Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

India: Law Minister Pitches For All-India Service; Calls For The Recruitment Of Judges For Lower Judiciary

Amid opposition by the High Courts and several States, Indian Minister of Law, Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday called for the recruitment of judges for the lower judiciary. Prasad made the call during a seminar. He asserted that the proposed All-India Judicial Services is a great idea because it would ensure the communities that are marginalized to be fully represented in the lower judiciary. Prasad chided those that are not in support of the idea and said that the issue of the language barrier is insignificant.


India: We Have Complied With Regulatory Directives On Storing Of Transaction Data Locally, MasterCard Says

A renowned payment giant, MasterCard on Tuesday said the company has fully complied with the directive of the Reserve Bank of India, mandating all payments companies to store Indian transaction locally. MasterCard had tried all its possible best to dilute the new rule, but their efforts proved abortive. Recall that the Reserve Bank of India had issued a new rule in April directing all payment companies, including MasterCard, American Express, and Visa to store Indian transaction locally in order to allow unrestricted access during the investigation.


China: Chinese Authorities  Legalises The Use Of Tiger Bone And Rhino Horn For Traditional Medicine And Medical Research

The Chinese government on Tuesday legalized the use of tiger bone and rhino horn for traditional medicine and medical research. This was revealed by the World Wildlife Fund in a statement signed by the Spokesperson of the Fund. It is on record that India has the highest population of both animals. The move by the Chinese government could spell doom for India’s rising tiger and rhino population.


India: Law College Clash: Madras HC Acquits 21 Students

The Madras High Court bench presided over by Justice R Suresh Kumar on Tuesday acquited 21 law college students who were sentenced to three-year imprisonment by a trial court in January 2016. Justice Kumar pronounced them free of any charges. The convicted students are now advocates but were barred from practicing due to the conviction. They appealed the conviction at the Madras High Court. The court ruled in their favor. They can now attend court cases and tribunals.


India: Malegaon Bomb Blast: NIA Special Court Frames Charges Against Army Colonel, Others

The NIA Special Court on Tuesday pressed charges on Army Officer, Lt Colonel Prasad Purohit, and six others who were accused of involvement in the Malegaon bomb blast which occurred over ten years ago. The seven accused persons will now face trial under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The charges pressed on them are aiding and abetting terror, criminal conspiracy, and murder. All seven have been admitted on bail.


Australia: Queensland Government Faces Increased Pressure To Drop Legal Tussle Against A Domestic Violence Victim

The Queensland government on Tuesday revealed that it was currently facing an increased pressure from some quarters to drop the legal case against a domestic violence victim. The domestic violence victim, named Julie has been seeking for compensation from the government for the privacy breach. Julie was coerced into hiding after police authorities traced her address and send her address to her violent husband. The case is expected to be heard next week at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


India: 2018 Batch Of NLIU Bhopal Makes Wave As 72 Out Of 84 Law Graduates Secures Lucrative Jobs

A recent report released by the management of NLIU Bhopal showed that out of the 84 law graduates of the institution, 72 have secured mouth watery jobs in top law firms across the country, while others have moved on to pursue other career opportunities and further studies. In addition, 8 other students on a first attempt have cleared the ground for the Madhya Pradesh Judiciary Exams. The management of the school is indeed happy with the performances of their graduates.


India: Indian Police Raids Illegal Call Centers Targeted At Foreigners, Seizes Equipment

The Police in Noida Station, New Delhi has for the past two weeks carried out consistent raids on identified illegal call centers targeted towards foreigners with the intention of scamming them. According to a police Chief, Ajay Pal Sharma, “there are more illegal centers in the city, the police will do everything possible within the ambit of the law to burst such centers”. Some Canadians were scammed which necessitated the visit of the Canadian police to the Noida police post. The visit triggered the raiding of the illegal centers.


US: Donald Trump Interviews Professor Neomi Rao For The Vacant Position At The DC Circuit Court

The United States president, Donald Trump on Tuesday reportedly interviewed Neomi Rao, an Indian American Law Professor. According to white house sources, she was being interviewed for the vacant position left behind in the DC Circuit Court by the newly appointed Supreme Court Judge, Brett Kavanaugh. If her appointed is confirmed, she would be the first Jurist from Parai to serve in the DC Circuit Court. The DC Circuit Court is the second most powerful Court in the country after the Supreme Court.


India: SoOLEGAL Uses The Internet To Connect Lawyers And Clients On Merit

SoOLEGAL is currently the largest platform where those seeking the services of lawyers can get hooked up with a competent lawyer. SoOLEGAL is currently using the internet to seamlessly link lawyers and clients without charging Commission and on merit basis. The platform makes it possible for lawyers to showcase their competence and skills set with a view of being hired by informed clients.


US: I Will Use Executive Order To End Citizenship By Birth, President Donald Trump Vows

The United States President, Donald Trump on Tuesday vowed to leverage executive order to end citizenship by birth currently being practiced. The American president described a situation where illegal migrants come to the US to give birth and a citizen right is automatically conferred on the child as ridiculous and insane. He told pressmen that he would sign executive order to end such practices.


UK: Pay For Sex Law: Law Catches Up With A Man For Attempting To Pay For Sexual Services

A man, Jahfer Baleed, 26, was on Tuesday convicted for attempting to pay a 14-year-old girl for sexual services. The man is the second person to have been convicted under the UK’s Pay For Sex Law that was introduced in 2015. With the conviction of Baleed, the stage has been set to convict more offenders. Baleed initially denied committing the offense but later admitted after evidences were presented to him.


UK: Wedding Law Amendment: Couples To Exchange Marital Vows At Any Location

Before now, if a friend has ever invited you to attend his/her wedding in the United Kingdom, such a wedding usually take place at approved venues decided by local authorities. But on Tuesday, during the passage of the Autumn 2018 Budget, the UK Government review the country’s wedding law. With the new law, couples can now exchange marital vows at any desired location, including hotels, restaurants, among others.


UK: No-Deal Brexit Could Kill The Unified Patent Court, Solicitor Says

A solicitor, who is part of the no-deal Brexit, Kevin Mooney on Tuesday asserted that the deal could spell doom for the Unified Patent Court. The court is the first international Court that was established to settle any dispute between private parties. Mooney made the remake during evidence presented at the hearing of the matter by the committee of the House of Lords. Mooney is currently a partner at Simmons & Simmons law firm.


India: Law Exam: Bombay HC Stays Mumbai University’s Policy On 60-40 Marking Scheme

Law Students are currently basking in the euphoria of the decision of the Bombay High Court bench. The Bombay High Court bench presided over by Justices B R Gavai and M S Karnik on Monday stayed the policy of the Mumbai University to introduce a 60-40 marking scheme for law examinations. The court noted that the policy was laudable but was not correctly implemented; hence the need to stay the policy. Recall that the case was brought before the court by Dipak Chattopadhyay, a varsity college teacher. Chattopadhyay had contended that the policy would lead to corruption and that it was against the standard practice of the Bar Council of India.


India: Supreme Court Adjourns The Construction Of Ram Temple Case To January

The Supreme Court on Monday adjourned the case involving the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya to January. Legal experts had thought the 15th-century structure case would be concluded in 2018, but the court has pushed it to 2019. Immediately the case was adjourned, the Union Minister, Giriraj Singh called on the government to promulgate an ordinance for the construction of the Ram since the case would be pending in court. He asserted that Hindus are losing patience.


Germany- EU Parliament Backs Plans To Curb The Use Of Antibiotics On Farms

The European Union Parliament on Monday threw its weight behind the plans by the EU to stop the spread of drug resistance to humans from animals by controlling the use of antibiotics on farms. According to the new law, veterinary medicines should not be used to improve poor animal husbandry; instead, the use of antibiotics should be reduced on farmlands.


India: Sexual Misconduct: Management Of Symbiosis Law School Suspends Assistant Professor

The Management of the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad on October 16 suspended an Assistant Professor, names withheld, for alleged sexual misconduct against two female LLB students of the institution. The two students had taken to social media to call out the Professor. After the social media post went viral, the Registrar of the school set up a panel to investigate the alleged sexual misconduct against the professor. Leveraging the panel’s report, the Registrar of school suspended the Professor on October 16.


India: Professor Rita Bahuguna Calls For Forceful Implementation Of Female Foeticide Law

The Minister of Women, Family, Maternity and Child Welfare in Uttar Pradesh, Professor Rita Bahuguna on Monday called on the government to forcefully implement the female foeticide law. Bahuguna made the call during a departmental review meeting of the Ministry. She directed that supervisory meeting should be held at the state level after actions were taken under the PCP and DT Act, 1994 were reviewed.


UAE: UAE Announces Law To Raise Central Bank’s Capital

The UAE’s government on Sunday announced that it has passed a new law which would raise the capital of the country’s Central Bank to AED 20 billion. The government also directed the Central bank to ensure the stability of the dirham, prudent management of foreign reserve, and protect the country’s financial system. The announcement was made by the Minister of Finance, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid.


India- You Cannot Arrest Rakesh Asthana Until November 1, Delhi HC Tells CBI

The Delhi High Court bench presided over by Justice Najmi Waziri on Monday ruled that the Deputy Director of the CBI, Rakesh Asthana cannot be arrested until November 1. Asthana had approached the court to challenge the bribery allegation against him. The court while hearing his plea ordered the CBI to maintain status quo till November 1. Recall that the Modi government had directed the Deputy Director and his boss to proceed on indefinite leave pending the determination of the case.


India: Do Not Expel Any Student For Not Providing Their Voters’ ID, Delhi HC Orders AAP Government

Delhi High Court bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and A S Bhambani on Monday ordered the AAP government not to expel or suspend any student for not providing it with the details of their voters’ ID or that of their family members. The court gave the order after hearing a PIL challenging the State’s Directorate of Education circular which was issued on October 8.


UK: Gordon Dadds To Merge With Ince In Order To Be Listed As UK’s Largest Law Firm

A reputable law firm, Gordon Dadds in the UK on Monday announced its merger with Ince with a view to being listed as the country’s largest law firm. The announcement was made by Gordon Dadds’ spokesman in a news conference with some select journalists. According to the spokesperson, the net revenue of the firm is expected to hit 110 million pounds. The firm is expected to operate more offices in more than nine countries with over 100 partners.


India: Allotment Of Houses: Nobody Should Hold More Than One House Under Government Scheme, Bombay HC Rules

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices Bhushan Gavai and Bharati Dangre on Monday ruled that no individual should hold more than one house under the Government housing scheme in Maharashtra. The court ordered the state government to develop a policy that would allocate houses at concessional rates. A former Journalist had moved the court through a PIL.


India: Koregaon-Bhima: SC Grants Police More Time, Stays Bombay HC Order

The Supreme Court in a ruling on Monday stayed the decision of a Bombay High Court. The Bombay High Court had refused to grant the  Maharashtra Police extended time to probe and file charges against the activists that were arrested in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence case. The Supreme Court also issued notices to the activists involved in the case. Recall that the Maharashtra Government had sought an extension of time to enable it file charges against the activists, but was disallowed by the lower court.


UK: The Use Of Dogs To Hunt Foxes More Cruel, Scientific Study Shows

A scientific study which was published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin on Monday showed the use of dogs to hunt Foxes was crueler and less effective. The study was authored by Dr Jeremy Naylor, a senior lecturer at Bristol University in the United Kingdom. The report suggested that Scottish Law on hunting Foxes was more effective.


India- Orissa HC Premises Turned Battlefield As Lawyers Fight Dirty

Despite an ongoing strike action by lawyers to protest the police assault on a lawyer, the Orissa High Court premises was on Monday turned to a battlefield as two groups of lawyers fight dirty. The Odisha High Court lawyers had been on strike since August 28, the date the police assault occurred. The lawyers are demanding that the police officers that brutalized the law should be arrested. But on Monday a group of lawyers decided to resume work which led to a fisticuff on the court’s premises.


US: US Government Urges The EU Member States To Reconsider Their Trade Dispute Posture Over Metals Tariffs

The President Donald Trump administration on Monday called on the European Union Governments to consider soft-pedaling on the trade disputes they currently have against it metal tariff policy. The US Government made the call through its spokesperson at in Washington DC on Monday. The Spokesperson was optimistic that the issue with Canada and Mexico would be settled amicably very soon. Recall that the US tariff had attracted global criticism, but the US government responded with legal actions.


Canada: Government To Review Its Ban On Adoptions From Pakistan

The Canadian government on Monday expressed readiness to review its ban on Adoption from Pakistan. The government made this known through its spokesperson at a media parley in the State capital. According to available records, Canada had in 2013 imposed a ban on adoptions from Pakistan. The policy had left so many orphans’ hope in the balance.








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