Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: SC Directs Lawmakers To Enact Laws That Would  Prevent Politicians With Criminal Cases From Contesting Election

The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI, Dipak Misra on Tuesday called on the country’s lawmakers to enact laws that would prevent persons with pending criminal cases from seeking a legislative seat. The court said it cannot delve into legislative matters by disqualifying aspirants into the legislature and directed politician with a criminal record to disclose it through an appropriate affidavit.


India: SC Dismisses Suit Seeking To Stop Lawyers Cum Lawmakers From Practising

The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI, Dipak Misra and Justices D Y Chandrachud and A M Khanwilkar on Tuesday dismissed a public interest litigation filed by a lawyer by name Ashwini Upadhayay seeking to ban MLAs, MLCs, and MPs from defending people in courts on the grounds that they are already on the payroll of the government receiving salaries and emoluments. The Supreme Court after hearing the PIL struck out the suit and said the defendants are not employees of anyone even though they draw salaries from the Indian Consolidated Fund.



France: Cat-Call Law: Man Fined, Jailed For Slapping A Woman’s Boot In Public

A man in his 30’s has been fined and jailed in Paris for slamming the bottom of a 21-year-old lady and also making inciting comments after the lady’s breasts. In France, the cat-call law was recently signed into law by President Emmanuel Macron. The man is now the first person to be convicted by the new law. He was fined 300 Euros by a judge in Paris. The incident happened on a bus at rush hour of the day. Policemen were immediately alerted and the offender was arrested.



India: Election Commission’s Power Has Limitation, SC Says

The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI, Dipak Misra and Justices D Y Chandrachud and A M Khanwilkar on Tuesday said the Election Commission has absolute powers but are subject to the provisions of the law made by members of the parliament. The bench further asserted that even though the electoral umpire has the power to conduct and supervise elections, those powers are subjected to the provisions of the law. The bench made this statement while hearing a case seeking to prevent persons with a criminal record from contesting elections into the parliament.


India: Government To Pass A Law Allowing Individuals To Control Their Data

The Indian government is planning to enact legislation that would empower individuals to control their data. This move followed the decision of the Supreme Court in August 2017. The apex court had ruled that the issue of privacy should be a thing of an individual right. Immediately after the judgment, a committee headed by an ex-Supreme Court justice swung into action by drafting a bill with the intention of presenting it to the parliament later in 2018. The bill seeks to make the use of data for specific purposes legal.


UK: Insights About UK’s Taxation Law

In the United Kingdom, the Taxation Act with acronym “TCBTA” for cross-border trade was signed into law on the 13th of September, 2018. The law seeks to guarantee a fully functional customs, excise regimes, and value-added tax, regardless of what pans out at the Brexit negotiations. The new bill was commonly referred to as the Customs bill. The Taxation Act will take effect immediately the European Union ceases to apply in the United Kingdom.


India: Central Bank Vs Bitcoin: SC May Likely Hear The Case Today

The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI, Dipak Misra and Justices D Y Chandrachud and A M Khanwilka on Tuesday expressed readiness to hear a case between the Internet and Mobile Association of India and the Reserve Bank of India over Bitcoin ban. Internet and Mobile Association of India had dragged the RBI to court over the latter’s ban on the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in India. The Reserve Bank of India in its affidavit argued that the use of cryptocurrencies has not been defined in any legal system.


India: Vijay Rupani Lashes Congress Over Allowance To Unemployed Youth

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani on Tuesday lashed out at the Congress for contemplating disbursing allowance to youths that are unemployed. The Minister promised that very soon his government will roll outlaws that would compel industries operating in the state to employ 80 percent of its employees from Gujarat. Rupani made this known in an event organized to dispatch agreement letters to more than 8,500 youth under the Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Yojana scheme.


Ireland: Alcohol Products To Have Label On The Risk Of Cancer, Health Minister Says

The Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris on Tuesday indicated that the government will soon roll out plans to make it compulsory for alcohol products to bear a label on the risk of cancer. The Minister made this known in the state capital saying the law will come under the Public Alcohol Bill which the Oireachtas is currently debating. The statement from the Minister has cleared the air on the controversy making the rounds that the health ministry has dropped the idea from the Public Alcohol Bill before the lawmakers.



India: Delhi HC Chides State Government For Non-Salary Payment To Civil Workers

The Delhi High Court bench of justices Rajendra Menon and V Kameswar Rao on Tuesday chided the state government for not paying the salaries of those working in municipal corporations. The court expressed dismay over the action of the government and then attributed the workers’ suffering to the non-payment of their wages occasioned by the fight among politicians. The court made this remark after hearing several pleas seeking to compel the state government to finance the three municipal corporations. The matter is already before the apex court.


India: Eradication Of Malnutrition: Strive To Rank First, Bombay HC Tells Maharashtra Government

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices M S Sonak and A S Oka on Monday enjoyed the Maharashtra Government to strive to attain the first position in malnutrition eradication rather than boosting of attaining the third position. The court cautioned the state government not to see the eradication Program as a competition. The court makes this remarks after hearing several PILs which sought to highlight the high prevalence of death rate due to malnutrition in Maharashtra. The government was urged to submit a report of scientific research it has carried out on the issue, as well as highlight the measures put in place to curtail it.


Canada: Legal Education: Queen University Announces New Online Graduate Diploma

The Canadian premier University, Queen University on Tuesday announced the introduction of a new online graduate diploma in the University’s Faculty of Law. The new diploma would focus on Legal Services Management. According to the announcement, the program consists of 5 courses such as financial literacy, legal services business, legal practice, project management, and people management. The program is geared towards impacting both law students and graduates in business skills to argument their legal knowledge.



India: Bombay HC Queries State Government Over Potholes

The Bombay high court bench of Justices Bhati Dangre and Ranjit More on Tuesday asked the state government to explain to it why it has failed to fill up the Potholes on the Sion-Panvel expressway and other major roads in the city despite the toll it collects from those roads. The court queried the government after listening to a PIL filed by an activist by name Deepak Singh. The PIL was as a result of too many accidents on the expressway as a result of the Potholes.


Canada: Historic Law Degree Launched At The University Of Victoria

Reports have it that Students, parents, elders, leaders on Tuesday witnessed the launched of a historic law degree at the University of Victoria which combines both Indigenous and non-Indigenous law in a single course of study. The new program is viewed as an effort to establish the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The new degree programme according to the University’s management will help students and graduands to build legal and political relationships.


US: Survey Reveals A Huge Racial And Gender Bias Among Legal Practitioners

A poll conducted in the United States has revealed a large gender and racial bias among practicing lawyers. The report of the survey was made public on Tuesday. The report showed that the discrimination affected promotion, pay, assignments, and hiring. The report was forwarded to the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women for actions to be taken.


US: Groups Urge Voters To Vote For Equality During The Upcoming Midterms Elections

Several groups like the Human Rights Campaign, civic society Organizations, the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer groups, on Tuesday urged voters in the United States to vote equality in the upcoming midterms. The group covered their appeal through a newspaper advertisement. The election is 42 days away from now. Apart from the newspaper advert, the groups also launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #TurnOut.



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