Legal News Shots- Today’s Most Trending Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

India: Failure To Pay Subscription Fee: Bar Council Of Tamil Nadu And Puducherry May Bar Over 9,000 Lawyers From Practicing

The Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry on Saturday said it may be compelled to bar over 9,000 of its members over failure to pay the subscription fee to the Advocates Welfare Fund and for failure to pass the mandatory All India Bar Exam (AIBE). The co-chairman of the Bar Council of India, S Prabakaran said despite the fact that BCI gave a leverage of two years for young advocates to clear the AIBE exam, some of them still fail. “The Council may be forced to bar those advocates, whether young or old who cannot pass the exams”, Prabakaran added.

India: 26/11 Mumbai Attack Case: Lawyers Who Defended Ajmal Kasab Yet To Get Their Legal Fees

Two lawyers, Amin Solkar and Farhana Shah who defended Ajmal Kasab based on the directive of the Bombay High Court in connection with the 2008 Mumbai attack are yet to get their legal fees from the Government of Maharashtra. Although the State Government asserted that the duo has not submitted their invoice, but the lawyers contended that they are not supposed to submit any bills. It would be recalled that Kasab was sentenced to death by hanging on November 21, 2012, by the Maharashtra State Legal Services Department for killing over 166 persons in an attack in Mumbai.


India: Ill-Treated Parents Can Seek Eviction Of Their Children From Any Property Type, Delhi High Court Says

The Delhi High Court bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru on Friday said an ill-treated or harassed parent can seek eviction of their legal heirs or children regardless of the nature of the property. “When children maltreat their parents, the nature of Property when the latter wants to evict the former is highly irrelevant,” Justice Bakhru said while interpreting the amended Delhi Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Rules, 2017. The court was hearing a plea filed by a son challenging the decision of a divisional commissioner who evicted him from a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) property.



Russia: Russian Forces Seizes Three Ukrainian Naval Vessels, Escalates Tensions In Both Countries

Russian forces over the weekend seized three naval vessels belonging to Ukraine off the Crimean Peninsula for alleged illegal entry into Russian waters. Some Ukrainian crew members were injured during the seizure process. The move by the Russian forces has created a huge tension between both countries. On Monday, MPs in Ukraine will vote to declare a martial war on Russia.


India: ‘Medical Marijuana Could Soon Become Legal In India,’ IIIM Director Says

The Director of Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Ram Vishwakarma on Sunday told captains of industries and expert that medical marijuana could soon become legal in India. Vishwakarma made the remark in view of the fact that medical marijuana is capable of treating diseases such as epilepsy, cancers, as well as sickle cell anemia. “IIIM is part of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and we have taken a neutral role with no commercial bias,” Vishwakarma said. A review of the law shows that the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 prevent the recreational use of medical marijuana.


India: AIL Holds Its 7th Convocation In Mohali

The Army Institute of Law (AIL) on Saturday held its 7th Convocation ceremony in Mohali for the five years integrated law course for the year 2012 to 2017 and 2013 to 2018, as well as postgraduation in law course for 2014 to 2015, 2015 to 2016, and 2016 to 2017 batches. Dignitaries that graced the Convocation were Patron-in-Chief of the institute and Army Commander, Western Command, Lt General Surinder Singh, Vice Chancellor Punjabi University Patiala, Prof B SGhuman, and Justice A B Chaudhari of the Punjab and Haryana high court. Degrees were awarded to 100 students. Other categories of trophy and cash rewards were awarded to some select students.


US: Female Genital Mutilation: ‘We Are Disappointed In The Michigan Court’s Ruling,’ WeSpeakOut Says

WeSpeakOut, a movement to end female genital mutilation for Bohra women on Sunday said they were disappointed in the ruling of the Michigan court which struck down a federal law that outlawed female genital mutilation. This remark was made by the Founder of WeSpeakOut, Masooma Ranalvi. Ranalvi, however, expressed hope that the President Donald Trump administration would appeal against the decision of the Michigan court. It would be recalled that a Federal Judge had on Tuesday struck down a 22-year-old law that had criminalized female genital mutilation.


India: Haryana Election Commission Adopts Maharashtra’s NOTA. Will it Pass Legal Scrutiny?

About five States are undergoing crucial elections to elect representatives to their Legislative Assemblies. The Maharashtra State Election Commission on November 6 issued an amendment to the Electoral process. According to the amendment, no candidate standing for election would be declared the winner if the None of the Above or NOTA options receives the maximum votes in a constituency. Then on November 22, the Haryana State Election Commission announced an adoption of the electoral amendment. However, the big question on the lips of the legal luminary is that ‘will the amendment pass legal scrutiny?


India: 2002 Riots In Gujarat: SC To Hear Plea Challenging The Clean Shit Granted To Narendra Modi

The Supreme Court will today, Monday, hear a plea lodged before it by Zakia Jafri challenging the clean shit granted to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi by the Special Investigating Team (SIT) in connection with the 2002 riots in Gujarat where scores of people were murdered in cold blood. At the time, Modi was the Chief Minister in Gujarat. Zakia Jafri is the wife of Ehsan Jafri, an ex-MP who was one of those that was murdered. She is appealing the Gujarat HC’s decision which rejected her plea against SIT on the 5th of October 2017.


Philippines: ‘Oil And Gas Deal Between the Philippines And China Should Go Ahead As Per Philippines Law,’ Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary Says

The Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary, Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Saturday said discussions on the oil and gas deal with China should proceed as per Philippines law. Locsin made the remark while asserting that “there is no outcome sharing” which is prescribed in the MOU the two countries signed. Locsin also added that a 60-40 decree was allowed in favor of Philippines and that China can “walk away” if they insist on equal sharing of the profit from the deal.


India: Section 377 Of IPC: Thousands March Through Major Streets Of Delhi In The First Gay Pride Parade

Since the Supreme Court in a landmark judgment decriminalized homosexuality in the country in September, history was recorded on Sunday as thousands of people marched through major streets of Delhi in the first gay pride parade. Those that participated in the march carried placard bearing “Love Wins” and “Adios 377”, while others waved rainbow flags. “This is the first time we are matching as criminals,” Deepti, one of the organizers named said while cheering up those who participated in the rally.



India: ‘Visit Of Shiv Sena President To Ayodhya Is An Open Challenge To SC,’ AIMPLB Says

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Sunday said the visit of Shiv Sena President, Uddhav Thackkerey to Ayodhya was an open confrontation with the Supreme Court. The board also said terming VHP’s “Dharm Sabha” had created a situation against Muslims across the country. This remark was made by the General Secretary of AIMPLB, Maulana Wali Rehmani while granting an interview to the journalist. Rehmani called on the government to deploy troops to Ayodhya in order to maintain law and order.



Australia: ‘We Recorded The Largest Caseload Last Year,’ The Australian Commission For Law Enforcement Integrity Says

The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, a Federal agency monitoring the activities of law enforcement agencies on Sunday said the Anti-corruption agency recorded the largest caseload last year as it detected greater levels of misconduct among law enforcement agencies. The Integrity Commission, Michael Griffin made the remark during a press briefing to present the agency’s annual report. Griffin called on law enforcement agencies in the country to shun corruption and work as a team to fight the monster.



India: Sterilisation Of Monkeys: Delhi Forest Department May Float Third Tender

In a bid to sterilize monkeys, the Delhi Forest Department May likely float the third tender after failing to receive any bids the last two attempts it’s advertised tender for interested members of the public to submit their Expression Of Interest (EOI). The Forest Department said it would provide a budget of Rs 7 crore to any agency or NGO that will be selected in the third tender. “If we fall to receive any bids this third time, we will ask municipal corporations to carry out the task in some select hospital in each municipal zones,” The Delhi Forest Department said.


Canada: Organizations Holding Personal Data Of Canadian Residents Must Meet New Standards

Organizations holding the personal information of Canadian residents have been asked to comply with new rules from November 1 with respect to privacy breaches under the Canadian privacy law. Organizations holding personal information of residents are required to meet the following new standards: identify all the rules that may apply, assess breach detection capabilities, update incidence response plan, implement a breach record keeping strategy, review service providers relationship, as well as, understand insurance coverage and requirements.


UK: Howard Kennedy LLP Deploys “iManage RAVN Insight” To Improve Access To Information

A top law firm in the United Kingdom, Howard Kennedy LLP on Saturday said it has deployed a tool known as “iManage RAVN Insight” in a bid to improve access to relevant information, as well as manage knowledge base within the organization. According to the firm’s chairperson, the tool has reduced the total time spent when searching for relevant information to defend clients in court.



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