Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks


India: SC Fines A Lawyer Rs. 25,000 For Filing A Frivolous PIL

A lawyer, Asok Pande on Monday was fined a sum of Rs. 25,000 by the Supreme Court for filing a public interest litigation, which sought to reduce the marriage age of men from 21 to 18. The Supreme Court after hearing Pande’s plea dismissed same and ruled that merit was lacking in his case. The court subsequently imposed a fine of Rs. 25,000 on him.


India: SC Queries Media Regulators For Not Informing Police About The Violation Of Law By Journalist And Media Houses

The Supreme Court bench consisting of Justices Deepak Gupta and Madan B Lokur on Monday queried media regulators in the country for not instituting legal proceedings against journalists and media houses who flouted the country’s sexual offenses law. The media regulators queried are News Broadcasting Standards Authority, Press Council of India, Indian Broadcasting Federation, and the Editors Guild of India. According to the court, it is the responsibility of the media regulators to inform the police about the infractions committed by journalists and media houses. Recall that recently media houses had revealed the names of rape victims.


Germany: YouTube CEO Warns Video Makers About The EU’s Controversial Copyright Law

The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki on Monday warned video makers to as a matter of urgency protest the European Union’s controversial Copyright law. Wojcicki urged the video makers to use social media posts to protest the EU’s laws on copyright. Article 13 of the newly passed EU’s Copyright law makes it mandatory for tech companies to be liable for Copyright protected content.


India: Government Panel Recommends The Adoption Of UNCITRAL Model To Solve Cross-border Insolvency Issues

A panel constituted by the government on Monday recommended the adoption of the UNCITRAL model law with a view to resolving issues surrounding cross-border Insolvency. The recommendation was submitted to the Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley by the head of the panel, Injeti Srinivas, who doubles as the Secretary of the Corporate Affairs. According to Srinivas, the recommendations would ensure that there is no inconsistency between the proposed cross-border Insolvency framework and the domestic Insolvency framework.


India: SC To Deliver Verdict Today On Petitions Seeking To Ban The Sale Of Firecrackers

The Supreme Court bench led by Justice A K Sikri will today, Tuesday, deliver judgment on several petitions which sought the court’s intervention to ban the sale of firecrackers. The petitioners contended that the sale of firecrackers contributed largely to the problem of air pollution. Manufacturers and retailers of firecrackers had filed an appeal for the court to dismiss the petitions. Recall that the apex court had in August adjourned the case to October 23 in order to give it time to consider all aspects of the case.


UAE: Emirates Flight Incident: US Court Gives Passengers The Nod To sue Boeing

A US Court on Monday gave passengers on Emirates aircraft that crashed landed at the Dubai airport the go-ahead to sue the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. About 15 passengers have sued Boeing for a manufacturing defect in the design of the Airplane. Recall that Flight 521 had crashed-landed at the Dubai airport, although no life was lost, about 30 passengers were admitted at the hospital. A 27-year old firefighter lost his life in the incident.


India: SC Declines Urgent Hearing On #MeToo Movement

Since the #MeToo movement started in India, it has been trending on various social media platforms. The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI, Justice Ranjan Gogoi on Monday declined to hear an urgent suit on the #MeToo movement. The suit was filed by a lawyer, ML Sharma. Sharma contended in his plea that FIRs should be filed for all #MeToo cases. Sharma also moved the Supreme Court to set up special courts in order to hear only sexual harassment cases.


India: Delhi HC Bench Gets Four New Judges

The Delhi High Court bench on Monday got four new judges, raising the strength of the bench to 38. The new judges appointed are Justices Prateek Jalan, Jyoti Singh, Sanjeev Narula, and Anup Jairam Bhambhani. They all took the oath of office on Monday as administered by the Delhi High Court’s Chief Justice, Rajendra Menon. Recall that the president had recently appointed the four new judges.


Ireland: LRC Calls For The Establishment Of An Agency To Investigate Corporate Crimes

The Law Reform Commission on Monday called on the Irish government to consider establishing an agency which would be saddled with the responsibility of investigating corporate crimes. The Commission made the call after a meeting to brainstorm on how to resolve corporate crimes. The Commission also urged the government to support the agency through the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office.


India: No Copyright Should Exist In A Mechanically Compiled Information Database, Delhi HC Says

The Delhi High Court bench of Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw in a recent ruling reiterated that mechanically compiled information database should be Copyright free. The court made the remark after hearing a suit which was filed by Navigators Logistics Ltd. The petitioner had filed the suit against its former employees alleging that they misappropriated confidential and copyrighted material of the company in their possession before resigning from the company.


India: Delhi HC Allows State Government To Buy 500 Buses

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices Rajendra Menon and V. Kameswar Rao on Monday gave the State government approval to purchase 500 standard floor buses which can ply poor roads in the city. The court gave the approval after hearing a suit filed by Nipun Malhotra, a physically challenged man. However, the court urged the state government to buy buses that are fitted with hydraulic lifts in order to help those that are physically challenged. Malhotra has vowed to appeal the case at the Supreme Court.


Canada: Canadian Woman Charged For Operating Fortune Telling Business

If you have been wondering whether Canada has laws to check witchcraft, then this is a shocker. The police department over the weekend charged a woman, 32, for operating a fortune-telling business in Ontario. She was charged for extortion and fraud to the tune of CAD 5,000. The police charged her relying on section 365 of the Criminal Code.


India: Malegaon Bomb Blast Case: Bombay HC Directs Special NIA Court To Expedite Action On The Case

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices Sambhaji Shinde and Ajay Gadkari on Monday urged the Special NIA Court hearing the Malegaon bomb blast case to expedite action on the case. The bomb blast occurred in September 2008 and it resulted in the death of 6 persons while several others sustained various degrees of injury. The case has been pending before the special NIA Court with no end in sight. Recall that the Supreme Court had earlier issued a directive to the Special Court to speed up the proceedings, but nothing was done.


India: Bombay HC Rejects Plea To Include Activist In Nimbalkar Case

The Bombay High Court bench in a ruling on Monday rejected the plea filed by the wife of Pawanraje Nimbalkar, the murdered Congress leader. The plea sought to include activist Anna Hazare as a prosecution witness in the murder case. The court after hearing the petitioner’s plea asserted that the evidence by the activist would not be useful in the case and hence rejected the plea. Recall that Nimbalkar was murdered alongside his driver on the 3rd of June, 2006. Padamsinh Patil was allegedly fingered in the murder due to political rivalry.


UK: Child Marriage Campaigners Urge UK Government To Amend Child Marriage Laws

A group of campaigners on Monday called on the UK government to as a matter of urgency review her laws on child marriage. Currently, it is legal for a girl of 16 years to get married in the UK, Wales, and Northern Ireland provided her parent consent to the marriage. Internationally, child marriage is a marriage under 18 years. The campaigners expressed dismay over the recent review of child marriage law in Bangladesh which made it legal for 16-year old girls to get married.


US: Central American Migrants Risked Been Turned Away At The US Border, President Donald Trump Says

President Donald Trump on Monday threatened that the Central American migrants might be turned away when they get to the US border if they refuse to seek asylum. Trump made this remark via his official Twitter handle on Monday. According to the American president, those traveling through the Caravan should apply for asylum in Mexico otherwise they risked being denied entry into the US.



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