Legal News Shots- Top Legal Shots Of The Day-Domestic And Global

Legal News Shots- Top Legal Shots Of The Day-Domestic And Global
Legal News Shots- Top Legal Shots Of The Day-Domestic And Global

INDIA- Supreme Court Urges Bar Council to Be Vigilant On Law Colleges

Justice SA Bobde while heading the bench on the court while hearing a matter relating to the college exam body, reiterated the council to conduct regular visits and ascertain the situations. Mishra said that the Council has been taking steps, but the top court noted lack of physical verification and inspections.


INDIA- Reserve Bank of India liberalizes ECB policy

The move took effect on 19 September 2018, through A P circular No.9 of 2018. It amended the 2016 master direction to mean eligible ECB in the manufacturing sector are permitted to rise to US$50 million with one year maturity period compared to initial three years. Also, besides acting as arrangers on RDBS issued overseas, this policy permitted them as market makers.


GERMANCDU Candidate Expects An Unconditional Commitment By Muslims  To The German Legal System

On Wednesday, Friedrich Merz while addressing the conference in Dusseldorf, lamented that although the freedom of religion also applies to Muslims, they are subject to Germany’s secular law. The majority of the members applauded his comments despite the presence of the other competitors including; Kramp-Karrenbauer and Health Minister Jens Spahn who received no standing ovations but only warm applause. All the candidates continued their campaign tours as they where they introduced themselves to members and sell out their policies as well.


INDIA-SC Pulls Up Law Ministry for Sitting on Plan for Fuel Stickers on Private Cars

The Supreme Court while presided by Justice MB Lokur noted that the judicial and the executive arm in the transport ministry were not acting accordingly hence paralyzing the ability of the environmental department to control pollution. This was in response to Aparajita Singh sentiments that the court delayed the efforts made by MORTH. Solicitor general AS Nadkarni, while representing the parties, admitted to the delay and said the SC order had to be compiled in earnest.


INDIA- Law Intern Death: Recording Reveals Pressure on Prarthana to Settle Case

The case has found reprieve after a recorded telephone call between Prarthana, 26, and a male acquaintance on the law intern’s ordeal before she was found murdered and the pressure on her to withdraw the case against two senior city-based lawyers Chetan Desai and Chandra Nayak. However, two concurrent probes involving sexual allegations besides her death are taking place since the case of mysterious death had been lodged at the concerned police station on the fateful of 24 November in Malleshwaram.


ITALY – Despite Objection The Country Adopts Tough Anti-Migrant Law

On Wednesday, the joyful Interior Minister Matteo Salvini while shrugging off criticism, celebrated as his decree was passed in the lower house. The bill will make it easy to limit residency permits as well as expelling migrants. The bill’s adoption followed Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s statement distancing Italy from the UN migration pact. Nonetheless, the Italian refugee council and UN Refugee agency are against the law since it will not provide adequate guarantees especially to the vulnerable. Hence this has raised concern with other countries also looking into the UN accord.


INDIA- Kerala High Court Lawyers Host Concert for Cancer Patients

During the concert which was part of a weekly cultural programme by Kochi Biennale Foundation at Government General Hospital and was inaugurated by Soumini Jain, Music lovers’ FM@HC’ entertained the quests through songs. Kerala State Human Rights Commission fellow P Mohandas sponsors Sabitha B, Rajasree, Rija Suman, Simi Renjith, Malini K Menon, Vipindas, Shyam Kumar K T and Jai George were among the singers.


INDIA- Lawyers Renew Stir for HC Bench outside VK Singh’s Home

The lawyers let by the president of Ghaziabad Bar Association, Anil Pandit staged a protest outside the local MP home demanding separate bench of the Allahabad high court in western UP. Although the police were anticipating riots, the protests were peaceful, and the lawyers managed to submit their memorandum through the Singh Aide. They lamented that the new bench could assist in reducing pending cases.


USA- Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Minor’s Drug Offense

Tyson Timbs was forced to forfeit a Land Rover that cost him 100 times he received after selling heroin to undercover police officers. However, the Supreme Court oral argument on Wednesday contained disparities and forfeitures imposed by the state could be at jeopardy. They contended in court papers that the vehicle was used in heroin trafficking that may have generated profits equal to its price and that its forfeiture left the minor without the ride he needed for his craft. As such American Bar Association noted that nearly two-thirds of prisoners have little prospect of paying fines upon their release.


INDIA- US Jury Ruled That India’s Largest IT Firm Didn’t Discriminate Against Americans

The Outsourcing firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) appeared before a California federal jury concerning the lawsuit by former employees, Christopher Slaight, Seyed Amir Masoudi, and Nobel Mandili. They claimed they lost out on work opportunities and eventually were fired because of their races and national origins. However, the TCS was acquitted after proving that the duo was let go of because they were challenging to work with and failed to comply with the new changes. Despite the win, they can’t yet breathe a sigh of relief as the jury’s still out on anti-American prejudices at a number of these firms.


CANADA- Province Pronounces New Trespassing Law Does Not Infringe On Treaty Rights

Morgan on Tuesday tabled amendment Trespass to Property Act among others which mean members of the public need to seek permission from a rural property owner before entering their land. Although FSIN protested, the province says the law does not violate any treaty rights. Bear argues the changes could interfere with Indigenous people exercising their treaty rights, however, Cameron said it may not always be that simple and added it could inflame racial tensions further.


AUSTRALIA- Reactions Were Positive As The First Federal Modern Slavery Act Becomes Law

The House of Representatives approved the amendments that were proposed by the Senate, and the act became a law. The advocates praised this historic passing of the bill and lamented that slavery would be a thing of the past. Additionally, president Morry Bailes noted the law was crucial in eliminating the vice by the country. However, the ACTU president says the move to abolish breach penalties for three years was an ineffective measure.


UNITED KINGDOM -Timothy James Failed To Convince The Scholar On Assisted Suicide Amendments.

Sputnik interviewed James about the court’s decision where a terminally ill man has lost a legal battle at the UK’s highest court over his right to die. In his responses, James said that it was unworthy and amounted to a lot of pressure going through such a doomed case and the law around assisted suicide so controversial due to split in opinion. Besides, he lamented that there was no point of changing the law or reviewing on cases to case basis.


SAUDI ARABIA – The State Launches Labour Courts To Boost Investment and Protect Workers.

On November 25, Justice Minister Walid Al Samaani and Ahmed Al Rajhi officially opened fully digitized lab our court historically for the first time, and it will be located in the major cities. Al Samaani noted that the move was crucial and will boost kingdoms status while guaranteeing justices in the business sector. The same sentiments were echoed by the labor and Social Development Minister and added that it part of vision 2030 realization.


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