Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

India: Separating Crime Handling Officers From Those Maintaining Law And Order Will Boosts Public Confidence On Police, Study Suggests

In order to boost public confidence on the present police force structure, separating crime handling police officers from those maintaining law and order will do the magic, the report of a study titled “the relevance of accountability on the Gujarat State criminal justice system” revealed on Friday. The study was undertaken by the Gujarat National Law University and funded by the Gujarat government. The study sampled the opinions of 469 respondents including 296 judicial workers and 173 policemen from Rajkot, Surat, Ahmedabad, as well as Vadodara. According to the report, India has a criminal conviction rate of 47% while other developing countries have a criminal conviction rate of 85%.



India: EC Writes Law Ministry On False Filing Of Affidavit By Politicians

The Election Commission of India on Friday wrote the Law Ministry over the issue of filing false affidavit been perpetuated by desperate politicians in a bid to stand for elections and called on the Ministry to make the offense a corrupt act punishable with a 6 years ban from active politics under the electoral law. Political aspirants are required to file Form 26 which provides information on their education, liabilities, criminal record, and assets, among others. Offenders are currently liable to a 6 months jail term or fine.


UK: Criminals Using Antique Weapons Due To Weak Laws

The rising wave of criminality and other social vices in the United Kingdom has been attributed to a lack of regulation around the sale, ownership, and transfer of firearms, according to a report. The number of criminality recorded have tremendously increased from 4 to 91 between 2008 and 2016. The UK’s Firearms Act 1968 exempt antique weapons, even though currently there is no definition on what makes up an antique.


India: Bombay HC Frowns At The Practice Of Roping In-Laws In Domestic Violence Cases

The Bombay High Court bench of Justice Bharati H Dangre on Friday said it was an abuse of the court process to rope in-laws in a case of domestic violence. The court made this statement after hearing a plea by a couple whose daughter-in-law had sued the husband and also roped them. The couple argued that roping them was against The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, and hence prayed the court to set aside the process initiated by their daughter-in-law.


India: Manipur Government Plans To Curb Mob Violence Through Legislation

In a bid to curb mob violence, the Manipur Government on Friday expressed readiness to introduce a bill dubbed “Manipur Mob Violence Control and Prohibition Bill” when the state assembly resumes sitting. This was made known by the government spokesman, Thongam Biswajit Singh during a cabinet meeting to brainstorm on how to curb the incessant killing of people by mobs. The latest of such killing was when mobs killed a suspected car theft on September 13 at the Manipur West district. Five persons are currently in detention for the lynching.


Canada: US Border Agents Could Ban Canadians For Life If They Admit Smoking Pot

The United States border agents could place a life ban on any Canadian national who admit having smoked pot at the US border. The US and Canada have been on loggerhead over the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, even though 9 States in the US have legalize its use. The use of marijuana is illegal under the US federal law. The Canadian government will on October 17 legalize the consumption of recreational marijuana.


India: Corporate Law Experts Call For A Paradigm Shift In The DIN Management

Some groups of corporate law experts on Friday called on the Centre to consider re-structuring the administration of the Director Identification Number, arguing that it is very difficult for directors, particularly foreign directors to surrender their DIN once they are no longer interested in the position. The experts made the call after news broke that the government has deactivated over 21 lakhs DINs for failure to comply with the September 15 KYC compliance deadline. High ranking politicians and top Bollywood stars were affected in the exercise.


Australia: Lawyer Calls On Government To Recognise Dowry Abuse As A Domestic Violence

A legal luminary who doubles as a Liberal senator, Ian Macdonald on Friday raised the alarm over the rising number of dowry-related violence on South Asian women and called on the government to take a decisive action on the issue. The senator made this call during a Senate sitting convened to inquire about dowry abuse in the country. Dowry abuse survivors and several experts on the subject matter gave their inputs on how to curb the trend.


US: Freezing And Unfreezing Of Credit Cards Now Free In The US

Gone are the days when Americans were seeking ways to protect themselves from identity theft, as a new law which started on Friday now makes it possible to freeze and unfreeze a credit card free of charge at the 3 major bureaus. Prior before this law, it costs about $3 to $12 to freeze and unfreeze a credit card at any of the bureaus. Lawmakers had to fast track the implementation of th new law owing to a shocking report released last year by Equifax that over 148 million Americans were exposed to data breaches.


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