Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Telangana: A Group Of Females Lawyers Are Seeking A Judge’s Position

On Monday (September 11, 2019), a group of females’ lawyers met Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and asked him to consider raising effective women proponents as magistrates. They handed over a representation on behalf of hundreds of females’ advocates urging him to give them the respectable space they deserve at the bench. They also encouraged him to take a lenient perspective of the norm that a lawyer should demonstrate evidence of Rs 7 lakh’s annual revenue in order to be able to enter the area of consideration. This was part of the Memorandum of Procedure for the appointment of judges. Women lawyers argued that these criteria should be relaxed in regard of women, as they can’t be anticipated to have such a big revenue given the breaks they have in their professions, said Vasudha Nagaraj, one of the proponents who met the Chief Justice and the women’s group.

INDIA – Lawyers Are Opposing The Proposed Amendment Of The Advocates Act In Srikakulam

Lawyers in the district heavily objected proposed amendments to the Advocates Act, 1961. They held a protest at District Court under President Sistu Ramesh of the Aegis District Bar Association and Secretary General G Sri Krishna Prasad and representatives of the body on Monday. They have abstained from court duties. Speaking on the occasion, they said that the amendments to the Act would dilute the profession and that the common person would not get justice. They called for an immediate withdrawal of amendments and raised slogans against the unilateral decision of the Central Government.

INDIA – Needs to Stop Deforestation in India, As Its Mountains When Battling with Floods

In many areas of southern and western India, floods are now an annual nightmare. Valleys in the countries of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, which have not been deemed flood-prone until recently, are at danger. These floods appear to be getting more severe. Climate change is causing stronger and more erratic rainfall, with recurrent floods in low-lying regions, while population growth is putting more people in risky areas. Moreover, another issue is the deforestation in the mountain range, where much of the waterfalls first: The Western Ghats. Recurrent floods and landslides in the mountains, hills and downstream areas (between the Ghats and the ocean) indicate that India needs to rethink its environmental law in order to balance the requirements of nature and man.

INDIA – No Indian Will Be Left Behind: Smriti Irani Opposes Mamata Banerjee over NRC

Union Minister Smriti Irani criticized West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her resistance to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) on Tuesday, stating that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government at the Center is committed to defending the freedoms of all citizens of the nation. The illegal infiltrators will be dealt with according to the law, she said. “No Indian will be left out … we’re committed to protecting the rights of the country’s citizens,” the union minister told NRC. Criticizing Mamata Banerjee for her opposition to the NRC, Smriti Irani said, demonstrates the dichotomy on her stand against illegal immigrants.

USA – Gov. Andrew Cuomo Approves New Law Requiring NY Schools to Observe 9/11 Anniversary

The New York Schools are obliged to provide a moment of silence to celebrate the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to a new state law authorized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday. The law also encourages dialogue and school schooling among a new generation of students who were not present during the 2001 terror attacks that levelled the twin towers of the World Trade Center and murdered more than 3,000 people — the worst foreign attack on American soil. The law went into force immediately.

INDIA – Nations Should Not Permit Their Territory to Be Used For Wrongdoing By Means Of ICT

Concerned about the malicious use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), India has argued that countries should not knowingly allow their territory to be used to commit “internationally unjust” acts such as cyber terrorism. Joint Secretary (EG & IT) (Cyber Diplomacy) in the Ministry of External Affairs, Ms Singh Rawat, said Monday that the problem of cyber warfare, cyber doctrines and their effect on global safety should be addressed in all appropriate global fora. Rawat spoke at the Open-Ended Working Group (OEEC) on developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security.

INDIA – In India Man Dies of Heart Attack during a Debate with Traffic Cop

A 34-year-old guy suddenly lost consciousness and died of a heart attack while talking to a traffic officer about a fine in Noida, India. According to a news magazine India Today’s website, the deceased, who was recognized as Gaurav, was driving his parents’ home from sector 62 in Noida, a town in the Indian National Capital Region when the police stopped him for a traffic violation. Gaurav’s brother-in-law, Ankur Sharma, said the traffic officer had struck their vehicle with a wooden stick to stop them. This led to a heated debate between Gaurav and the police. The family also accused the police of using abusive language during the heated argument. In the case, the family has not registered an FIR.

UNITED KINGDOM – New Food Allergen Labeling Law Effective from October 2021:  FSA

The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency (FSA) has declared a new law that will require more food to be labelled with allergen information. The new law will come into force in October 2021. The new legislation will require companies to make complete labelling of ingredients and allergens available on food that is pre-packaged for direct sale. “This is a significant and welcome step towards our ambition to make the United Kingdom the best place in the globe for individuals who have food allergies and intolerances. I encourage businesses, both large and small, to work with the Food Standards Agency to get this right, “says Heather Hancock, Chair of the Food Standards Agency.

INDIA – Kashmiris Alleges Night Terror On The Part Of Indian Troops In Crackdown

Indian soldiers went to Bashir Ahmed Dar’s house in Southern Kashmir on August 10, a few days after the government in New Delhi stripped the disputed Himalayan region of its statehood and initiated a crackdown. Over the next 48 hours, the 50-year-old plumber said he had been subjected to two distinct rounds of soldiers ‘ beatings. They requested that he find his younger brother, who had joined rebels against India’s presence in the Muslim-majority region, and convince him to surrender or “face music.”

INDIA – Action Against The IIT-Kanpur Teacher After A Student Complains About Sexual Harassment

A foreign student leveled accusation of improper conduct against a faculty member, urging the IIT-Kanpur to remove him from his teaching duties instantly, the institute said on Tuesday. It said, “The Institute’s Internal Complaints Committee began inquiries under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Act in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court.” The institute stated that it had a zero-tolerance policy against any “deviant behavior” and that rigorous action would be taken once the recommendations of the panel had been presented.

CANADA – Teachers Turned Away From The Ban On Religious Symbols As School Year Began

Quebec’s new law on secularism creates circumstances that “dark the climate of a school,” says the union leader representing Montreal educators. She states the law obliges school boards to turn away professors as they face labor shortages. The law, which prohibits certain government servants in positions of power from carrying religious symbols at a job, has caused confusion in the government education scheme.

INDIA – Non-Performing Assets; Renewable Developers May Approach National Company Law Tribunal: RK Singh Cautions Andhra

The Union Minister of Power, R.K. Singh, wrote a letter to Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, on non-payment of fees from state electricity distribution firms to renewable energy developers. Singh pointed out that state-owned DISCOMs owe more than 20 billion (~280 million) to renewable energy developers. According to Singh, non-payment of fees to developers may cause them to default on borrowing from public organizations such as the Indian Renewable Energy Development Association (IREDA), adding to the sector’s non-performing assets, and developers could further drag DISCOMs to the National Company Law Tribunal.

INDIA – Why Was Abetment Not Been Investigated: Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers and retired policemen challenged Lucknow’s suicide seal on the September 1 gunshot death of IAS officer Umesh Pratap Singh’s wife Anita Singh. Instead of doing a rush job and closing the case early, police should have analyzed Anita’s medical history, examine her call detail record (CDR) and talk to individuals outside the immediate family to clear up all reasonable doubts, they said. Khan added that if Anita shot herself, what led her to suicide should have been a significant component of the investigation. In other words, the police required to investigate the angle of abetment.

DUBAI – Dubai’s DIFC Has Implemented New Employment Laws Concern Both Employers And Staff

According to Arab Business, at the end of last month, the bustling Dubai Trade Center implemented fresh employment legislation that tackle problems such as paternity leave, sick pay and termination of service. Newly introduced laws concern both employers and staff (including those working on part-time and short-term agreements) and soon-to-be fathers will be happy to hear that one of the employee-focused laws involves the implementation of five days of paternity leave. Other laws geared towards employees include penalties for discrimination as well as penalties to ensure companies adhere to basic conditions of employment, visa and residency sponsorship.

USA -Virginia Couples Challenge Laws That Require Them To Declare Their Race

In the U.S. country of Virginia, couples must state their racial background from a lengthy list of alternatives including “Aryan,” “Moor” and “Octoroon” before they get married. The purpose of a lawsuit is to put an end to this. The suit, filed on behalf of three couples by lawyer Victor M Glasberg, defines the statute as “unconstitutional” and “reflective of a racist past.” Mr. Glasberg also wrote to Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, urging him to “do what needs to be done to get to the right side of history.”  But in the meantime, they asked for an injunction so that they would not be refused a marriage license by the clerk for refusing to register their race.

INDIA – Why The Income Norms For The Elevation Of Magistrates Are Pitting Modi Government Against SC Collegium

The Modi Government is at loggerheads with the collegium of the Supreme Court on judicial appointments, this time with at least 10 lawyers as judges of the Allahabad High Court. The Center has allegedly placed on hold the recommendation of the collegium to appoint 10 lawyers on the basis that they do not qualify as judges for the minimum income needed. It had, however, continued to relax the criteria, claiming that it could do so “to a fair extent in cases where such proponents belong to categories of SC / ST / OBC or represent the government in their ability as standing counsel before the judiciary.”

INDIA – A Homebuyer Can Approach Both The Consumer Panel And The Rera: Delhi HC

In a crucial ruling, the High Court of Delhi held that homebuyers can approach both the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) and Rera against errant builders as their jurisdictions are “concurrent.” The Court held that proceedings under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 could be initiated by homebuyers (or allotments of properties in proposed real estate development projects) against developers even after the implementation of the Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act, 2016, commonly known as Rera. Justice Prateek Jalan, in the proceedings, dismissed a batch of petitions filed by 62 builders and developers across the national capital region who had sought relief, arguing that once a homebuyer had moved RERA, the case before the consumer commission could not be heard and had to be withdrawn.

INDIA – Mumbai Road Conditions Will Not Allow Cars To Exceed A Speed Limit Of 80 km/h: Mumbai HC

The road conditions in Mumbai are such that no one would be able to drive his car above the speed limit of 80 km / h, the High Court of Bombay noted, while hearing a petition for the strict implementation of the speed governor norms. Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Bharati Dangre heard a petition submitted last week by a city-based NGO claiming that the provisions for the installation of speed governors in cars are not being strictly enforced. A speed governor is a tool used to evaluate and control the velocity of the engine.

INDIA – Bombay HC To Hear The PIL On 5 November On Suspected Irregularities In The Ambulance Purchase Case

The High Court of Bombay set November 5 as the next date for the hearing of a public interest dispute (PIL) lodged by a whistleblower alleging irregularities in the acquisition of ambulances under the Highway Emergency Medical Relief and Accident Mitigation Plan. The PIL was filed in 2017 and the HC issued a number of notices to the participants. The last notification was released in 2018 and the deadline for response ended in July of this year. Court notices were issued to the central government, the state government of Maharashtra, the IRDA and the GIC, but none of them responded.

INDIA – The High Court Of Madras Directs The American International School To Reply To The Notification Of The TN-Grand Within 15 Days

The High Court of Madras directed the American International School of Chennai (AISC) to react to the Tamil Nadu Government’s notice within 15 days of receiving the required records for clarification from it (Government). The Tamil Nadu School Education Department has previously sent a notice to the school to achieve recognition that it would not be closed. A local government certificate of recognition is required to operate a college under the Children’s Rights for Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009. Disposing of the petition, the court ordered the government to provide requested documents within seven days. The request/application should be submitted by the school within 15 days from the date of receipt of the documents.


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