Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: It Is Time To End Bigamy, Law Commission Says

The Indian Law Commission on Monday suggested a swift legislative action against bigamous marriage arrangements among Hindus. The Law Commission also said that available historical data tells a lot how some Hindus converted to Islam just to practice bigamy.  Quoting from various Supreme Court orders and available reports, the Commission said such arrangements have perpetually continued among Hindus despite the fact that there is a law against it.


India: Poor Entrance Test Performance: Law School Aspirants Sue Delhi University

Unsatisfied with the results of their entrance exams, about 40 aspirants to the law department of the Delhi University on Monday sued the University’s management over poor performance. The candidates claimed that they got less mark than they had envisaged after writing the exams. The unhappy aspirants filed a writ petition in the Delhi high court alleging several irregularities in the entrance exam conducted on the 18th of June 2018. The entrance examination results were declared on July 11.


India: Student Ragging: SOEL Recommends Withholding Of Bar Licence

The School of Excellence in Law Chennai (SOEL) on Monday recommended the withholding of bar practice licence for law graduates of the Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University for participating in the August 20 ragging. A committee probing the ragging of freshers by senior students at School of Excellence in Law Chennai (SOEL) made this declaration on Monday.


India: Article 35A: PDP Lambasts ASG In Supreme Court

The Kashmir and Jammu People’s Democratic Party on Monday criticized the remarks made by the state counsel before the Supreme Court in an Article 35A litigation of the Constitution. The PDP asked Governor SP Malik to ensure that there was a strong legal position of the state administration. The condemnation was handed down to the State counsel by its Chief Spokesperson, Rafi Ahmad, while addressing the press.


India: NRI Wives Suffer Bad Marriages In The Diaspora

In a disturbing trend, NRI wives are seriously calling for help over ill-treatment in their marriages in the diaspora. From desertion to abandonment and physical torture, NRI wives continue to suffer bad marriages. This was revealed by the Ministry of External Affairs on Monday. The Spokesperson of the Ministry in a statement said the Ministry receives at least three complaints on a daily basis.



India: You Deliberately Lose Cases, Bombay High Court Tells Taxman

A High Court sitting in Bombay High on Monday criticized the income tax department (ITD) for perpetually losing cases at higher courts. The court added that the perpetually losing of cases could be termed as “an intentional or deliberate act”. The court ordered the tax department to produce the taxmen that are complicit in this act.


UAE: Recording Conversation Is Now A Crime In The UAE

It is now an offense to record a conversation in the UAE, thereby compromising an individual’s private or family life. Article 378 of Federal Law No.(3) of 1987 of the Penal Code as amended States that: “A punishment of confinement and fine shall be inflicted on any person who attacks the sanctity of individuals’ private or family life by recording or transmitting conversation via a mobile device other than the legally permitted cases or without the victim’s consent.


UK: Government Plans Law To Protect Pornographic Abuse Of Children

The United Kingdom government is set to implement Laws that will force big technology companies operating in the country for failure to tackle online pornographic abuse of children. The government through the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, made this known in an exclusive interview. The government warned that if the companies fail to act swiftly, it may be forced to implement stringent Laws on technology companies.

Canada: Ex-UN Human Rights Expert Criticizes Canada

A former United Nation Human Rights expert, François Crépeau, on Monday, lashed out at Canada describing it policy on child refugees and their families as both “ inhumane and “degrading”. Crépeau was quoted by a state media saying “being deprived of your parents by the government due to an immigration violation, which obviously is not a criminal offense, is akin to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”


Canada: Legal Weed: University’s’ Preparation In Top Gear

Plans by Universities in Canada to implement recreational cannabis in October are in top gear. Many students will be doing more than just academics. This was revealed by the University of Toronto on Monday. The University in a statement issued by its spokesperson said that the school will apply existing rules for alcohol and tobacco use.


France: Use Of Phones In School Is Now A Crime

Following a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools, using of phones by pupils should be a thing of the past after French children returned to class on Monday. The French government had passed a law in July proscribing the use of mobile phones in schools. The law specifically banished smartwatches and tablets from junior and primary school students.


New Zealand: Gender Equality Charter: More Than 1500 Legal Firms Show Interest

More than 1500 legal firms on Monday showed interest in the Gender Equality Charter since it’s launch five months ago. The charter was created by the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) in order to promote the advancement of female lawyers. The law society president, Kathryn Beck, on Monday said these law firms would submit its report after two years to the society.


US: Labor Day: Rights Activists And Labor Union Criticizes Government

Rights Activist and Labor Union on Monday criticized the government for allowing a seismic shift in the kinds of jobs Americans do. Currently, Americans seek flexibility and job satisfaction at the workplace more than ever before. The Labor Union, therefore, called on the government to change federal statutes in respect to private sector labor regulations. However, both Republican and Democrats seem not to agree on how to achieve this goal.




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