Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: RSS Chief Urges Government To Expedite Action On Ram Temple Construction

RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, on Thursday called on the authorities to consider enacting laws geared towards the construction of the grand temple. Bhagwat in a statement he issued in Nagpur during the annual Vijayadashmi said land ownership decision should be expedited and that the temple should be constructed at the native birthplace of Shri Ram. He further called on the government to treat his demand as a national interest because the Sangh needs the temple urgently.


India: Refusal To Link Your PAN With Aadhaar May Invalidate Your PAN

It is no longer news that linking of PAN to Aadhaar is now compulsory for all Indian residents for purposes of filing tax returns. Failure to comply with this rule may make the PAN invalid. Recall that the Aadhaar system is a 12-digit unique number which was introduced by the government in 2009 for identification purposes. Aadhaar involves the capturing of individuals’ biometric data like finger prints, iris scan, date of birth, address, as well as demographic information. The cardinal objective for introducing the Aadhaar system was to ensure that government services are delivered to the poor section of the country.


Syria: Syrian Government Has Lifted A Law Which Seized The Properties Of Those Who Fled During War,  A UN Official Says

A UN humanitarian official Jan Egeland, on Thursday, said the obnoxious law enacted by the Syrian government to confiscate the properties of those civilians who left the country during the war has been lifted. Edeland made the revelation after he got information from Russia. Syrian President, Bashar Assad seems to have great tides with the Russian government.


India: Bombay HC Directs CID To Take Over Case Against Dhananjay Gawde

The Bombay high court on Thursday directed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to immediately take over the case against Dhananjay Gawde, a Nalasopara corporator, who was alleged to have absconded. The petition against Gawde alleged that he manipulated the RTI Act in order to defraud builders. Recently, it has been in the news that Gawde had defrauded about 10 builders, which the victims had file petitions in the Kasarvadavali, Tuling, and Virar police stations.


India: Certificate Of Occupancy Granted To BCBPL By MMRDA Is Within Rules, Bombay HC Rules

The Bombay High Court bench consisting of Justices N H Patil and G S Kulkarni on Wednesday ruled that the certificate of occupancy granted to Bellissimo Crown Buildmart Private Limited for the company’s parade project by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority was in line with extant rules. The case was brought before the court by a group of purchasers who had invested in some blocks of flat in the parade project. They contended that the project exceeded the height approval limit and that MMRDA should revoke the certificate of occupancy granted to the company. The court after hearing their appeals dismissed the same.


France: A French MP Moves A Motion To Outlaw Religion-related Linguistic Discrimination

A French MP, Laetitia Avia, on Thursday called on the government to outlaw religion-related linguistic discrimination. Avia made the call via his verified tweeter handle. The call by Avia is a sequel to the mockery by a renowned politician against a southern journalist. Avia asserted that it was totally unnecessary to discriminate people based on religious inclination.


India: Madras HC Dismisses Amrutha’s Plea Claiming To Be Jayalalithaa’s Biological Daughter

The bench of the Madras High Court on Thursday dismissed a plea filed by   Amrutha Sarathy, 37, seeking the court’s order for a DNA test to be conducted on her in order to verify her claim that she is the biological daugther of an ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa. Sarathy also sought to cremate the corpse of the late Minister in line with the tradition of Iyengar community. The court after hearing her plea dismissed the same and asserted that even the dead have the right to privacy. Recall that she had filed the plea over a year ago.


India: Punjab Government Approves Ordinance To Amend Stamp Act, 1899

Indians living in Punjab state should be ready to pay more for at least 17 items. The Punjab government on Wednesday approved an ordinance with a view to amending relevant sections of the Stamp Act to increase the rate of at least 17 items. According to a statement issued by the state’s cabinet, the move is geared toward increasing the state’s revenue.


Canada: Liberal Government Proposes Laws Against Animal Fighting And Bestiality

The Liberal government on Thursday announced that it was proposing new laws against the Practice of animal fighting and bestiality. The announcement was contained in a bulletin issued by the government’s spokesman. However, animal rights activists, including an MP of Liberal have kicked against the proposed laws, saying the laws are not needed at this point in time.


India: Experts Call On The Three Arms Of Government To Synergize For Justice Delivery

The Advocate General in the State of Punjab and Haryana, Lal Sarin on Thursday called on the executive, legislators, and the Judiciary arms of government to consider synergizing in order to improve justice delivery. Sarin made the call during a lecture organized for the law students of the Army Institute of Law based in Mohali. He further asserted that fair decisions at the grassroot level would prevent Court Cases


India: Police IGP Urges Senior Police Officers To Modern Police Stations

The Inspector General of Police in Punjab, Javid Saleemi on Thursday urged all the senior police officers in the command from the ranks of DSPs and ASPs to improve on the supervisory roles with a view modernizing the police stations under them. The IGP made the call at a meeting with senior police officers in Punjab. He charged the police officers to train their juniors and instill discipline in them.


Israel: Entry Denial Into Israel: Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of An American Student

The Supreme Court in Israel on Thursday ruled that the American student that was held in the country’s detection facility at the airport in Jerusalem should be set free in order for her to pursue her master’s degree programme in the state. Lara Alqasem, 22, earlier this week moved the court to enforce her fundamental right to education. Recall that recently, Israeli immigration officials had denied her entry into the country.


US: LA Council Committees Examines Proposed Sidewalk Rules

In a bid to align the recently signed law on sidewalk by the state government, the council committees in Los Angeles on Wednesday held a meeting to brainstorm on the proposed sidewalk rules. The state of California is the first State in the United States to have outlawed sidewalk. Details of the meeting were still being awaited as of the time of going to the press.


UK: 2018 Law Society Excellence Award: Glynis Wright & Co Wins A National Award

A reputable law firm run by a family in the UK, Glynis Wright & Co, on Thursday won a national award at the just concluded 2018 Excellence Awards of the Law Society. The award ceremony held at the popular Grosvenor Hotel. Recall that in August, the law firm was nominated for the award. Glynis Wright, who is the head of practice expressed joy at the firm’s achievement.



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