Legal News Shots- Today’s Best Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA – High Court In Karnataka Has Approved 18 Advocates As Senior Advocates

From a list of names under consideration, the High Court in Karnataka has approved 18 names to be moved up to senior advocates. This is the first time the high court will be applying the provision laid down by the Supreme Court in a previous case. The High Court in Karnataka has in addition to the new list, two advocate generals. There are three females on the list.


INDIA – Nobel Laureate Demands International Binding Law Against Online Child Abuse

Kailash Satyarthi, a Nobel laureate, has been demanding action from the UN as regards online child sexual abuse, pornography, and sex trafficking. Satyarthi met with the Pope to discuss these interests and reports full support from the Vatican. The Pope appointed an officer to coordinate with the Nobel laureate on all issues regarding the enactment on the international binding law that Satyarthi is demanding. He is also engaging the support of several stakeholders across different religions, nationalities and more.



USA – Acting Attorney General Might Replace Muller As Lead Investigator

Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general who has been referred to by Congressional Democrats as a Trump “political lackey” might fire Robert Muller who is overseeing the investigation of Russia’s role into the 2016 US elections. There have been arguments from critics over the legality of Whitaker’s appointment but that was recently cleared by the Justice Department that defense the legality of Trump’s appointment of Whitaker.



INDIA – Supreme Court Adjourns Hearing in Bhima Koregaon Case to 3rd December.

In Bhima Koregaon violence case, the court has adjourned the hearing of Maharashtra’s government plea to December 3rd to extend the time given to the state police to complete a probe. The Supreme Court had given until December 1st to the state police to file a charge sheet in this case. A trap court then gave a 90-day extension period but it was set aside by the Bombay High Court, which led to the appeal to the apex court.


INDIA- Fighter Jet Under IAF Induction Until 2021

In response to the questions posed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ranjan Gogoi, the Assistant Chief of the Indian Air Force, AVM J Chalapati, made it clear that the Su30MKI, which was made in Russia is the newest aircraft that would be inducted by the Indian Air Force. It will be undergoing assembly at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited until the year 2021. The Supreme Court was also informed that the Sukhoi Su30MKI is a fourth generation fighter jet.


UNITED KINGDOM – Uk Court Rules To Allow For Extradition From The Tihar Prison Complex

A London Court has ruled that the Tihar prison complex could not be seen to pose any form of threat to the Indian born British citizen that was accused to fix matching by the name of Sanjeev Kumar Chawla. This decision by the London High Court could have major effects on the soon to be passed judgment on the Vijay Mallya extradition case which is expected by December 10.


INDIA – National Commission For Minorities Willing To Take An Out Of Court Settlement On The Ayodhya Dispute

Although it has been agreed by all that the Supreme Court proceedings would be waited on, The National Commission for Minorities chairperson, Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi , does not mind an out of court settlement with Sunni Waqf Board, Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. They, however, agree that the settlement might require the input of the court or resolve the Ayodhya dispute satisfactorily.


INDIA- First Annual Convention Of Indian Lawyers Association To Be Hosted This December

The India Lawyer Association was kickstarted at the beginning of this year, to help further the interests of those who have professional interests in the profession. ILA will be holding her first conference in December which is posited to be the largest gathering of lawyers across India. The ILA aims to become one of the biggest legal communities where lawyers can fraternize across all levels.


USA – California Supremes Reject Notion To Keep State Bar Exam Data Secret

The motion to keep exam takers information secret has been denied by the Californian Supreme Court. This week after hearing out the decision, The California Supreme Court has disagreed with the decision that exam takers did not have to hand over certain demographic information about themselves. The Supreme Court would rather have the necessary demographic information of the bar exam takers.


INDIA- High Court In Orissa Implores Lawyers To Be Dignified

Justice C.R. Dash who presided over the case of the scuffle between the police and lawyers had directed the state government to form a committee that will submit a report to create checks for a reoccurrence. The judge spoke in clearness terms of the expectations for a lawyer to be a person f dignity, discipline and commands respect in the society. He urged all advocates to live up to the expectations.


INDIA – Delhi High Court Comments On Expired Medicine That Is Sold After Been Restamped

The Delhi High Court has termed the resale of expired medicine with new stamps as “serious” and commented that the Centre ought to look into it. These activities have been discovered to take place in Kolkata and Ahmedabad and rerouted to other places through Delhi. The court had issued a notice to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) asking them to look into it.


USA- Pass Rate For California Bar Exam As Low As 4 Passes In 10

The recent bar exam in California had recorded a fail rate of about 6 in 10. Only 40.7 percent of those who took the exam to be able to practice law in the California State has passed the recent July exam. This was an incredible plunge to a -67 year low for the summer test taken in the Golden State.


INDIA- Supreme Court Becomes Daily Crime Investigation Monitor

The Supreme Court of India made a statement which answered the unspoken question of why it was monitoring criminal investigations on a day to day basis. The court stated that it monitors investigations so as to ensure the government implements its orders. The investigating officers or team does not stray from the original order of investigations either by force or misdirection. This opinion of the court shows a lack of confidence in every process but its own.


INDIA- State Tells Supreme Court Police Encounters Are Unbiased

Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, has been tagged state targeting criminals from smaller communities.  The state produced evidence to discard the allegations. Over four hundred thousand criminals were caught and out 48 criminals that have died in the police encounter, only eighteen were from the minor community. The state refused the allegations of giving unwarranted promotions to policemen involved in the encounters besides the rewards declared on the criminals.


USA – Dispute On Census Question To Be Heard In February By Supreme Court

Arguments would be heard in February by the Supreme Court in the 2020 census questions approved of by Trump. The question poses to inquire of those taking the census whether they are citizens. Some civil right groups, 15 cities, and 18 U.S. States are asking the Supreme Court to remove the citizenship question from their census poll, saying it might hinder immigrants from participating in the census.


INDIA- Bjp Says Baidu Is Trying To Prevent Exposure Of Corruption

The Baidu government was accused by the spokesperson of the BJP of trying to cover up their corrupt practices. This allegation was backed up by the government’s withdrawal of the Central Bureau Investigation to exercise its independent authority in the state. This information got leaked late at night, on Thursday, 8th November. The decision was supported by the Trinamool Congress when the president accused the government of using investigative agencies for political revenge.


INDIA- Stray Dog Culling Case Plea Examined By Supreme Court

The Supreme Court agreed to examine the plea against the chief officer of a municipal council in Karnataka and a contractor who allegedly performs mass culling of stray dogs. Advocate Siddharth Garg said proceedings should be initiated against the charged persons for disobeying directions specifically given by the Supreme Court. The advocate pled for the violators to be dealt with severely to send a message to society that orders by the Supreme Court ought not to be trifled with.


UNITED KINGDOM – Duty Solicitors Could Become Extinct – Legal Society Warns

The flat unattractive rate of duty solicitors has made the job to experience what Richard Miller, the head of Justice at the Law society culled “creaking at its seams”. The youngest duty solicitors under the age 35 are only at an 11% rate with it being as low as one person per county. A flat rate of £182 is paid to a duty solicitor no matter the case. The Justice Department has said it would ensure there are enough solicitors.


INDIA- The Secretary Of The Kci Violated Rules, Reports Registrar

The Secretary of the Kennel Club of India, Secretary C V Sudharshan and his wife Rukmani used the funds meant for the KCI to pay honorariums. When questioned, the Secretary said he had approached the Madras High Court a few days earlier on how to crush the allegations. In the allegations made, it was stated that the secretary’s wife was made Chief Executive Officer and in the great misuse of power and imported dogs from abroad without proper documents.


INDIA- Woman Requests Permission To Terminate Daughter’s Pregnancy

A woman petitioned against the Madras High Court on Friday, 16th November, seeking permission to terminate her eleven-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.  The woman, who is from Dindigul said her daughter could not give birth in her tender age. The doctors treating the girl discouraged the termination of the pregnancy, which was about twenty-three weeks old as pregnancies are not to be terminated after twenty weeks, except in special cases. The woman’s nephew allegedly assaulted the girl sexually.


ITALY – Italy To Enforce ‘Anti-Netflix’ Laws To Protect Domestic Film Industry

Italy, in a bid to protect the domestic film industry, seeks to pass a law that provides an obligatory delay between the release of a film and showing it in cinemas or by streaming services like Netflix. French laws, on the other hand, demand a 36 month period for when a film is shown in cinemas and when it can be shown on streaming platforms. France’s film regulations are the strictest in the world.


AUSTRALIA- Pro-Choice Groups Kick Against Revival Of Zoe’s Law Bill.

The Zoe’s Law Bill has been revived, five years after it was originally introduced. The bill will make it a crime to cause harm or death to a fetus. Women’s rights groups have argued that it will be a risk to women’s reproductive rights. The New South Wales premier, Gladys Brejiklian, promised to make new laws which will make it a crime to injure or kill unborn children during criminal acts if re-elected.


CHINA – Hong Kong Bans Daytime Dog-Walking In Stricter Canine Rules

After a public fight between a dog owner and a bystander, Hong Kong bans walking pet dogs during the day. A dog owner was filmed showing a woman who kicked his dog. After the video circulated, the authorities finally released a ban on dog-walking from 7 am to 7 pm and also banned 34 “vicious” large breeds. The authorities also threatened to confiscate or kill all dogs without proper licensing.


AUSTRALIA- Why Lawyers Are Extremely Busy During Schoolies

The week following Schoolies is one of the busiest time of the year for lawyers. Offenses that lawyers deal with range from assaults, urination in public, disorderliness to situations involving drugs and sex. For cases of rape, consent is defined as “giving your free and voluntary agreement in sex”, by Youth Law Australia. This is one of the major laws in Australia. If one is intoxicated and unable to provide consent being silent does not mean consent is given.


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