Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read
Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

INDIA – Four Vacancies In The Supreme Court: Two Vacancies In The Running Of The Gujarat HC

High Court of Gujarat is likely to have a second judge shortly in the Supreme Court, with a collegiate session of the apex court likely to be convened shortly to fill four vacancies. The top court, presently working at its complete strength, well fall short of four judges this week, as the Center has lately increased the court’s approved strength by three (nominations yet to be made) and Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre retires on Wednesday. In order to balance regional representation in the apex court, the sources informed The Indian Express that the judges K S Jhaveri and D N Patel — both judges whose parent High Court in Gujarat — are in the run-up to the highest court.


INDIA – West Bengal Government Bill Seek To Make Lynching Punishable By Life Imprisonment

After Manipur and Rajasthan, the West Bengal Government is set to enact a law at the present session of the Assembly to render lynching punishable by life imprisonment and Rs 5 lakh fine. The proposed law, titled the West Bengal (Prevention of Lynching) Bill, 2019, while incorporating the rules of the Supreme Court, makes conspiracy and rumor offenses punishable by imprisonment. It also calls for the protection of witnesses and compensation for victims. According to the bill, the state government, apart from to providing security to the victim, will also give legal help to the victim and the individual can choose any advocate from those on the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 panel.The State will also provide the victim with free medical treatment and compensation in accordance with the compensation system.


INDIA – China’s  New Foreign Investment Law: Panic Bell In India And ASEAN

China has chosen to embrace a raw Foreign Investment Law (FIL)  to revive development. FDI is the primary pillar of China’s growth. The new FIL will be efficient from 1 January 2020. The setback in China’s FDI appeal was further aggravated by the high tariff trade war waged by the US, bringing China’s great benefit as an export hub. Instead of closing plants in China, they moved to alternative low-cost manufacturing bases in ASEAN and India. Given the scenario, it is unlikely that FDI in India and ASEAN will be affected by China’s raw FIL. However, India requires to rethink its FDI strategy as a number of key measures, such as FDI for multi-brand retail, housing for mass lurk for openness.


USA – Missouri’s Abortion Ban After Temporarily Blocked By The US Judge After Eight Weeks

U.S. federal judge, on Tuesday (August 27, 2019), blocked Missouri from enforcing a law prohibiting abortion in the state after eight weeks of pregnancy, except in cases of medical emergency, only a day before the law had been enacted. U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs in Kansas City temporarily stopped the law, pending litigation or further court orders, stating that it would have a negative effect on the rights of hundreds of women. The law stipulates that Missouri is a “sanctuary of life” that protects “pregnant females and their unborn kids.” It does not create exceptions in cases of rape and incest and contains a provision calling for a national abortion ban if the Supreme Court overturns its judgment in Roe v. Wade in 1973.


INDIA – India’s Antitrust Watchdog Plans To Conduct Media And Broadcasting Assessments

India’s antitrust watchdog plans to perform an evaluation of the country’s media and broadcasting sector to guarantee that any competition issues are recognized and resolved quickly, a government document noted by Reuters. The research will be among the first since the Indian Finance Minister last week asked the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to initiate more cases on its own to investigate antitrust practices and undertake market research.The study, which is not linked to any ongoing investigation sad by a source with direct knowledge of the matter, will examine the competitive landscape in a sector that includes the likes of Walt Disney’s Star India and the Indian Reliance Industries.


INDIA – Air India Got Rid Of a Pilot Who Risked A Stalling Plane, Caught shoplift At Sydney Airport

Air India’s national carrier ‘ edged out ‘ a senior captain who had been caught in a duty-free shop at Sydney Airport earlier this year. The senior pilot, who is also the region’s Eastern Operations Director for Air India, was suspended following an awkward incident. However, in a drastic turn of events, the airline management revoked his suspension on 26 August only to accept his resignation a day later on 27 August. Sources inside the airline also said that the reason Bhasin was ‘ extinguished ‘ was not just a shoplifting incident in Sydney, but also two incidents where he was said to have “erred on the normal flight protocol” and threatened the life of travellers.


USA – New Jersey Court Of Appeals Allows State Assisted Suicide Law To Continue

A New Jersey State Court of Appeals has permitted a new law allowing aided suicide to proceed, overturning a reduced court judgment that has momentarily blocked the law. A pair of judges ruled on August 27 that a State Superior Court “abused its discretion” in preventing the law. The appeals court found that “the court failed to consider the interests of qualified terminally ill patients, whom the Legislature had determined had obviously established the right to end their life in accordance with the Act,” the appeals court ruled.


INDIA – Delhi High Court Recruitment Exam 2019: 75 Vacancies in The Judiciary, Check The Information Here

The High Court of Delhi has requested an application for judicial services. Total 45 positions are vacant, interest applicants can apply through their official website on or before September 2. The examination will be carried out in two stages, i.e. the preliminary examination and the primary examination. The positions fall under three categories — General, SC, and ST. The number of vacancies for general category applicants is 31, which is 02 as backlog, 02 as fresh and 27 as anticipated. The positions for the Sc category applicants are therefore 17, with 12 remarks as backlog and 05 as anticipated. Out of 75 seats, PwD applicants are reserved. The amount of vacancies accessible is 8 where the PwD Autism category is 02 for the backlog. The seat for the locomotive category is 01 for the backlog. Seats for the blind are 3 which note 02 as a backlog and o1 as expected. And the PwD seats are 02 for the backlog.


INDIA – Probe Blames Two Individuals For Negligence On The Death Of MRI: BMC On Bombay HC

A preliminary investigation identified two individuals for negligence in the 2018 incident at the Civic-Nair Hospital, when the resident of Lalbaug, Rajesh Maru, died after being dragged into the MRI machine along with an oxygen cylinder that he supposedly brought to his sick relative’s room, the BMC informed the Bombay High Court on Tuesday (August 27,2019). A bench, headed by Justice Akil Kureshi, has been told by senior BMC advocate Joaquim Reis that a departmental investigation is underway and the role of four others is being investigated. Adjourning the hearing, the bench said he will “to come to the conclusion that the deceased himself had nothing to add” to the event.


CANADA – The New Law On Harassment In The Workplace Will Be A True ‘ Game Changer ‘ For Employers

All eyes may be on the numerous amendments to the Canada Labor Code (CLC) that come into force on Sept. 1, but the impact on the 18,000 federally regulated employers and 900,000 employees governed by the legislation can pale against the new harassment and violence obligations that will come into force in 2020. Not to mention the modifications of Sept. 1—which resound in the airline, banking, communications and transport industries, to name but a few — are trivial. Among the most significant amendments made are those granting employees the right to a maximum of 10 days of annual leave if they or their kids have been victims of family violence, with the first five days paid for workers with three months of service.


INDIA – Murder Case Of J Dey: HC Upholds The Acquittal Of Ex-writer Jigna Vora

On Tuesday (August 27, 2019), the Bombay High Court refused to consider the CBI’s appeal against the acquittal of former journalist Jigna Vora in the case of the murder of J Dey, claiming the prosecution had failed to provide any direct evidence of her involvement in the murder. Vora, along with another accused, Paulson Joseph, was acquitted by a special CBI court on 2 May last year due to absence of evidence.The court convicted gangster Chhota Rajan, who was deported from Indonesia in 2015, and eight others to life imprisonment for gunning down veteran journalist Dey on 11 June 2011. However, the HC observed that even the extrajudicial confession (produced before an individual not legally notified to register a confession) made by Rajan did not mention that he had been instigated by Vora or any other individual.


INDIA – Madras HC Summons Officials For The ‘Inadvertently’ Release Of The Two Sri Lankan Murder-Accused

On Tuesday (August 27, 2019), Madurai Bench of Madras High Court summoned the Judicial   Magistrate II of Ramanathapuram, the Superintendent of Q-Branch, the Superintendent of Puzhal Prison II and the Police Inspector of Kenikkarai, to seek an explanation for the ‘inadvertent release’ of two Sri Lankan nationals. Who entered India illegally after escaped punishment in various cases in Sri Lanka — while the had ordered them to repatriate the duo. According to the CBI report submitted to the court, the duo, Sanga Srantha and Mohamed Saffras, are wanted in several cases of murder and rape in Lanka. However, instead of being deported, the duo was released from Puzhal Prison II on 16 August and is now absconding. The case has been adjourned until Thursday (August 29, 2019).


CANADA – Why Canadian Businesses Need To Prepare For The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) And How They Can Comply With It?

As the world becomes more digital, data security and privacy laws are becoming more concern. And as Canadian companies grow globally, it is becoming essential to abide by the laws of other countries. That’s the situation with the CCPA. The CCPA or California Consumer Protection Act will come into force on 1 January 2020 and will extend beyond California-based companies. The CCPA is a new law, being an early adopter will assist create a trust relationship with clients and prospects and show your company’s commitment to the customer. Customers enjoy the legal protection, proactive disclosure, and control of their private data. As a result, Canadian companies can expect more data privacy and safety regulations to emerge.


INDIA – Madras High Court Directed Court To Rev Up ‘ Land Grab ‘ Case Trials

Several large-scale land-grab cases, recorded after J Jayalalithaa returned to power in 2011, are set to witness some action and advancement, the High Court of Madras has directed two special courts for land grab cases to refer all charges to the courts involved for trial. At least 82 cases are pending before the two judiciaries on their own.Justice N Anand Venkatesh, acceding to the submissions of extra public prosecutor Mohammed Riyaz, stated that the two judiciary should return the instances to the Central Crime Branch (CCB) within four weeks. Within two weeks of that date, the CCB, Chennai, must submit the charges to the court of jurisdiction, which, in turn, should bring them to trial.Justice Anand Venkatesh also stated that the judges involved should perform the trials expeditiously and complete them as soon as possible.


INDIA – Physical buse, electrical shocks and torture: what the Supreme Court ordered the study found in Haryana Jails

Allegations of “degrading and inhumane treatment, including torture, during police custody”, have emerged in Haryana prisons in a supreme court-ordered report on conditions of prisons in India. The methods of torture included verbal abuse and slapping, as well as more extreme techniques such as electrical shocks, waterboarding, sleep deprivation, damage to the sexual parts of the body, he added. News18 spoke to Abhishek Jorwal, Superintendent of Police, Ambala, who had denied the allegations.


SAUDI ARABIA – The First Group Of Saudi Women Enrolled In The Criminal Law Diploma

Approximately 50 Saudi females have been selected to enroll in a one-year criminal law diploma. “They’ll be trained in many topics, visit different branches of government prosecutors ‘ offices and work with them, including forensic medicine,” said Sheik Saud Al-Mujib, Attorney General of Saudi Arabia. Most females have legal background in Shariah and law. Al-Mujib expressed confidence that they will contribute to the justice system and said that this first batch will be followed in the future by many others.


INDIA – Allahabad HC Lawyers Shun Work For The Second Day

On Wednesday (August 28, 2019), the Allahabad High Court of Justice struck work on the second day in protest against the shifting of the various government offices and tribunals from here to Lucknow. Adopting a strident position on their strike, Allahabad High Court Bar Association President Rakesh Pandey said the advocates will abstain from judicial work on Thursday as well, and if any lawyer is trying to enter high court premises, action will be taken against him. Meanwhile, Ajay Kumar Mishra, former HCBA chairman, wrote to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday asking him to resolve the problem on a priority basis, failing which he threatened to immolate himself. In addition to the gradual transfer of the various government offices and tribunals from Allahabad to Lucknow, the UP Education Service Tribunal Bill of 2019, pending the consent of President Ram Nath Kovind, has raised its arms against the provisions of the law.


AUSTRALIA – Australia Try To Safeguard Universities From Foreign Interference

Australian universities will be needed to work with security organizations to guarantee that they are protected from undue foreign interference, Minister of Education Dan Tehan said on Wednesday (Aug 28). Foreign students are worth about A$ 35 billion (US$ 23.64 billion) a year to the Australian economy, with Chinese students accounting for about a third of that. But after a spate of cyberattacks and fears that China might influence research and students, Tehan said a task force of university representatives and security agencies would be set up. The task force would guarantee that universities had adequate cyber defenses, he said.


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