Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International


India: Union Minister Calls For Population Control Laws

The Union Minister, Giriraj Singh on Sunday called for a law that would control the exponential growth in Indian Population. Singh made the call in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha using population figures. He said if the population of Hindus is not put under control, it would impede progress and pose a serious threat to social harmony by 2047. He gave different figures to justify his call and hence urged for speedy passage of the laws.


India: Use Your Legal Knowledge To Help The Poor, CJI Tells Law Graduates

The Indian Chief Justice, Dipak Misra on Sunday called on law graduates to deploy their skills and capital to help the needy and poor in the society. Misra made the call in Bengaluru while delivering his presidential addressing to staff, students, and the University community at the 26th annual convocation of the National Law School of India University. Misra advised the graduating students not be discouraged by the tribulations and trial of time.


UK: Motorists To Be Fined 100 Pounds For Driving Too Close To A Cyclist

In a bid to reduce the carnage on the road, motorists in the United Kingdom may be fined 100 pounds for driving too close to a cyclist, a new law has revealed. The law states motorists should give at least 1.5 meters when overtaking cyclists on the roads. In a recent report made available by the Department of Transportation, over 102 cyclists and 48 pedestrians were killed on the roads in the UK


India: Delhi HC Says Denial Or Non-Renewal Of A Passport Affects Fundamental Rights

The Delhi High Court bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru has directed the government to fast-track the process of obtaining a passport, as denial or non-renewal could affect fundamental human rights of passport applicants. Justice Bakhru gave the directive while hearing a plea by Jasvinder Singh Chauhan, a passport applicant seeking to compel the government to fast-track the process of issuing him a new passport. Singh’s residential status is in Jeopardy in Canada due to the seeming delay in processing his passport. The delay was caused by a case of impersonation orchestrated by his brother-in-law.


India: Uber Rape Case: Delhi HC Upholds The Life Sentence Handed Down To An Uber Driver

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices Vinod Goel and S Muralidhar has upheld the life Imprisonment sentence handed down to an Uber driver for a rape case involving a 25-year old lady in his cab in 2014. The bench observed that rape cases have been on the rise in recent times despite the laws passed to curb sexual offenses against women. The bench revealed a shocking figure of rape cases in 2016, noting that over 38,947 women were raped in 2016.


Canada: Legal Bill: Trade Disputes, Lawsuits driving Up Bills In Ottawa

The Canadian government over the weekend said that trade disputes and lawsuit with the United States are rapidly driving up legal bills. Between 2017 and 2018, over $26.4 million has been paid to outside law firms and legal experts. The government said this amount is the highest in recent history. Last year recorded the highest wage bill when a Washington DC law firm helped the Canadian government to fight a legal dispute with the US Government over softwood lumber.


India: Lawyers vs Judges Match: Appeals And Counter-Appeals Ensured

The annual friendly cricket match at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium between the Supreme Court Bar Association XI (lawyers from Supreme Court) and the Chief Justice of India XI (Judges from SC and High Courts) usually involves the high and mighty in the country’s judicial system. There is no trophy to win but legal luminaries normally display their bragging rights. CJI Dipak Misra captained the Chief Justice of India XI team, while the opposition was captained by the SCBA President Vikas Singh. The friendly contest was won by the Supreme Court Bar Association XI.


India: Parking Space: Bombay HC Says Flat owners Are Entitled To One Parking Space

The Bombay High Court bench of Justice Ramesh Dhanuka on Friday said flat owners are entitled to at least one parking space on a year to year basis. The Court said this while hearing a petition instituted by the Bandra housing society against a Cooperative court. The Cooperative Court had denied a member of the society a parking space in a housing estate. The Court struck out the suit and directed the society to find out whether the member was entitled to a parking space or not within the year.


US: Texas Police Arrests Border Patrol Agent For Alleged Killing Spree

The police in Texas on Saturday arrested one Juan David Ortiz, a Border patrol agent for allegedly killing about four women, as well as kidnapping the fifth. The police said the suspect has worked in the border patrol for over 10 years and wondered why he would engage in such act. The police apprehended him in a hideout at a parking lot immediately the woman he abducted escaped and alerted security agencies.



India: Police Charges Tamil Nadu BJP Leader To Court For Abusing Madras High Court

The Police on Saturday filed a lawsuit against the National Secretary of Tamil Nadu BJP, H Raja for abusing the state police, as well as the Madras High Court during a Ganesha idols procession at Meyyapuram village in Pudukottai. Raja was caught on camera calling the police “anti-Hindu” and using offensive words against the court. The video has since gone viral on various social media channels.


India: Pending Cases: Over 70,000 Cases Still Pending In Karnataka Courts Within 5 Months

Within five months, over 70,000 pending cases have been recorded in Karnataka courts even as the strength of judges remain the same. This was made known by a recent report. The report has it that as of April 6, the figure stood at 16.3 lakh, while as of September 14, it exceeds 16.9 lakh. This means that each judge both high and lower courts judges would have to attend to 1,688 cases daily on a daily basis, plus new cases.


US: Donald Trump To Send “Presidential Alert” Across The Country


If you are an American, the United States president may soon send you a “presidential alert” on your cell phone, according to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA would be testing its National system on Thursday to verify the strength of the system which would send “presidential alert” to residents once there is an emergency, particularly dangerous weather conditions. According to FEMA’s website, the test would take place on Thursday by 2:18 PM.


UAE: Government Passes Law To Allow Expatriates Stay In The Country After Retirement


The UAE government on Sunday passed a law which will allow expatriates to remain in the country after retiring from active service if they own over US$545,000 properties. The law is geared towards booming the country’s real estate. Before the law was passed, expatriates were expected to leave the country upon retirement at the age of 60 or 65 depending on his/her employer.


China: Sexual Abuse: Social Media Gives Voice To Victims

China is a country with heavy regulations on the use of social media. Late last year, a sexual assault victim, Luo Xixi couldn’t voice out when nudging university officials tried to pressure her into sex. But when Luo Xixi published a post on Weibo, a popular blog similar to Twitter, the post went viral garnering over 3 million views. Those involved in the act were fired. Other rape victims are now taking advantage of social media to share their experiences.




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