Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: New Amendments In SC/ST Law: Supreme Court Writes Centre, Demands Response Within Six Weeks

The Supreme Court of India on Friday wrote the Central government on fresh amendments made by the Nation’s legislators in Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes (Prevention of Atrocities Act) and demanded for an urgent response within six weeks from the date of receipt of the letter. The Supreme Court took the decision while hearing pleas alleging that the legislators arbitrarily inserted the previous provision into the law with a view to denying innocent Indians the right to seek for anticipatory bail.


 India: Bombay High Court- Follow The Due Process Of Law Rather Than Writing Directly to The PM or President

A High Court sitting in Bombay on Friday declared that henceforth anybody writing to the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister or the President should comply with laid down rules and procedures instead of writing directly to them as this seems more of a publicity stunt than actual problem-solving. The court made the declaration after hearing a plea regarding the violence at Koregaon-Bhima village, Pune in January 2018.


Indian: Section 377: Lawyers That Made Abolishing The Law A Success

On Thursday this week, the Supreme Court of India reversed itself on the 2013 verdict it gave regarding Section 377 of the Penal Code. The law had criminalized gay sex, offenders were liable to a 10 years jail term. Lawyers that made the Supreme Court to abolish Section 377 are Anand Grover, Menaka Guruswamy, Suraj Sanap, Arvind Datar, and Mukul Rohtagi. Others are Krishnan Venugopal, Shyam Divan, Ashok Desai, Chandra Uday Singh, and Jayna Kothari.


India: Mob Lynching Incidents: Supreme Court Tells 19 States To Implement Its Judgement

The Supreme Court on Friday told 19 States to with immediate effect begin the implementation of its July 17 judgment against mob lynching incidents. The court’s decision was informed after the Central government wrote to it that the government was working on a draft policy to stop mob lynching incidents.


UK: Divorce Laws: Government Plans A Total Overhaul

The United Kingdom government on Friday said it was contemplating overhauling the nation’s divorce Laws with a view to hastening the divorce process with acrimony. This was made known to the members of the public through the State media by the Justice Secretary, David Gauke. Gauke said the present divorce law breeds unnecessary acrimony.


Australia: Child Sex Abuse: Catholic Leaders Submit Report To The Royal Commission

Catholic leaders in Australia on Friday submitted its report on alleged child sex abuse to the Royal Commission. The response from the Catholic leaders emanated after a marathon meeting by the Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) and Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC). The report purportedly accepted the recommendations of the Royal Commission.


US: Female Genital Mutilation: US, UK Security Agencies Sensitizes The Public

Security agencies from the United States and the United Kingdom on Friday sensitized members of the public in the United States regarding the adverse effects of female genital mutilation. The goal of the sensitization was christened “Operation Limelight” and was conducted across four different international airports – Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


 UAE: Alcohol Laws: British Embassy Warns  Travellers To Dubai

Following the arrest of a woman in Dubai, the British Embassy in the UAE on Friday warned passengers traveling to the Emirates. The Embassy posted the warning on its Facebook page citing the case of a woman who was arrested for drinking a glass of wine on a London-Dubai flight some weeks ago.


Thailand: Facebook Post Arrest: Human Rights Watch Cautions Government

The Thai government on Friday was urged by a Human Rights Watch to consider releasing the 12 persons that were arrested over Facebook posts. The arrested persons had posted on their timeline about a British tourist who complained that she was raped while holidaying in the country. Thai police immediately arrested the Facebook users claiming their posts were untrue.


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