Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Unnao-like accident in ex-Mantri’s case feared by Lawyers

Expressing fear that an incident such as the Unnao rape survivor’s accident may be repeated and that the LLM student who accused former Union Minister Swami Chinmayanand of sexual harassment may be targeted, a group of lawyers requested the intervention of the Supreme Court as the student had gone missing. Advocate Sobha mentioned the issue in front of a bench led by Justice N V Ramana. The bench initially asked the lawyers to approach the High Court concerned and file a habeas corpus petition, but the lawyers insisted that the SC should consider the seriousness of the case. The bench told them to hand over the paper to make sure they looked into it.


INDIA –  Contractual Law Officers suggested by the Delhi High Court for all the 16 jails in Delhi

On Thursday (August 29, 2019), the High Court of Delhi proposed the appointment of law officers on a contractual basis in the 16 national capital prisons for a better administration and smooth functioning. Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar said public interest litigation (PIL) seeking the appointment of one law officer in each of the 16 domestic capital prisons in a time-bound way was a “good” issue and requested the AAP government to look into the matter. Appearing for the Delhi Government, Standing Counsel (Criminal) Rahul Mehra informed the bench that the Director-General of Prisons had been consulted and that the process of appointing law officers would shortly be underway.


INDIA – Institutions Where Degrees Are On Sale: Rs 75.000 for Engineering, Rs 2 Lakh For Law Certificate

An exclusive inquiry carried out by News18 revealed the dark side of educational organizations where degrees are on sale. Gaikwad has told the channel that he can grant degrees from two well-known universities, including Yashwantrao Chavan University and Solapur University, both approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Technical Education Council (AICTE). When the channel raised doubts about the authenticity of the degree, Gaikwad attempted to persuade by stating, “This is the initial certificate, along with the records. It’s available for verification.” The amount charged for a degree in engineering was Rs 75.000 for a course of three years.  Gaikwad said he could get a law degree for Rs 2 lakh from the University of Uttar Pradesh. The Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) took note of the inquiry on Thursday and directed the UGC to immediately set up a high-level committee to investigate the claims.


INDIA – Launch Of Fit India Movement: PM Modi Said Government The Gateway To Promote Fitness Mission

Fit India Movement was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi on Thursday. In his address ‘ Mann ki Baat, ‘ PM Modi had told people to take part in the ‘ Fit India Movement’—organized to celebrate National Sports Day. Fitness task is not a public movement. The government’s only objective is to behave as a catalyst: PM Modi At the launch of the Fit India Movement, PM Modi hails Dhyan Chand, a sports star.


USA – New York Marijuana: Statewide Decriminalization Takes Effect Today

New York State law on the decriminalization of marijuana is in force today.Color communities have been disproportionately affected by the laws governing marijuana for far too long, and today we are putting an end to this injustice once and for all, “he said in a declaration at the moment. “By offering people who have endured the implications of an unfair marijuana conviction with a way to have their records extinguished and by decreasing draconian penalties, we are taking a critical step forward in addressing a fractured and discriminatory criminal justice process.” Also under the new law, possession of marijuana under two ounces will be regarded as a violation rather than a criminal offense.


INDIA – Despite New Land Acquisition Act, Farmers Remain worried for Poor Compensation as Many States Dilute The Law For many sectors

In 2013, the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, was repealed and replaced by the Law on Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR). It was expected that the LARR would change the pitiful trajectory of land acquisition in India. However, in the last few years, some countries have diluted the law and exempted certain sectors from carrying out social impact research, cost-benefit analyses and obtaining farmers ‘ approval to certain public projects. Economist Ram Singh’s report, a rare study reviewing court rulings on land acquisition, notes that mandatory land acquisition is inevitably “susceptible to litigation overcompensation that has been both inefficient and socially regressive in its impacts.”


USA – How These New Laws Will Assist Safeguard Babies In New York City

Daycares in New York will soon be needed to attach big parts of furniture and electronic equipment to walls or floors in order to prevent heavy items from dropping onto small children. The requirement is only one of the three laws signed this month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed at enhancing the safety of kids and babies in the state. Other measures include a ban on crib bumper pads that organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics have advised parents against using since 2008 due to the important danger they pose to children, especially newborns.


INDIA – Foreign Investment Laws liberalized by India in a win for Apple

India has further liberalized its foreign direct investment (FDI) laws for many industries, opening fresh possibilities for global investors and giants like Apple as Asia’s third-largest economy tries to jump-start its years-low economic growth. As part of the new proposition, which has been approved, the government has stated that single-brand retail companies will be permitted to open online stores before they establish a presence in the brick and mortar market. This would allow Apple, which has yet to set up retail shops in the nation, to begin selling a variety of products through its own online store.Currently, Apple is selling its products in India through partnered offline distributors and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India, Flipkart and Paytm Mall.


USA – New York Law Protects Victims Of Domestic Violence Against Fees

New law in New York is intended to spare victims of domestic violence certain penalties for their monthly bills. The law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday enables individuals fleeing their batteries to terminate multi-year telephone or cable contracts at their home without paying a penalty. The law applies to victims who have obtained a protection order. Cuomo says survivors of domestic violence should not have to cope with the added stress and red tape that comes with the penalty for termination of the contract.


INDIA – Court cases up to 8,400 disposed off in Jammu & Kashmir during Lockdown- A big change

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has claimed that, despite the blockade of communication and other restrictions, the High Court and the Lower Courts in the newly constituted J&K and Ladakh Union Territories have disposed of more than 8,400 cases in the last 23 days. However, a large amount of these cases – 7055 – have been dealt with in the Jammu area. The Kashmir region accounted for only 981 cases. Registrar General of J&K Sanjay Dhar said, contrary to some news reports, that justice in J&K had been “postponed due to lockdown,” that courts in the region, including the HC, had been functioning.


INDIA – US lung disease outburst claims first death and India mulls ban and lawyers circle

U.S. health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control, point to vaping as the likely cause of recent deaths in Illinois. This is the result of a wave of serious illnesses across the US, all of which are blamed on e-cigarettes – with little in the way of real evidence. In a move that seems to have caused death in Illinois, India’s health ministry is pushing for a complete ban on vapor products. Right now, India has a patchwork of state-level laws in place; some countries, including Haryana, Kerala, Jammu, Punjab, and Kashmir, have already classified e-cigarettes as “unapproved drugs” and prohibited them from selling. Federal authorities are now pushing for a clean sweep of harm reduction products.


CANADA – Bill C-69 Becomes Law, UCP Vows To Take Legal Action

It is official that Bill C-69 has been declared law in Canada.The bill labeled ‘ No More Pipelines Act ‘ will alter the way significant energy projects are reviewed and approved in Canada and has received strong criticism from the oil and gas industry and several provincial governments.In a declaration released Wednesday night, the UCP said, “This is a dark day for Alberta and Canada as a whole. As we have said loudly and repeatedly, this act is an unconstitutional assault on Alberta and on our essential economic interests.”


INDIA – Madras High Court: Telangana Must Examine The Sexual Harassment Complaint Against The Tamil Nadu Policeman

Apart from the strong objections of the state, the Madras High Court, on Wednesday, moved the inquiry of a sexual harassment complaint lodged by a female police superintendent against S Murugan, the joint director of the DVAC, from Tamil Nadu to Telangana. The Telangana police shall submit a report within six months, as decided by the court. The bench instructed the Chief Secretary of Telangana and the State DGP to take all necessary steps to set up a separate Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in Hyderabad under a senior lady officer. The complaint, as well as the FIR, filed on the basis of the complaint shall be probed by a senior and independent official of the Telangana police, the court said.


INDIA – Karnataka High Court Asks The State Government To Keep Records On The Emission Test Centers

On Tuesday(August 29, 2019), High Court of Karnataka disposed of the PIL concerning Emission Testing Centers (ETCs) by requesting the State to guarantee that they did not commit any illegality or irregularity. Disposing a PIL submitted in 2017 by one R N Raghavendra and N B Nagaraja, both citizens of Bengaluru, a division bench led by Chief Justice, also observed that ETCs play a very significant role in reducing pollution in both the town and the state. The statement added that there are 1,020 ETCs functioning in the state and all of them are fully computerized.


CANADA – Ontario Government Appeals The Judgment On Carbon Tax To The Supreme Court

Ontario is bringing its battle against the federal carbon tax to the country’s top court. Environment Minister Jeff Yurek says the province is requesting the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn the judgment of the Ontario Court of Appeal that the carbon pricing scheme is constitutionally sound.   The Progressive Conservative Party claims that the fuel charge is an illegal tax and a breach of the Constitution because it enables the federal government to interfere with provincial jurisdiction.


INDIA – On The Boy’s PIL, The High Court Asks The Government To Supply Uniforms

Deprived of the school uniform promised by the government, an eight-year-old boy from the village of Kinnal in the district of Koppal knocked on the High Court on Wednesday. Hearing the plea of Manjunath, a student of the local government school, the High Court instructed the government not only to deliver uniforms to the boy but also to all pupils in the state within two months. A division bench, consisting of Chief Justice Abhay S Oka and Justice Mohammed Nawaaz, not only reminded the government of its duties but also praised the petitioner’s (boy) choice to seek legal action.


INDIA – Punjab and Haryana High Court issues a general order against any PGIMER strike

On Tuesday (August 27, 2019), the Punjab and Haryana High Court prevented various staff associations, including contract employees and resident physicians, from carrying out any strike or disrupting the functioning of PGIMER Chandigarh in any way while ordering a stay on notice given by the PGI Contract Workers Union. Contract employees, including sanitation workers, are demanding equal pay for equal job and regularization. Chief Justice Krishna Murari and Justice Arun Palli also ordered the DGP and SSP of Chandigarh to guarantee rigorous adherence with the Chandigarh Administration’s assurance that the appropriate police force will be deployed at the PGI to monitor the scenario and that any member of the union will be “Be dealt with by the police in accordance with the law” in the case of the ban or interfere in the performance of duties by other employees or the smooth functioning of the institute.


DUBAI – Food Chain Mars Purchases 100% Of The Dubai Unit Under The New UAE Foreign Property Law

Global Confectionery Chain Mars has fully purchased its subsidiary in Dubai under the new UAE Foreign Ownership Law. Previously, Mars had 49% of the shares in Dubai LLC, since that was the highest proportion of foreign ownership allowed in a company incorporated onshore in the UAE. The transaction is one of the first of its kind since, last year, the UAE announced a new FDI statute enabling 100% foreign ownership in certain sectors. Hassan Hassan, AMEA General Counselor at Mars, said: “This will help to reinforce our presence and growth in the Middle East. “The new UAE law, which came into force in November last year, aims to make the country more appealing to investors while restricting the impact on local companies, officials said.


INDIA – Only Three Victims Of Trafficking Were Compensated In Calcutta

Only three traffic survivors from Bengal have obtained State compensation since the West Bengal Victim Compensation Scheme came into force in 2012. Lack of consciousness, a cumbersome legal process, and public apathy have led to a clear gap between the number of women trafficked and the number of victims of compensation, lawyers, activists, and survivors said at a meeting in the Ballygunge hotel on Wednesday. Bengal ranked the country’s trafficking list in 2016 with more than 3,500 instances reported, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.





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