Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

India: American Credit Card Giants Violate Indian Personal Data Law

American credit/debit card giants, including, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express on Monday violated Indian law on personal data. Recall that the Indian government had in April passed the Personal data law which becomes effective from today. The personal data law makes it mandatory for all payment companies collecting the personal data of Indian residents to store the data on computers in India only. However, the trio of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express flouted the law according to available reports on Tuesday.


India: Sexual Harassment: M J Akbar Engages 97 Lawyers To Defend Him In Court

As the #MeToo campaign rages, a frontline politician, M J Akbar on Monday hired a team of 97 advocates to represent him in court over a case of sexual harassment levied against him by a journalist, Priya Ramani. It has been in the news lately that Akbar allegedly harassed more than 15 female journalists. Akbar might get away with the Sexual misconduct case owing to the fact that none of the women have filed an FIR in a law Court against him. Akbar in response to Ramani’s allegation as published in most newspapers hasfilede a defamation suit against the latter under Sections 499 and 500 of the IPC.


UAE: Central Bank Supports New Law On Public Debt

In a bid to address the challenges plaguing the country’s financial system, the Central Bank Of UAE on Monday expressed support towards the new legislation recently issued on public debt. The new law is geared towards the establishment of a Dirham-based bond market. According to the Government, the law will make it possible for the country’s financial market is grow steadily.


India: Prison Management In Pune Denies Inmates Right To Intellectual Pursuit

On the 13th of September, 2018, six human rights activists who were arrested in June and remanded in Pune Prisons protested the alleged refusal of the prison management to recognise them as political prisoners by declaring a one-way hunger strike. Recall that Surendra Gadling, Rona Wilson, Sudhir Dhawale, and Mahesh Raut were arrested for alleged Maoists. Human rights campaigners had called on the prison authorities to recognise the four activists as political prisoners in a press release issued on September 13.


India: Delhi HC Gets Four New Judges

Four judges were appointed to the Delhi High Court bench on Monday. They are Jyoti Singh, Anup Jairam, Prateek Jalan, Bhambhari, and Sanjeev Narula. The appointment of the four judges has increased the total Judges’ strength of the court to 38. However, this number is far below the approved strength of the court which stood at 60. According to sources from government house, the appointed judges will take the oath of office on the any moment from now.


US: Your Admission Policies Are Discriminatory, Lawyer Tells Harvard University

A lawyer representing a group of students on Monday said the Harvard University’s admission policies were discriminatory against Asian-American Prospective students. The lawyer made the remark at the premises of a Federal Court in Boston after suing the University for denying his clients admission on the grounds that the school’s policy maintained a certain limit for admission intake.


India: Murder Case: Bombay HC Begins Hearing Against Chandrabhan Sanap

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices Bharati Dangre and Ranjit More on Monday started the hearing of the murder case involving Chandrabhan Sanap and Esther Anuhya. Sanap was alleged to have raped and killed Anuhya who is a Software Engineer. A trial court had in October 2015 sentenced Sanap to death. Sanap had approached the Bombay High Court to appeal the October 2015 judgement of the Special Women’s Court.


India: Three Minor Students Sue SSC Over The Withholding Of Their Results

Three secondary school students who were recently charged for examination malpractice on Monday sued the Secondary State Board for withholding their examination results before the Bombay High Court. The court had Justices BR Gavai and MS Karni on its bench. The court has issued a notice to the Secondary State Board and directed it to reply within three weeks. Recall that in June the Board had invited the three students for questioning over the leakage of Examination papers. Not convinced with the students’ response, the Board withheld the results of the students.


Indonesia: Transgender Women Finds Comfort At The Islamic Boarding School

In Indonesia, transgender women are currently happy staying in the Islamic boarding schools in the country. The women on Monday expressed happiness that they find joy and peace in the boarding school. They called on the government to fight the hostility against the transgender community in view of the fact that several developed countries are pushing for non-descriminatory laws.


India: Pact Violation: Madras HC Rejects Plea To Order Return Of Certificates

The Madras High Court bench of Justices S Ramathilagam and S Vimala on October 5 rejected the plea by S Austin Blessie seeking the intervention of the court to retrieve her certificates after violating the bond agreement she entered with the CSI Diocese of Vellore. She had agreed that upon graduation she would work for the Diocese for at least two years. Recall that Blessie had written the CSI Diocese in 2012 to break the bond which would allow her seem further studies. The Diocese had rejected her request, prompting her to move the court.


US: Legal Immigrants In A Fix Over The End Of “Temporary Protected Status”

Legal immigrants in the United States are currently in a fix over the end of their temporary protected status. The Donald Trump administration had upon taking over office declared that immigrants will return to their countries of origin. Many of the legal immigrants who spoke to a journalist on Monday feared that they may return home to face hardship, considering the fact that their native home is facing either political instability or natural disaster.


UK: UK’s Hate Crime Law Review To Consider Ageism And Misogyny

The review of the UK’s hate crime law currently being undertaken by the Law Commission will take into consideration the ageism and misogyny. In a statement by the Home Office on Monday, the Commission will Overhaul the UK’s hate crime legislation in view of the current trends. Once the review is completed, the issue of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, and trans identity will be a thing of the past.


Australia: Dean Smith Calls For The Protection Of LGBTI Teachers

A Liberal lawmaker, Dean Smith who initiated the marriage equality law which the Australian Parliament passed in 2017 on Monday called for a similar law for the protection of LGBTI teachers. Smith made the call during a press conference he organized to initimate members of the parliamentary community about the importance of protecting LGBTI persons.





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