Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Reform of Abortion Legislation in Progress: Center Tells Madras HC

The Center has informed the Madras High Court that a note has again been sent to the Ministry of Law and Union Justice, proposing a change to the abortion law of India. The proposed amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act would mark a significant reform of India’s abortion laws, which currently allow abortion during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy in cases where there is “a risk to the pregnant woman’s life or serious physical or mental health injury; or there is a substantial risk that if the child was born, it would suffer from such physical or mental health,  The Center’s missive to the Madras High Court represents its appetite for reforming reproductive rights in India.


INDIA – Beyond Kashmir: Gilgit-Baltistan’s Status Is A Case In Opposition

While Pakistan claims to the regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, its constitution legally does not recognize them as parts of the nation. The activists from Gilgit-Baltistan are protesting against the administration of Pakistan. The activists demanded a separate Balawaristan with no Pakistan control. At the time of independence, Gilgit-Baltistan was part of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan illegally granted property rights to foreigners in Gilgit-Baltistan in the 1970s and pushed Sunni settlements in Shia-dominated Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan has a legislative assembly with restricted powers today. It is controlled in Pakistan’s government by the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan. The actual authority lies in a council headed by Pakistan’s prime minister.


INDIA – Ministry of Law to Set-Up Special Fast-Track Courts to Attempt Rape Cases As the Road to Justice Is Slow

In the recent growth that highlights the PM Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s misplaced priorities at the Centre, the Law Ministry said it is still in the process of setting up over 1,000 special fast-track courts across the nation to deal with pending rape cases, and it is probable to start on October 2. In other words, the state is still planning to tackle this crisis, which almost took the shape of a hydra-headed monster at a moment when the cases of Kathua and Unnao have shaken the very consciousness of a big section of our population, Disenchanting their belief in the justice system while continuing the state’s apathy for honour and respect for our women, revered in high esteem in ancient Indian scriptures.


INDIA – Bahrain Takes Legal Action against Pakistanis and Bangladeshis for rallying illegally after Attending Eid Prayers

While most people turned out to be keyboard activists, often spreading false news about violence in Kashmir, a group of Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens decided to create their voices audible beyond the reach of social media. According to the report, Bahrain’s Gulf country officials took legal action against the Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens on August 12 after they held a protest rally on the Kashmir issue on August 11. Some South Asian citizens came together in Bahrain to protest against the decision made at the Center by the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government to split Kashmir into two union territories. After attending Eid prayers, the protesters were arrested for holding the rally illegally in Bahrain.


USA – A mayor of California Intends to Want All Gun Owners to Get a Liability Insurance

Following mass shootings around the nation, one California City’s mayor wants to require all gun owners to have liability insurance for their weapons— or pay a fee to help shoulder the public cost of gun violence. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo suggested the local ordinance on Monday, and if approved by the city council, it could become the first such requirement of the nation. Similar government laws are also being regarded in Massachusetts and New York. The proposition arrives comes just two weeks after a shooting left three individuals dead and wounded more than 12 in Gilroy, California — about thirty miles away from San Jose.


INDIA – The Film ‘Chicken Curry Law’: Actor Ashutosh Rana Explains Why He Decided to Be Part of the Project

In recent times, there have been some true portrayals of extreme violence against women portrayed on-screen, followed by a social court drama where justice is provided to the victim. One such upcoming feature film is ‘Chicken Curry Law,’ a film that sheds light on serious social issues surrounding women’s safety and portrays the stranger’s effort with India’s law. Actor Ashutosh Rana spoke to us about why he was all in for the idea and decided to be part of the project, he said. What prompted me to sign this film was the story of Director Shekhar Sirrin’s script after reading the script and learning the story behind the film’s ‘Title,’ I was surprised. The aim is to break the stereotypical assumptions encountered by foreign females in India and to uphold our cultural tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava.


CANADA – OECD Study: Canada Is Mostly Successful In the Management of Economic Immigration

An international analysis of Canada’s financial immigration scheme suggests the nation is doing well in selecting and welcoming foreign employees. But the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development study indicates that some tweaks would be useful to ensure that the economy’s demands are genuinely met. The organization reviewed how Canada recruits foreign labour — from the Express Entry program that sees the government effectively “invite” people to come to Canada permanently, to programs aimed at temporary workers.


INDIA – Prohibiting Only Goans From Casinos is Against the ‘One Law, One Nation’ Principle of BJP: Congress

If the BJP believes in the policy of ‘one law, one country,’ how can it suggest a law banning Goans from entering casinos while allowing domestic tourists to do so, the Congress said on Tuesday (August 13, 2019). Addressing a press conference at headquarters of the State Congress here, Party spokesman Trajano D’Mello said that if Chief Minister Pramod Sawant thinks that casinos are detrimental to Goans, how could they not be harmful to the thousands of national visitors who visit the coastal government every year? Last week, Sawant had told the state legislative assembly that entry of indigenous Goans would be banned from the state’s onshore and offshore casinos.


DUBAI – UAE Expatriate Selling Monkeys on Social Media Has Angered Netizens

A social media post where an Arab expat advertises two baby monkeys for sale has irritated netizens, particularly as the trade of wild animals is prohibited in the UAE. The advertisement was posted in a private Facebook group, but a lady took a screenshot and posted it on an animal welfare page, causing outrage among social media users. Khaleej Times news report called the number to discover that it was a 20-year-old expatriate who claimed he was selling the pets for his friend.


INDIA – Reliance Capital to File a Lawsuit of Rs 10,000 crore Defamation against PwC

Reliance Capital is all set to file an Rs 10,000-crore defamation suit against its former auditor, Price Waterhouse & Co (PwC), two people with direct knowledge of the matter said. This could be the biggest legal battle between a company and its auditor. Some shareholders of the Reliance Group businesses are also anticipated to lodge a class action suit against PwC for eroding the value of their investment. The audit firm has caused deformation, loss of reputation, and also a massive loss to the company’s shareholders, the person added.


INDIA – Supreme Court Accepts Couple’s Plea: There Is No Need to Register the Marriage under the Special Law

The Supreme Court acknowledged a Muslim couple’s request (the Hindu lady had converted to Islam) that they had married under their personal law and did not need to register the marriage again under the Special Marriage Act (SMA). The couple had challenged a directive from Allahabad High Court asking them to register their marriage under the SMA. A bench of judges Mohan M Shantanagoudar and Sanjiv Khanna modified the High Court order after senior lawyer Arundhati Katju appeared for the couple, told the bench that “the petitioners do not wish to register their marriage under the Special Marriage Act” and that “if so, the court cannot force them to register their marriage.”


UNITED KINGDOM – The Sporting Champion Who Bits Off the Head of a Live Chicken Faces Legal Action

Animal rights campaigners say they’re going to sue a sporting champion for animal cruelty after he’s been videoed biting the head off a live cockerel during a dinner with friends. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation said the Basque pelota player Bixente Larralde’s activities were “shocking and sickening.” Daniel Raposo of the BB Foundation said the lawyers of the organization had been ordered to sue. “We must highlight this because the law makes it serious and punishable,” he said.


INDIA – Punjab and Haryana High Court Hardens Stand against Shutdown, slaps Rs 50,000 Cost on Bar Association

Hardening its position against the symbolic shutdown of the Punjab and Haryana High Court by its Bar Association against Haryana’s move to set up an administrative tribunal to adjudicate servicing matters of State employees, on Monday (August 13, 2019), the Full Bench held that denying access to litigants resulted to interference in the administration of justice before summoning the top brass of the Chandigarh Administration and the police. “This court cannot sit at all this like a mute spectator,” the Full Bench ruled. The Bench of Justice Manoj Bajaj also placed expenses of Rs.50,000 on the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association after the court decision could not overlook the behaviour of striking lawyers who had forcefully introduced their call for a strike to paralyze the work and breached the fundamental right of people, including litigants, by denying them access.


INDIA – JNU Lecturers Move the High Court against Charges for Taking Part in the Protest

Several Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) professors on Tuesday (August 13, 2019) approached the Delhi High Court challenging the charge sheets issued against 48 faculty members for supposedly engaging in a protest march in July last year. After hearing the teachers’ and JNU authorities’ submissions, Justice Suresh Kait listed the matter for further hearing on Wednesday (August 14, 2019). The educators, represented by senior advocate Kapil Sibal, said they had sent individual replies to the show-cause notices saying that no misconduct or breach of regulations had occurred, as claimed by the varsity.


USA – Cruel Cosmetics Outlawed In Illinois; Third State in the Nation to Do This after California, & Nevada

The U.S. has moved one step closer to ending unnecessary cosmetics testing on animals as Illinois becomes the third U.S. state to enact a marketing ban that prevents companies from selling newly tested cosmetics on animals. On August 9, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a law banning the sale of cosmetics such as shampoos, lipsticks, and deodorants in Illinois, unless they are free of cruelty. Illinois joins California and Nevada who have passed similar laws. All cosmetics products in shop shelves in these three countries will be free of new animal testing from January 1 2020.


INDIA – Father-In-Law Emphasizing On Sexual Intercourse as the Most Critical Mental Cruelty: Bombay High Court

Maintaining the five-year conviction of Akola’s senior couple, Bombay High Court’s Nagpur Bench ruled that father-in-law insisting on sexual relations with his daughter-in-law is the most severe mental cruelty practiced on a married woman. The couple challenged their conviction under IPC Sections 498-A and 306 of their daughter-in-law’s cruelty and abetment to suicide by the Akola Sessions Court on September 11, 2006. The judge also made it crystal clear that there is not only a need for physical cruelty all the time. “In my view, mental cruelty is more severe than physical cruelty to driving a person to take an extreme step in life.


INDIA – Madras HC Gives an Independence Day Assignment to 8-Students Who Attended Lectures after Drinking Alcohol

The Madras high court on Tuesday (August 13, 2019) directed a group of eight learners to clean the Kamaraj Memorial House in Virudhunagar and generate anti-liquor consciousness by keeping placards as they attended courses in their college under the impact of Alcohol. In a plea from the students who sought to restrict the college management from issuing transfer certificates (TC) to them and to allow them to continue their studies in college, Justice R Suresh Kumar passed the order. These eight students were studying computer science for the second year at the Devanga Arts College in Aruppukottai District of Virudhunagar. These students who took part in the birthday party of their friend and came to college under the influence of Alcohol in January this year.


USA – New Requirement: Oregon Eggs Need To Come From Cage-Free Chickens In 5-Years

Gov. Kate Brown today signed a bill releasing egg-laying hens from cages. Senate Bill 1019 needs commercial farms with 3,000 or more chickens to go cage-free and prevent the purchase or sale of caged eggs in locations such as grocery stores and restaurants beginning in 2024. The bill also needs farms to provide hens with enrichments, including perches, scratching places, nest boxes, and dust baths. It follows the rules from the United Egg Producers and will enable them to satisfy their natural instincts that are no longer restricted to a cage with floor room the size of a sheet of paper.


INDIA – Madras HC dismisses Pleas against NEET

A division bench of the Madras High Court disposed of a batch of petitions of public interest challenging the applicability of the National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET) for medical admissions in Tamil Nadu. When the matter arised for hearing on Tuesday (August 13, 2019), senior counsel of petitioners R Viduthalai argued that judges should have given the reasons for the rejection. The bench, however, disposed of the petitions after observing that “property, illegality or irregularity or any other can be challenged in a written or certiorari or declaration, as the case may be, subject of course to the pleadings, materials and the sustainability of such written petitions.” However, the bench gave the petitioners the freedom to challenge the order of rejection subject to the maintenance of the same.


INDIA – Animal Personality & More: This Is What The First Animal Law Center In India Will Explore

India’s first Center for Animal Law was set up at NALSAR University of Law, based in Hyderabad. Humane Society International (HSI), India will work with the University of NALSAR to manage and coordinate the centre’s operations, it said. N.G.Jayasimha, HSI-India’s managing director and the centre’s honorary director, said: “We hope the Animal Law Center will be the first of many organizations devoted to studying animal problems in India and elsewhere.” The centre will begin accepting students for the 2018-2019 batch from next year. The centre is a ray of hope because it does not conform to any notions of right and wrong. Jayasimha passionately says, “The centre opens itself up to whatever part you wish to play in the furthering of animal law.



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