Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Appointment On Hold Of 13 Allahabad HC Judges

The Center has put on hold the recommendation of the Supreme Court Collegium to appoint at least 10 lawyers as judges of the country’s largest Allahabad High Court, in support of its initial objection that those lawyers, considered to be elevated by the apex court, do not meet the minimum income qualifications required to be recruited in the higher judiciary. Although the CJI lately reminded the government of clearing all the pending recommendations, the government has chosen to hold back those who do not fulfill the eligibility requirements. There are at least 13 recommendations from the Supreme Court (SC) Collegium for appointment as Judges of the Allahabad High Court (HC) presently pending with the Government, of which at least 10 do not satisfy the minimum income requirements.

INDIA – J&K, Ladakh Union Territories To Have A Common High Court

The two Union Territories — Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh — will have a common high court, Jammu and  Kashmir High Court. The information was communicated by Rajeev Gupta, Director of the State Judicial Academy, on 8 September 2019. Rajeev Gupta argued that 108 Central Laws would apply for the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. He also said that 164 state laws would be abolished and that 166 state laws would continue to apply. Under the Centre’s announcement following revoking of Article 370, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have a legislative assembly, while the Union Territory of Ladakh will be under the direct control of the Union Government.

INDIA – Amit Shah Allays Concerns About The Law Granting Special Status To Six States

Home Minister Amit Shah, on his first trip to the North East following the tumult created by the publishing of the final list of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) at the end of August, attempted to reassure the public that the Center will “not touch” Article 371 of the Constitution, which gives unique status to the six states of the region. Article 370 was “clearly” temporary in nature, but Article 371 deals with special provisions in the North East and there is a “great difference” between the two, Shah said on Sunday at the 68th plenary session of the North East Council in Assam. Article 371 is a provision of the Constitution which includes special provisions for eleven states, six of which are in the North East region.For the North East States — Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Sikkim, Mizoram — the law aims to maintain the culture of native groups by state-specific status.

INDIA – Improving The Law And Order For More Investment; IIM-L 

On Sunday (September 8, 2019), the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, laid out a road map for the UP government to transform the state into a $1 trillion economy, months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi set an ambitious aim for an investor meeting here. The roadmap was drawn up after a 10-hour marathon session on leadership development at the IIM-L campus. The problem was raised at a presentation by Prof. Sanjay Singh, Faculty of Business Environment, during his discussion on the economic context at worldwide, national and state level. They also underscored the need to ensure a stable law and order situation so that more and more investment could reach the state and industrialization could accelerate. The faculties have also worked on the strengthening of micro, tiny and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to increase the state economy.

USA – As The Earth Faces Climate Disaster, The US Is Set To Open Nearly 200 Power Plants

Instead, utilities and energy companies continue to invest strongly in carbon-polluting natural gas. USA TODAY’s exclusive assessment shows that as many as 177 natural gas energy plants are presently being planned, under building or announced across the United States.There are now almost 2,000 in operation. All that natural gas is “a ticking time bomb on our planet,” says Michael Brune, chairman of the Sierra Club. “These new plants can not be constructed if we are to avoid runaway climate change.”The energy sector has shown it can move quickly when prices are correct, said Dyson of the Rocky Mountain Institute. And, he said, it’s imperative that there’s a similar shift now with natural gas – and fast.

INDIA – China’s Financing Of NGOs Incites Against Hydro Projects In Arunachal Pradesh

China is attempting to finance certain civil society organisations to incite demonstrations against hydropower projects in Arunachal Pradesh, Indian government officials fear. Development is taking place in the midst of India’s attempts to revive long-standing hydro projects, including the 2,000 megawatts (MW) Lower Subansiri and 2,880 MW Dibang projects of state-run NHPC Ltd. Any delay in constructing hydropower projects in Arunachal Pradesh on rivers originating in China will have an impact on India’s policy of creating its pre-use water claims in accordance with international law.

USA – California Passes Laws That Prohibit Towns From Taxing Energy Produced By Solar Rooftop Projects

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed last week’s law on financial protection for consumer investments in rooftop solar electricity. The Act, AB 1208, by Assembly Member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), expands the ban on towns and counties taxing energy produced by rooftop solar panels for use by homeowners and companies. “We applaud Governor Newsom and Assembly Member Ting for defending the right of customers to produce their own energy from the sun without unfair taxes,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director of the California Solar & Storage Association, sponsor of AB 1208. “Reducing expenses, eliminating red tape and promoting customers to go solar are all critical elements of meeting California’s ambitious clean energy targets.”

INDIA – No Single Illegal Immigrant Will Remain, Claims India After The Assam Register Excludes Millions

India’s Home Affairs Minister said his government “will not allow a single illegal immigrant to remain” midst of an outcry over the Assam Citizens ‘ Register that could leave nearly 2 million stateless people. The remarks were made by Amit Shah during a visit to the border state. The Ministry of Home Affairs, paraphrasing Shah’s speech, said he was happy with the “prompt completion of the process.” Over the last four years, some 33 million individuals in Assam have been compelled to demonstrate that they are citizens by showing their origins in the state dating back to March 1971.

INDIA – Ministry Of Finance Department’s Fine On The Banks Not Acceptance: Delhi High Court

The High Court of Delhi dismissed 15 appeals by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance against the order of the Appeals Tribunal for the Prevention of Money Laundering (PML), which set aside the fine imposed on banks for failing to report suspected transactions. In its order to uphold the decision of the Appeals Tribunal for PML, a single judge, Bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru, said that, since the FIU had already warned banks in writing of their inability to report alleged transactions, the fine imposed on them was an afterthought and therefore rightly set aside. The situation dates back to 2013, when a sting operation was carried out by a media outlet on multiple banks, which indicated that they favored money laundering activities by sidelining the KYC standards set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

CANADA – Disabled travelers claim the new laws of the Canada Transportation Act boost air travel obstacles

Odell, President of Citizens with Disabilities Ontario, is one of a number of proponents who say that new laws that are supposedly intended to make air travel more available do not go far enough — and in some instances mark a step backwards. “This is called second-class citizenship. I’ve felt this all my life,” said Marcia Yale, a lifelong advocate for blind Canadians.The new regulations require travelers to notify airlines anywhere from 48 to 96 hours in advance to obtain certain accommodations, such as safety guidance or assistance from a wheelchair to a lower, cabin-compatible mobility device.The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) claims it will “monitor very carefully” the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration is studying wheelchair anchoring technologies with an eye to allow passengers to stay in the cabin in their mobility devices. A report is anticipated for the next three years.

INDIA – Bombay HC Is Pulling Up The Maharashtra Government For ‘ Lip Service ‘ On Wildlife Habitats

On 9 September, the Bombay High Court strongly appealed to the Maharashtra government for doing “lip service” and not adopting a science and objective approach to defining and notifying critical wildlife habitats in the state. In January 2017, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change established rules for the demarcation of critical wildlife habitats under the Wildlife Act, 2006. Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Bharati Dangre heard a public interest dispute between NGO Vanashakti on the protection and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat following the inability of the authorities to demarcate critical wildlife habitats in forest regions. The petition asserted that no action had been taken on the matter since the commissions had been set up.

INDIA – Family Courts Overburdened with Burgundy Matrimonial Disputes, Judges Under Judiciary Suffocation: Madras HC

Family courts are overburdened with burgeoning matrimonial conflicts, and judges are subject to judicial suffocation, the High Court of Madras noted, while condemning a lawyer at the Supreme Court for seeking disdain for a family court judge for failing to dispose of the case within the timeframe set by the High Court. Justice P N Prakash dismissed the petition saying that the petition had only been submitted to terrorize the judge of the family court. The Court’s observations were in reaction to a petition submitted by a female seeking action against a City Family Court Judge for failing to comply with the High Court’s order to dispose of a maintenance petition lodged against her husband within six months.

INDIA – The Law Ministry Appoints Justice Vikram Nath As Chief Justice Of The High Court Of Gujarat; The Position Has Been Vacant Since Last November

Justice Vikram Nath was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Gujarat, the Law Ministry said on Sunday. On August 22, Supreme Court collegium recommended the name of Justice Nath to the highest office in the High Court of Gujarat, after the government had returned its previous suggestion to appoint him Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court. He is currently serving as a judge in the High Court of Allahabad.

CANADA – The hotline offers legal assistance to students visited by CSIS, RCMP

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) at U of T has established a student support hotline providing legal advice to U learners who have been visited by organisations such as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The National Security Student Support Hotline is a cooperation between the Downtown Legal Services Clinic, the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, the National Council of Canadian Moslems and the IIS. The project was developed after stories about former Muslim Students ‘ Association managers across Canada having been visited by CSIS in the previous year.

INDIA – Gujarat HC’s ‘ War Room ‘ Demonstrates How To Enhance Trials, Monitors Courts

There is an array of big LCD monitors installed side-by-side on a wall with some statistical data running, while the others display CCTV footage. This remote monitoring center is a “war room” lately set up at the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad.Established under the aegis of the State Court Management Systems (SCMS), the data storage and mining center will assist the High Court to monitor and enhance judicial procedures across the state’s reduced courts. Data from the taluka level to the high court level will now be readily available for analysis.

UNITED KINGDOM – Extension Of Brexit: PM To ‘ Test Law To Limit ‘ To Prevent Delay

The government will “test to the limit” a new law intended to force it to seek an extension of the time limit for the Brexit if an agreement is not reached by 19 October. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that the state would abide by the law, but would “look very closely” at its “interpretation” of the legislation. He said that Britain stayed committed to a deal with the EU. The aim of the law, which should be granted royal assent on Monday, is to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the EU without an agreement on 31 October.

INDIA – The Supreme Court Of The People’s Tribunal Over NRC

A citizens ‘ committee, including former Supreme Court Judges Madan B Lokur and Kurian Joseph and former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court A P Shah, heavily accused the apex court of managing the problem of the NRC in Assam. “The Supreme Court misappropriated migration with internal aggression and dehumanized migrants,” the jury noted after a two-day government hearing on the inundation of the NRC. “Despite the scale of the practice, the commitment of the judiciary on setting deadlines has increased the stress on both the process and the individuals concerned,” the jury added.

INDIA – India’s New FDI Policy May Not Be Enough To Allow Private Coal Mining To Begin

Workers at India’s state-owned coal mining business are disturbed by the government’s decision to make 100% foreign direct investment in the industry. Five trade unions, representing employees of Coal India, a state-owned miner, even called for a strike on Sept. 24 against a move that would allow worldwide players like Glencore, BHP, and Anglo American to enter India. However, the probability of this move to real investment continues small considering the bureaucratic hurdles, an uncertain future for sector in the face of climate change and domestic policy upheavals in latest years, a lack of price liberty and a lower calorific value for Indian coal.




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