Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Center to be in Direct Control of Police, Law, and Order in UT of J&K, The Land Under Elected Government

The Center will be in direct control of law and order and police in the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir through the Lieutenant Governor (L-G), while land will be a subject under the elected government, officials said on Sunday (August 11, 2019). On Friday (August 9, 2019), President Ram Nath Kovind approved legislation for the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir under which two Union Territories — Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh — will be established on October 31. However, all Indian service officers to be posted to Jammu and Kashmir or Ladakh UTs will be borne in the future on the Arunachal Pradesh, Goa Mizoram, and Union Territory Cadres, more popularly known as UT Cadres.


INDIA – Unlawful Changing of Surnames will Be A Punishable Offense, Goa Government to Amend the Law

The Goa government has chosen to amend a law to make changing one’s surname a punishable offence with up to three months ‘ imprisonment without proper legal procedures. Minister of State Law Nilesh Cabral introduced a bill in the state assembly of Goa to amend the Act on Friday. The government’s move to amend the law came in the wake of complaints from civil society groups that several non-Goans, particularly from the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), changed their names to local ones and enjoyed the reservation advantages.\


DUBAI – Know the Law: Working On Public Holidays in UAE Attracts Full or Partial Pay, Compensatory Leave

During national holidays, the Employment Law subject to the provisions of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 stipulates that workers are entitled to receive complete pay leave for the said holidays. And where, due to working conditions, workers are needed to work on such days, they are entitled to receive compensatory leave on some other day and also receive extra compensation. The Employment Law also includes particular clauses prescribing the daily working period. The highest working hours for staff usually employed in general organizations are eight hours a day.


INDIA – Center Preparing An Anti-Conversion Bill, Government Confident of Getting it Passed

Following the achievement of criminalizing triple talaq and abrogating the unique status of J&K, the Center is preparing a bill to regulate religious transformation, reports have learnt. The government is probable to introduce the bill in Parliament’s next meeting. BJP sources said they’ve already begun preparing for a draft bill and the government is confident that it’s passed in the Rajya Sabha despite not having enough figures. In India, the conversion is a major issue. Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and Jharkhand currently have an anti-conversion law, but there is no similar legislation at the national level.


INDIA – Indian Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi Gives the 33rd Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial Lecture On ‘Rule Of Law In Modern Democracy.’

Underlining Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s contribution to making Indian civil services a constitutional framework in binding independent India, India’s Chief Justice, Ranjan Gogoi called the IPS probationers young achiever and nation-builders in bringing justice closer to the common person. The CJI was giving a lecture at the 33rd Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial on ‘Rule of Law in Modern Democracy’ held in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP NPA) in the city on Saturday (August 10, 2019). Addressing them, Justice Gogoi raised the issue of fairness in discharging duties and made a distinction between institutional fairness and fairness in individual functioning. He anticipated all probationers to take the required measures to exercise their lawful powers fairly and reasonably.


USA – California challenged the law requiring women in corporate boards

California’s first-in-the-nation law mandating females on boards of publicly owned companies faces what appears to be its first legal challenge. Judicial Watch, a conservative activist group based in Washington, said in a lawsuit lodged this week on behalf of three California taxpayers that spending taxpayer money enforcing the law is illegal under the California constitution. In his lawsuit, Judicial Watch quoted Brown’s words, plus an Assembly Floor Analysis that predicted the law would probably be challenged on basis of equal protection.


INDIA – Global Space Venture Funding Is Booming, But Venture Capitals In India Remain Shy

There is a yawning gap between funding for space venture in India and abroad. Space start-ups raised a global funding record of $3.2 billion last year, according to space analytics firm Bryce. It took off in 2015 and since then has crossed every year the $2 billion mark. There are several reasons for the gap, despite India being among a couple of nations with a well-developed space program. The main is that venture capital investors in India are still lukewarm to space tech. “India’s Venture Capital (VC) ecosystem has yet to get involved in a big way,” admits Sheetal Bahl, partner at Delhi-based growX ventures, who made early bets in two Indian space startups, Pixxel and Bellatrix Aerospace. “It’s mostly seed-stage funds like ours that are taking early positions.”


INDIA – ‘Circulation of Lawyers’ Protest Doctored Video’

The High Court Bar Association of Punjab and Haryana (HCBA) has filed a formal complaint with the Police in cyber cell Chandigarh about the circulation of a ‘ doctored video ‘ in which some anti-national slogans are raised. The letter, written in Rohit Sud’s name, HCBA secretary, also stated that the protest has been peaceful so far. “The said circulation of the doctored video is a despicable work by ill forces to defile the lawyers’ peaceful protest. It is requested that suitable action be taken on the said video, which is being circulated, and action also be taken against the perpetrator,” the complaint said.


INDIA – U.S. University Graduate Awarded Over $700,000 after Racist Troll Storm

A federal judge on Friday (August 11, 2019) awarded more than $700,000 to a former president of the American University student government who accused the founder of a well-known neo-Nazi website of guiding his followers to threaten her with online racial texts. Taylor Dumpson, AU’s first black female to serve as student government president, sued Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer’s founder and editor in 2017, alleging that he initiated a racist “troll storm” against her that cause her to fear for her life and obstructed her ability to pursue her education. The decision Friday in the U.S. According to Kristen Clarke, chairman and executive director of the Lawyers ‘ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law representing Dumpson, District Court for the District of Columbia, may mark the first time that a court has ruled that racist internet trolling activity can interfere with one’s equal access to public accommodation.


INDIA – Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Suicide Sparks A New Round Of Conspiracy Theories

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide on the morning of Saturday (August 10, 2019) in a federal jail launched new conspiracy theories online in a saga that has fed them for years, fueled by Epstein’s ties with princes, politicians and other renowned, and powerful people. Online theorists Saturday quickly offered unsubstantiated speculation — including some retweeted by President Donald Trump — that Epstein’s death wasn’t a suicide, or was faked. That chatter picked up on the conjecture that resurged after Epstein’s 6th July arrest on accusations that he organized a sex-trafficking ring intended to bring him, adolescent girls. Some of his accusers have outlined being sexually abused by friends and acquaintances of the wealthy financier.


USA – Illinois Passes Laws Making LGBT+ History Classes In Schools Mandatory To Stop Bullying

Illinois has enacted a law that requires LGBT+ history to be taught in schools from next year onwards. On Friday (August 9, 2019), Democrat Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation requiring state schools to teach the position and contributions of LGBT+ individuals in U.S. history. The bill’s supporters argue that the measure aims to curb anti-LGBT+ bullying in schools by teaching students about the historical significance of LGBT+ individuals in American society.


INDIA – Delhi Police Didn’t Appreciate the Order to Install CCTV Cameras: HC

The Delhi High Court (HC) yesterday (August 11, 2019) said the police did not appreciate the severity of their past orders to guarantee better road lighting and CCTV cameras in West Delhi’s Aman Vihar region, despite hundreds of cases of missing kids and adults being reported from there. A court bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar also observed that 587 cameras were to be installed at 118 sensitive places in the town, according to Delhi Police, but the same was not done. It instructed the Delhi Police officer to install CCTV cameras in the Aman Vihar area as well as the other sensitive places in the town “as soon as possible and practicable” or within six months from the date of receipt of the order.


INDIA – Johnson and Johnson to High Court: Not keeping Interim Compensation for Patients Who Want More

Johnson and Johnson on Thursday (August 8, 2019) told the Delhi High Court that it did not withhold interim payment to those patients who underwent revision surgery for the company’s alleged faulty hip implants and wanted more than Rs. 25 lakh’s interim compensation. The company’s submission came in reaction to Justice Vibhu Bakhru’s question as to what it was doing in cases where patients want more than the Rs. 25 lakh. However, the central government told the court that the company had paid only 67 patients out of the over 4,700 people who received the faulty articular surface replacements (ASR) hip implants interim compensation to date.


SWITZERLAND – It Is Against The Law To Own Only One Guinea Pig In Switzerland Because They Get So Lonely

If you’re the proud owner of a solitary guinea pig, it may make you feel a little guilty. Even the most animal-mad of you might be dismayed by Swiss legislation dictating that owning only one guinea pig is ILLEGAL. The heart-breaking reason is that guinea pigs are extremely social animals and are demonstrated to need a companion to live comfortably. In Switzerland, these laws are taken so seriously that even companies will pair the furry criteria with another chum, if one of their companions dies and leaves them alone.


INDIA – Delhi High Court Asks For 50 Trees the Planted for Power Theft

The Delhi High Court ordered a man to plant 50 trees as community service while agreeing to close criminal trials against him in a power theft case. The court said trees are to be planted within a month and asked him to report to the Deputy Forest Conservator (West), who will assign him the duty to plant 50 trees in the Central Ridge Reserve Forest, Budha Jayanti Park, Vandemataram Marg here. The species of trees listed in the order are Gular (Cluster Fig), Kadamba (Burflower Tree), Pilkhan (White Fig), Jaamun (Black Plum), Bargad (Banyan Tree), Mango, Amaltas (Golden Shower), Mahua (Butter Tree), Putranjiva, Badh, Sagwan (Teak Wood), Safed Siris (Albizia Procera), Kala Siris, Anjeer, Kathal- Jackfruit, Palash, Arni, Bistendu, Rohida, Medshingi. The court asked the man and DCF to file an affidavit with accordance to their order, failing which the registry will list the default for directions.


INDIA – Bombay HC has given all 3 Doctors Accused Of Suicide Of Payal Tadvi Bail

All Three accused doctors in the suicide case of Dr Payal Tadvi were granted bail by the Bombay High Court (HC). Tadvi, 26, a second-year postgraduate medical student connected to BYL Nair Hospital, murdered herself on May 22 after being frequently ragged by her seniors. She was also subjected to caste abuses thrown at her by the three doctors. Tadvi belonged to a society of the Scheduled Tribe (ST). The three will have to submit a Rs 2 lakh bond and appear every alternative day before the crime branch. They will also not be allowed to go to Nair Hospital.


INDIA – No income tax on interest due to accident compensation: Bombay High Court

Forty years after an eight-year-old town boy was left maimed for life in a car accident, the Bombay High Court ruled on Thursday (August 8, 2019) that income tax should not have been deducted from the court’s interest from the compensation. The ruling was issued on a plea by accident victim Rupesh Shah, now 48, by a bench of judges Akil Kureshi and S J Kathawalla. Shah, a South Mumbai resident, was crossing a street when a vehicle struck him in 1978. He waited in a coma for six months, and after he regained consciousness, he learned that the accident had left him with serious wounds, including permanent brain damage.


INDIA – Gujarat HC: Jobs outside Gujarat Should Be Considered For Pension

On Friday (August 9, 2019, the Gujarat high court held that the service of an employee, rendered in states other than Gujarat, should be taken into account when counting total years of service for the calculation of his pension amount. The case involved retired head of the English department of Gujarat University, R A Malagi, who has been fighting various legal battles since 1979 to make the university and department of state education take into account his 17 years of work outside Gujarat. He had to transfer the HC for pay scale security immediately after joining GU. However, a division bench led by Acting Chief Justice A S Dave accepted arguments from Malagi’s advocate S P Hasurkar and directed the state government to count Malagi’s previous employment as his experience and calculate pension accordingly.


INDIA – The Son Of The Diamond Broker Killed: Bombay HC Grants Bail To A Person Sentenced To Life By A Trial Court

Nearly two years after a session court convicted a 30-year-old man to life imprisonment for abducting and murdering the 13-year-old son of a diamond broker in 2013, the Bombay High Court awarded him bail citing ‘ credence ‘ in his appeal. On 9 October 2017, Vijesh Sanghvi was sentenced for Adit Ranka’s murder. Adit’s cousin, Himanshu Ranka, was acquitted by the court for lack of evidence from the sessions court. Considering Sanghvi’s submissions, the HC said, “This stance on record therefore prima facie gives credence to the accused applicant’s case. Consequently, we are inclined to release him on bail. “Sanghvi was directed to be available during the appeal pending from the trial court against his conviction. Police have not filed an appeal against the acquittal of Himanshu.



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