Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: Compliance To Rule Of Law Makes A Nation Happier

Studies have shown that compliance to rule of law can actually make a happy person. According to the report of a survey by the World Happiness Report, India was ranked 133th out of 156 countries that were surveyed. Although India’s performance is largely attributed to several factors, but there is a relationship between the rule of law and people’s happiness. Based on the WHR report, public analysts have urged the government to as a matter of urgency obey the court order and guarantee the rule of law.


India: Government Considers Law To Improve Ease Of Doing Business

A senior government official (name withheld) on Sunday said the government is considering a legislation that would settle commercial disputes in a timely manner. In a bid to enhance the country’s ease of doing business, the official added that the government will introduce the legislation relying on a bill that would be cleared during the Monsoon Session between November and December by Lok Sabha. When enacted and fully implemented, the bill would make India a hub for global and domestic commercial dispute settlement.


US: Benefits Accrued To Green Card Holders: Trump Proposes Law To Deny Green Cards Applicants

The United States president, Donald Trump on Saturday said his administration is planning on drafting a legislation that would clamp down on the benefits or aid currently enjoyed by green card holders. He made this known in Washington DC during an interview with journalists. In a press release by the Department of Homeland Security, the agency noted that the proposed law would deny some applicants from obtaining green cards.


India: High Number Of Building Violations Due To Court Stay Order, BBMP Official Says

An official of the BBMP’s legal cell over the weekend said the high cases of building violation was as a result of stay orders granted to the builders by a law court. The cell’s panel has over 96 lawyers and the cases the civic body is handling are over 6,000 cases. The body is a party in several courts like the city civil court, high court, Karnataka administrative tribunal, as well as the Supreme Court. Most of the 6,000 cases are building related, advertisements, and property tax payments.



India: Delhi High Court Moves To Safe Students From Imminent Collapse Of School Building

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices Rajendra Menon and VK Rao has moved to safe Rajputana Rifles Heroes Memorial Senior Secondary School students from an imminent national disaster. The case was brought before the court by an NGO known as Social Jurist via a PIL. The court after listening to the plea by the NGO asked the AAP government to provide a date it would transfer the students from a dilapidated structure to a new building to guarantee their safety. The court also directed the AAP government to provide a date it would reconstruct the dilapidated structure.


Canada: It Is Easier To Buy Firearms Online In Canada

It is now easier to buy firearms online in Canada according to a report of a survey which was made public over the weekend. Canadians have this belief that their government heavily regulates the trading of firearms. Theoretically, before buying or selling a gun, a buyer/seller is supposed to possess a Possession and Acquisition Licence. However, in actual sense, this is not the situation buying guns online.



India: Bombay High Court Directs Power Distributor To Liase With Regulator On The Reclassification Of Wind Zones

The Bombay High Court over the weekend directed the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. to liase with the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission over the reclassification of wind zones. Hero Wind Energy had filed a petition before the court challenging the circular issued by the regulator in July to reclassify wind zones based on their CUF alone. The court after listening to the plea by the petitioner directed the power distributor to re-submit a proposal for reclassifying wind zones to the regulator and ensure that the developer is carried along before taking a decision.


India: Linking Of Aadhaar Number To Social Media Platforms: Madras HC Asks Social Media Companies To Respond To A PIL

The Madras High Court over the weekend directed all the social media companies operating in the country to respond to a public interest litigation filed by one Antony Clement Rubin over the linkage of Aadhaar Number on users’ social media accounts. The Madras High Court ruling comes at a time Indians are expecting the judgment of the Supreme Court over the constitutionality of Aadhaar Number this week. The Chennai Police had filed an affidavit before the court arguing that the social media companies were reluctant to provide information to investigators investigating cyber-related crimes.


UK: 8 Things Homeowners Do To Break The Law In Their Back Garden In The UK

Homeowners in the United Kingdom may not be aware that some action actually constitutes breaking property laws. According to a news medium, homeowners in the UK engaging in the following acts break the UK’s property laws: Trimming branches, Keeping branches, Keep windfallen fruit, blocking windows with a new tree, setting up new fences and boundaries, creating Hot tubs, smoking in the garden, as well as, Trampolines.


India: Entry Refusal: Intimate Blacklisted Individuals In Advance, Delhi HC Tells Centre

The Delhi High Court bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru over the weekend directed the Centre to always intimate individuals whether foreigners or Indians living in diaspora about their Blacklisted status ahead of time. A woman had approached the court for refusing her husband entry into the country despite the fact that he is an Overseas Citizen Of India (OCI) card holder with a valid visa. The court after listening to her plea expressed dismay over the practice of blacklisting Travellers with valid visas without informing them in advance.


India: Man Urges Delhi HC To Order The Launch Of Dedicated Mobile Apps For Blind Students

A man by name Sufian Siddiqui has urged the Delhi High Court to order the Indian government to launch dedicated mobile applications that would make live easy for students of the Blind Relief School located in Delhi. Siddiqui made the appeal through a report he personally filed in the court. Siddiqui cited the benefits of a particular app overseas dubbed “Be my eyes helping the Blind”.


Australia: Visa Rorters: Australia Clamps Down On Malaysian Tourists

It is no longer news that Malaysian tourists with valid visas are finding it difficult to enter Australia. According to a report, Malaysia ranks high on the list of countries culpable of previous visa rorters. The Australian Department of Home Affairs in a press release over the weekend confirm the situation to reporters. The Spokesperson of the agency said Malaysia leads on the list of countries violating visa rules. Other countries are China, India, UK, and US.


India: Beggars’ Home Deserted, Report Shows

Barely one month after a Delhi High Court bench passed a judgment allowing beggars to beg without being harassed or arrested by law enforcement agencies, the largest home housing beggars in Lampur, The Sewa Sadan Complex has been found deserted. Journalists on investigative journalism found out that for the past two years no single beggar have registered in the complex with a capacity to house over 1525 inmates.


Switzerland: Government To Prohibit Wearing Veil In Public Places

The Switzerland government is planning a legislation that would prohibit the practice of wearing veils in public places. This followed a vote in St Gallen supporting the enactment of the legislation on Sunday. According to state media, over 67% voted in favour of the new law. Recall that Southern canton of Ticino had two years ago enacted laws that prohibit the use of veils in public places. Analysts posited that the law was targeted at Muslim groups and burqas.



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