Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: Environmental Laws: Ministry Of Water Resources Seeks Public Opinion Regarding Prison Terms And Fines

The Ministry of water resources on Tuesday sought the opinion of the public regarding an armed Ganga Protection Corps which it plans to establish in order to arrest those who pollute the water, hence obstructing the flow to commercial fishing. This was made known by the Ministry’s spokesman on Tuesday while launching a draft bill on environmental protection.


India: Nagaland Police Holds Interactive Session With Students

An initiative of the Nagaland Police on Tuesday. The initiative held an interactive session between the police and the student’s community with a view to educating the students on crime, cybercrime, self-defense, law, road safety, and policing in general. Other topics of consideration at the session include defamation, stalking, revenge porn, crimes against women, and criminal law amendments, among others.



India: Pinjra Tod: HNLU Law Students Plan Hunger Strike

Over 600 law students of Hidayatullah National Law University on Tuesday decided to go on hunger strike. The hunger strike is billed to start on September 5. The students’ demands have triggered a commotion on social media with the hashtag  #HNLUKiAzaadi. Notable alumni of the University such as, activist Kavita Krishnan, Shashi Tharoor, have expressed their support towards protest.


India: Child Abuse: Rape Is Inexcusable, High Court Says

A High Court sitting in Delhi on Tuesday said child rape is not an excuse, hence refused to quash courts ruling which award death penalty to those convicted of raping girls aged below 12. The court added that rape is a serious offense which should not be treated with kid gloves. The punishment should be doubled when the girls involved are less than 12 years.


India: We Want To Acquire 51% Stake In The Industrial Development Bank Of India, LIC Tells High Court

The Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) on Tuesday informed a High Court sitting in Delhi that it has an intention to acquire 51% stake in the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI). The Corporation added that it has attempted in the past to set up a bank but failed. They made the appeal to Justice Vibhu Bakhru who led other Justices to hear the case.


India: 1993 Custodial Death Case: Eight Cops Get Fresh Jail Term

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday imposed a fresh jail term on eight Maharashtra Police officers in connection with a 1993 custodial death case. A bench of Justices Mohan M Shantanagoudar and N V Ramana found the police officers guilty in line with Section 330 IPC. The Court, therefore, imposed a seven years’ jail term on them with rigorous imprisonment.


India: Supreme Court Judges: Indira Banerjee Makes History

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday made history with the swearing-in of Justice Indira Banerjee. This is the first time the Supreme Court will have three sitting women judges. Since independence, Justice Banerjee is the eighth female judge in the Supreme Court. On February 5 Banerjee became a high court judge. She is due for retirement on September 23, 2022.


India: High Court Upholds Section 105 of the Land Acquisition Act

A High Court sitting in Madras on Tuesday upheld section 105 of the Land Acquisition Act of 2013. Section 105 was challenged because it left out certain chapters of the law from being made applicable to acquisitions for railways, electricity, national highways, and 10 other purposes. A Bench of Justices V. Bhavani Subbaroyan and Justices T.S. Sivagnanam held that striking down Section 105 would not be beneficial to those whose lands were being acquired for national highways.


Saudi Arabia: Laws To Punish Parents For Not Training Their Children Underway

The Saudi Arabian government is planning laws that would punish parents for neglecting to train their wards. This was made known via a tweet by the Ministry of Education reminding parents as schools open for the new academic year today. Article 4 of the Saudi Child Protection law criminalizes parents for not training their wards.



UK: Misogyny: Stella Creasy Calls For Law Amendment

A Labour MP, Stella Creasy has called on the United Kingdom Government to amend Laws with a view to making Misogyny a hate crime. She made the call on Tuesday while granting an interview to pressmen. She called for a stiffer punishment whenever an offender is convicted. The State legislators will consider Stella’s call on Wednesday during their sitting.


Australia: Domestic Violence: New Strangulation Laws Underway, Government Declares

The South Wales Government on Tuesday declared that it would soon roll out new strangulation laws in a bid to curb domestic violence. This was made known by the Minister of Family and Community Services, Pru Goward. Pru said that since 2014 only about 300 cases involving strangulation have gone to court.


Canada: International Human Rights Laws: Canada Not Friendly With Some Countries

Canada is having a running battle with some countries over international rights laws. The most recent case is the imbroglio between the country and Saudi Arabia over the latter’s arrest of four human rights activists. The Canadian government is currently striving to resolve this dispute. The government spokesman said on Tuesday that the present administration is an advocate of human rights.


US: Trump Attacks The Department Of Justice Via Twitter

The United States president, Donald Trump, on Tuesday attached the Jeff Session for not politicizing the department of justice. Many senators on Capitol Hill aired their views over the attack by President Donald Trump. Some Senators are of the opinion that President Trump’s comment is the single most serious impeachable offense he has ever done.


Ireland: Government Enacts New Craft Brewery Laws

The Ireland Government on Tuesday passed a new craft brewery law. The Breweries and Distilleries Act 2018 will enable craft brewery companies in the country to sell their products on their premises. This development has been commended by members of the public. It means tourists traveling into the country will see how spirits and beer are made at the end of the tour.


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