Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Rajya Sabha Endorses Laws To Shield Investors Against Ponzi Schemes

On Monday (July 29, 2019), the Rajya Sabha enacted the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2019, which seeks to avoid unregulated companies from collecting funds and duplicating the poor and gullible of their hard-earned money and saving them from Ponzi schemes. A Ponzi scheme is an investment scam that promises high yields, with low danger to attract investors. The unregulated deposit scheme bill will plug gaps in current laws, providing the public power to ban companies from taking such funds from individuals. People who run schemes of illicit deposit can face jail term as well as severe punishment. The government will be able to bring back money looted by some high and influential people, said Anurag Singh Thakur, Minister of State for Finance at the Rajya Sabha.


INDIA – Tiger Population In Chhattisgarh Down; Specialists In The State Blame Poor Law & Order

The number of tigers may have risen nationwide, but a sharp decrease in their population in Chhattisgarh has become a significant concern, the All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018 published on Monday (July 29, 2019) said. According to a study prepared by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), a statutory body under the Ministry of Environment, with the collaboration of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), the tiger population in Chhattisgarh fell from 46 in 2014 to 19 in 2018. Three more countries-Goa, Mizoram, and West Bengal-reported a decrease in the tiger population, it said. A team of over 44,000 officials worked on the census this time along with 55 biologists across the country, a WII official said. Expressing comparable opinions, Y V Jhala, a scientist at WII, said there was a decrease in the amount of tigers in Chhattisgarh due to the issue of law and order.


INDIA – BJP’s Effort To Weaken The RTI Act Will Dilute India’s Strongest Transparency Law: PYC

On Saturday (July 27, 2019) Pradesh Youth Congress organized a seminar against BJP government’s effort at the Center to weaken the RTI Act. The seminar was organized by Ibrar Choudhary, DYC President Rajouri in which Sitaram Lamba, IYC General Secretary, and in-Charge J&K and PYC State President Uday Bhanu Chib made individuals aware of BJP Government’s effort to weaken the RTI Act. Speaking on occasion, Sitaram Lamba accused the BJP government of weakening the law by obtaining more control over the work of the information commissions. He claimed that the changes in the RTI Act were not in the interests of a transparent democracy scheme that would disempower central & state information commissions and seize their autonomous status.


USA – Gilroy Garlic Festival: Santino William Legan Identified As The Gunman Who Murdered Three

On Monday (July 29, 2019), authorities in California identified Santino William Legan, 19, as the gunman whose attack at the Gilroy Garlic Festival left Three (3) individuals dead and at least a dozen wounded. Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee verified the shooter’s identity, stating he entered the festival on Sunday with an “AK-47-type assault rifle,” cutting through a fence to prevent metal detectors and other security. He appeared to shoot randomly for less than a minute before three policemen faced him, Smithee said. However, in the ensuing shootout, Legan was killed, he added. No motive had been identified as the cause of the shooting.


INDIA – Newton’s Law of Gravity Was Incorrect, Scientists claim; Target Einstein’s ‘General Relativity’ Next

The world knew the renowned law of gravity when an apple dropped on Isaac Newton’s head, prompting him to create the oldest hypothesis of universal gravity. The gravitational law of the 17th century is a landmark in physics and has remained valid until now. The theory of universal gravity was rejected in the research of black holes. Scientists researched a star called ‘S0-2’ at its closest to the black hole Sagittarius A * (abbreviated to Sgr A *) at the centre of the Milky Way 26,000 light-years away from the Earth. As a result of new findings, scientists are now placing their bets on Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton’s findings are pillars of modern physics, but the black hole has put both theories to the test by legendary physicists.


CANADA – Canada Should Employ A New Approach To Prosecute Returning Isis Fighters

We see the same outcomes; no criminal charges due to the absence of usable proof or inability to state an offence, ineffective criminal prosecution for the same purposes, or attempts to resist repatriation in the first place. We must put an end to the insanity and use a new strategy. Canada has the instruments to fix this issue. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms ‘ “notwithstanding clause” allows Parliament to modify judicial proceedings for up to five years under certain conditions. The Act on Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes allows Canada to “prosecute” offences against customary international law, and sources from the Nuremberg tribunals to the UN Charter to current UN Security Council resolutions confirm that ISIS ‘ military campaign posed a danger to international peace and security and is, therefore, a breach of customary international law.


INDIA – Law Of Foreign Fighters Approved In Australia

Lawmakers have approved new terror legislation to prevent foreign fighters from returning to Australia. The government says that Australia’s new laws will prevent carnage. But experts say the exclusion measures will apply mostly to women and children and increase the risk of radicalization. Government officials in Australia claim the new law will give intelligence agencies time to “handle the flow of foreign fighters” back to Australia. It will allow the government to exclude an Australian citizen for up to two years if they are deemed a security risk. Australia claims that the new measures are comparable to those in Britain.


INDIA – Setback For The Government Of Kerala As CAT Directs It To Reinstall The DGP

The Central Administrative Tribunal’s Kochi Bench ordered the Kerala government to reinstate with immediate effect the Director General of Police (DGP) Jacob Thomas in service. For the last 18 months, Jacob was suspended for writing his autobiography “Swimming with sharks” without prior government permission. The government later expanded its suspension four times. While delivering the judgment, the CAT division bench observed that the government failed to provide adequate reasons for placing the officer under suspension for 18 months and completing the probe against him. The court bench directed the state government to reinstate him and appoint him either in the police department or incomparable posts equal to his seniority.


UNITED KINGDOM – LGBT Groups And Celebrities Are Calling For A Reform On Gender Law

More than 100 LGBT organizations and celebrities are urging the government to reform UK gender identity legislation, the BBC has learned. Following a public consultation – which had 100,000 replies – modifications were promised, but the government has continuously missed its deadlines. However, in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, LGBT groups said the UK was “behind” other nations “in terms of legal equality for trans and non-binary individuals.” The letter-seen by the BBC-was signed by more than 100 charities, campaigners and activists including Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt, artists Olly Alexander and Jade Thirlwall, and Trans-activist Munroe Bergdorf.


INDIA – More Than 3.5 Lakh Lawyers In UP Are On Strike For Better Working Conditions, Protection

Lawyers across Uttar Pradesh (UP) will remain on strike on Monday. More than 3.5 lakh lawyers will not attend court but will hold meetings to press for their requests for better working conditions and security. They will highlight the killing last month of Uttar Pradesh Bar Council President Darvesh Yadav in Agra. According to Uttar Pradesh Bar Council Chief Hari Shankar Singh, the strike will involve lawyers from the tehsil level to the high court level.


INDIA – Unnao Rape Case Victim: Family Survivor Allege Conspiracy As Vehicle Number Plate Blackened & No Security

The Unnao rape case victim, who had accused the BJP MLA of rape two years earlier, was engaged in a deadly car accident on Sunday (July 28, 2019) evening. A vehicle in which the Unnao rape case survivor, her family, and lawyer were travelling was struck by an over-speeding truck in Rae Bareli on Sunday, killing two members while leaving her and the lawyer critically wounded. Reports proposed that the truck that the survivor’s vehicle collided with had its number plate painted over. Several pictures published on social media and otherwise display the truck’s number plate engaged in the accident blacked out and on Sunday, the security cover given to the survivor’s family was not with her.


UNITED KINGDOM – The UK’s Top Judge Calls For Donations To Charity For Legal Support

The UK’s senior judge has appealed for individuals to give cash to a charity whose volunteers help those who get embroiled in civil court cases but are unable to afford a lawyer. Lady Hale, the chairman of the Supreme Court, asked for donations to the Personal Support Unit on Sunday (July 28, 2019). She produced this week’s Radio 4 Appeal, a BBC program in which well-known individuals ask for donations to charities. “I understand how intimidating civil and family courts can be for individuals without legal understanding or assistance,” Lady Hale, Patron of the Personal Support Unit, told listeners.


INDIA – SC Seeks BCI’s Reply To The Plea Requesting Security Measures For Women Lawyers

On Monday (July 29, 2019), the Supreme Court (SC) sought an answer from India’s Bar Council or BCI on a plea seeking measures for women lawyers such as court security, maternity benefits, and old-age pension. A court bench, comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, published a notice on the PIL to the BCI and its Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra listing incidents of sexual harassment against women lawyers in various courthouses including the Delhi High Court (HC) and the trial courts. The plea, lodged by advocate Indu Kaul, sought the apex bar body to formulate social security measures in coordination with state bar councils to ensure that women lawyers are strengthened.


INDIA – Three Indian Immigrants On Hunger Strike Against Extended Detention Forced To Hydrate In The United States 

The Three (3) Indian nationals seeking asylum in the U.S. were forced to receive IV drips int the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in Texas as they approach their third week of hunger strike, according to their lawyer. Lawyers and activists who spoke with males are afraid that force-feeding may be next. The U.S. Justice Department last week filed orders with federal judges relating to non-consensual hydration or feeding for four men, according to an official in court. Linda Corchado, the lawyer of three of the four males named in court orders, said that the fourth man is also Indian and is represented by another lawyer. It’s uncertain whether that man was even compelled to accept an IV.


GERMANY – Belgium Has Broken The Law But Can Keep Nuclear Power Plants Open, Court in EU Rules

The top court of the European Union or EU ruled on Monday (July 29, 2019) that Belgium could continue to run two ageing nuclear reactors, despite breaking EU law by not carrying out the necessary environmental audits. By failing to carry out environmental assessments before prolonging the life of Doel 1 and 2 crops close Antwerp’s northern port town, Belgium infringed EU law, the court held. However, the plants could remain open for the time being, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said: “Where there is a genuine and serious threat of an interruption of the supply of electricity.”


INDIA – Delhi HC Forces An Interim Stay On NDMC Appointments

The Delhi High Court (HC) restricted the Center from making appointments to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) following a plea alleging that the process was being conducted without consulting Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.  According to the New Delhi Municipal Council Act, 1994, the central government needs to have consultations with the chief minister to make the aforesaid appointments. Justice Vibhu Bakhru implemented an interim stay and directed NDMC and the Center not to make appointments to the positions of chairperson, vice-chairperson and other council members until August 13.


INDIA – Delhi High Court Rejects Plea To Regulate Madrasas Education

On Monday (July 29, 2019), the Delhi High Court rejected a petition requesting regulation of education given in  ‘madrasa’ and ‘gurukuls,’ in the country, stating it is akin to vocational or coaching courses and one can always opt-out of it. “These are like tuition or coaching classes. There are drawing classes as well. Then there are so many vocational classes. Take it or don’t take it,” said a bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar. The court bench said any policy for controlling such entities must be framed by the state, which is capable of deciding on it, and there is no reason for the tribunal to provide any guidance.


RUSSIA – More Than 650,000 Sign Russia’s Petition To Boost Domestic Violence Legislation

More than 650,000 individuals have signed a petition calling on Russian officials to toughen domestic violence laws, thanks to a social media campaign on the issue. The petition was created some time ago, but this week only gathered steam after Russian female bloggers and women’s rights campaigners threw their weight behind it with a hard-hitting online campaign. The women posted pictures of themselves with make-up suggesting cuts and bruises, along with the slogan: “I didn’t want to die.”


INDIA – Bombay HC Requests Binoy Kodiyeri To Undergo A DNA Test In The Rape Case

A complaint lodged at the Oshiwara Police Station against Binoy by a Mumbai-based lady said she had an eight-year-old kid born out of the relationship. In a significant twist in the rape case in which Binoy Kodiyeri is charged, he was told by the Bombay High Court to undergo a DNA test. TNM confirmed that the High Court’s division bench also directed the accused to submit the examination result to the court in a sealed envelope within two weeks. The court has adjourned the case until August 26. According to a report in Mathrubhumi, police informed the court that they had served him notice to undergo the test and therefore HC asked him to give blood samples for the test on Tuesday (July 30, 2019).


INDIA – Pune BPO Rape Case: Death Penalty For Two Convicts Commuted To Life By The Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court on Monday (July 29, 2019) commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence provided to two males sentenced for the rape and murder of a business process outsourcing firm, or BPO, 2007 worker in Pune, The Hindu reported. Justices BP Dharmadikari and Swapna Joshi heard criminal petitions lodged by Pradeep Kokade and Purshottam Borate, who were granted the death penalty in 2012, seeking a hold on their execution that was initially planned for June 24 in Pune. It accepted the petitioners ‘ argument that there had been an excessive delay in carrying out their executions, Chaudhary added.


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