs 8,500 crore to a consortium of 26 banks led by SBI.


INDIA – Ayodhya Land Dispute Case: SC To Consider An Early Hearing Plea

On Tuesday (July 9, 2019) the Supreme Court (SC) decided to consider a litigant’s plea in the Ayodhya dispute which urged the court to give up the pending hearing proceedings as there was “not much progress” in the court-ordered mediation to find a solution to the problem. A bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose requested senior counsel P S Narasimha, who submitted during the hours mentioning, to hand over the request to the officials of the court, indicating that it would take action. The plea was submitted by Gopal Singh Visharad’s son, Rajendra Singh, who was one of the plaintiffs in the original Ayodhya land civil suit.


UNITED KINGDOM – Leading Lawyer ‘Relentlessly Intimidated Young Suicidal Employee’

A court was told yesterday that one of the UK’s leading lawyers relentlessly bullied a worker despite being conscious that she was suicidal and had a history of bad mental health. David Greene, the Law Society’s vice president, is claimed to have overworked the young lawyer. The claim was said at an employment tribunal introduced by another lawyer who claims that he was discriminated against by the town company Edwin Coe after raising concerns about the treatment of the woman. Domic de Bono 51, informed the London employment tribunal that he had advised Mr Greene that the young lady was struggling with mental problems.


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