Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks


India: Central Government Proposes Legislation To Speedily Resolve Inter-State River Basin Dispute

In a bid to resolve the dispute among States within the river basin and to effectively manage the 13 river basins, the Central government over the weekend expressed readiness to enact legislation dubbed, The River Basin Management Bill, 2018 during the parliament’s winter session coming up in December. If the new law sails through, it will replace the existing River Board Act, 1956, which observers viewed as an advisory in its implementation. According to government sources, the new legislation would create 13 new River Basin Authorities, each comprising of an executive board and a governing council. Members of the council would be chief ministers of the concern states.


India: Why Not Introduce Double-Decker Services, Bombay HC Queries Railway Management

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices Naresh Patil and Girish Kulkarni on Friday asked the management of Railway Corporation to explain to it why it has not considered trying the use of double-decker services in view of the overcrowded local trains. The Railway Management through its representative,  Additional Solicitor General, Anil Singh immediately responded that the visibility report it conducted revealed that it was not viable implementing the double-decker services in the city, owing to the overwhelming numbers of daily commuters which currently stood at 75 lakh. The court asked Advocate Singh to submit the report before it for considerations.


Australia: Australia Proposes Law To Compel Tech Companies To Provide Access To Encrypted Messages

In a bid to improve its national security, the Australian government last month proposed a bill dubbed Access and Assistance Bill 2018 to the nation’s parliament with a view to compelling tech companies to process access to encrypted messages on their platforms. Recall that recently, Western countries like UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia had threatened to enact such laws, but Australia has made good its threat. Critics of the law, including, Apple, has sent a letter to the Australian government condemning the action in strong terms.


India: Sexual Harassment Case: Kate Sharma Files Petition Against Subhash Ghai At The Mumbai Police Station

A popular model who doubles as an actor, Kate Sharma on Saturday filed a petition before the Mumbai Police Station against a Bollywood movie producer, Subhash Ghai for sexually harassing her. Sharma asserted in her petition that Ghai attempted to kiss and hug her after the invitation was extended to her by the producer to visit his house. Ghai in a tweet responded that he would contact his lawyers to handle the case.


India: Sexual Harassment: Lawyers Wade Into The #MeToo Movement, Advice Victims To File Police Complaint

As the Sexual Harassment movement with the hashtag #MeToo gathers momentum, lawyers in the country have waded into the campaign. A senior lawyer, Rebecca John who spoke with the journalist over the weekend applauded the courage of women to speak up in the face of intimidation and defamation suits. John advised the victim of sexual harassment to always file a complaint before the police and allow the law take it course.


Israel: US Student Sues Israeli Government For Denying Her Entry Into The Country

A US prospective Master’s degree student,  Lara Alqasem, 22, on Sunday approached the Israeli top court to challenge her refusal into Israel in order to pursue her Master’s degree programme at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Alqasem Had traveled from the US to the Israeli capital on the 2nd of October but was denied entry by the State officials. She has been kept in detention since then.


India: Allahabad HC Wades Into The Issue Of Online Job Advertisement For Lawyers

The Allahabad High Court Over the weekend waded into the issue of an online job advertisement for lawyers and solicitors and issued notices to such online portals. The court observed that the practice was against the Bar Council of India’s code of ethics. The case was brought before the court by a lawyer, Yash Bharadwaj. Bharadwaj contended that the action of online advertisement portals was against Rule 36 and Rule 37 of the Bar Council of India’s code of ethics. The Bar Council of India in a statement informed the court that it has set up a committee to critically look into the issue.


India: Madras HC Sets Aside Puducherry Government’s Detention Order Against A. Senthil

The Madras High Court bench of Justices S. Ramathilagam and S. Vimala over the weekend set aside the Puducherry government’s detention order against A. Senthil, who has been involved in several criminal cases. According to the court, the action of the Puducherry government was against the dictate of the Constitution; hence the need to set free a serial criminal offender whose character might be dangerous to members of the public.


US: Meet Briana Williams, Harvard Law Graduate Who Combined Motherhood With Academics

According to a survey conducted this year by a US-based research Center, over 60 percent of working-class mothers posited that it was challenging combining a career with parenting. However, a Harvard Law School graduate, Briana Williams who coincidentally is a single mom shared her story of how she achieved her LL.B degree combining both academic tasks and caring for her baby. Williams said that she would wake up very early in the morning to nurse her baby and then prepare for classes. With time, she created a balance between parenting and academic struggles. She called on the government to create spaces for women to develop their career despite being a nursing mother.


India: Chief Minister Debunks Claims That Home Delivery Of Liquor Has Been Proposed

The Indian Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday debunked the claim that delivery of liquor to homes has been proposed. Fadnavis’ denial is coming a day after Chandrashekhar Bawankule, the State Excise Minister announced to the public that the proposal to allow home delivery of alcoholic drinks has been approved. According to Fadnavis, his office was awash by protesters from concerned members of the public, seeking a reversal of the proposal; hence the need to clear the air on the issue. Fadnavis such proposal would encourage the supply of alcohol and illegal consumption.


US: Cosby’s Lawyer Disagrees With Pennsylvania State Sex Law Predator

The lawyer representing Bill Coaby, a popular celebrity in the United States has protested the newly passed sex law predator by the State of Pennsylvania. The court on Monday began the hearing of the appeal filed by Cosby. During the court session, Cosby’s Lawyer raised a point of order. He said the law recently passed by the state government was unconstitutional. With the law, it means Cosby would spend his entire life receiving counseling. Recall that since the #MeToo campaign started, Cosby is the first celebrity to face justice.


India: Lawyers Should Consider Working For Free To Solve Backlog Cases, Victoria Lawyer

A lawyer based in Victoria, Kevin McCullough over the weekend enjoyed fellow lawyers to consider working on pro bono basis in the areas of immigration law, family law, and criminal law in order to resolve the problem of access to justice and to free up backlog cases lying fallow in the B.C’s judicial system. McCullough made this remark having observed that so many people could not afford to hire lawyers thereby denying them access to justice.


UK: Attempt To Secure Legal Aid Caused A Rise In Non-Molestation Orders, Charity Families Needs Father Says

A non-governmental Organization in the United Kingdom, Families Needs Fathers whose responsibility is to provide charity, over the weekend said attempts to exploit those seeking legal aid is the major reason why the numbers of non-molestation orders has skyrocketed by over 37 percent in the last five years. The head of the organization made this remark after the Ministry of Justice released the quarterly report on divorce case withdrawal.



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