Legal News Shots- Today’s Most Trending Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

INDIA – Proposed Bill on Medical Devices Have Waited Too Long, Experts Say

More than a decade after a proposed bill to regulate the medical devices sector was drafted, it is awaiting enactment. After it was first put together in 2006, successive governments have displayed little political will to enforce its implementation, instead a alternative law, (the Medical Device Rules and Regulations), one which experts say is an attempt to shy away from the proposed Medical Device Regulation Bill was put in place in 2016. The current system has suffered several critiques from experts and industry observers.


INDIA – New Legislation will Enhance the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – J&K Governor

According to the chief executive of Jammu and Kashmir, a recently enacted bill, which targets people living with disabilities will empower them by enhancing their rights and entitlements. The governor also emphasized on the essence of marking the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, stating that this would enhance a greater understanding and integration of disability issues on the social scene.


US – Pennsylvania Auditor General Recommends Expanded Mental Health Services as Means to Fight Gun Violence

Eugene DePasquale, Pennsylvania’s Auditor General has called for an expansion of mental health facilities. DePasquale believes that increased access to these services will help alleviate the ugly trend of gun violence. This recommendation is from a set of initiatives that the Auditor General says will help curtail gun deaths without requiring any further amendments to existing laws.


INDIA – Supreme Court Discards Plea against the Appointment of Justice Subramonium Prasad as Madras High Court Judge

The Supreme Court has dismissed pleas against the elevation of Justice Subramonium Prasad as a High Court Judge. The apex court ruled in the favor of Justice Prasad who was promoted as an additional judge of the Madras High Court. The pleas against his elevation are based on allegations that Justice Prasad had not  practiced before the Madras High Court prior to his appointment.


INDIA – How Jharkhand Government Violated the Rights of Farmers for Adani

Villagers woke up to a gory sight when they witnessed ancestral lands taken from them before their very eyes. More disturbing was the fact that it was taken from the very people that were meant to protect them: the government. What’s more, these fertile soils were their sole means of livelihood. The history of this struggle dates back to 2016, when a subsidiary of the Adani Group (Adani Power) pitched the government of its plan to build a coal-fired plant on over two thousand acres of land.


US – California’s Cage-free Law Could Affect Egg Producers in Iowa

Earlier this month, Californians gave accent to a law that defines how egg producers in other states raise their chickens if they intend to trade their eggs in the Golden State. The new legislation requires all eggs sold in the state to come from cage-free birds. Nearly two thousand miles separate Iowa from California but a new legislation may determine how many Iowa eggs are sold in California four years from now.


INDIA – Law Ministry Approves WCD Proposal in a Bid to Combat Child Porn

In the bid to up the ante on the fight against the ugly phenomenon of child pornography, the law ministry has accented to a proposal by the women and child development seeking the amendment of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act 2012. The WCD ministry is pushing for stronger punitive measures against promoters of the ugly phenomenon.


INDIA – RSS takes Swipe at BJP over Statue of Unity

In its assessment of the BJP regime, the RSS has questioned the government’s inability to pass an act for the construction of a mega Ram temple in Ayodhya as promised by the government before assuming office in 2014, while a magnificent statue of unity can be erected in Gujarat.  The RSS assessment of the BJP regime comes on the hills of several calls by Hindu organizations for the construction of the Ram temple.


US – Can California’s Latest Attempt at Boardroom Diversity Withstand Legal Consequences?

The latest legislation places a new requirement on publicly traded companies with headquarters in the Golden State. These companies are required to have at least one woman on their boards before the end of next year. The requirement also states that by 2021, corporations with 5-member boards should have at least two female directors. While companies will 6 or more directors are required to have at least 3 women. The new legislation has incited robust debates about its capacity to withstand the inevitable legal tests that would follow.


INDIA – Legal Practitioners Seek More Representation for SC, ST and OBCs in Judiciary

A number of lawyer groups are seeking greater representation of OBCs, ST and SC in the judiciary. According to the lawyers, the move essential for achieving social justice. President of the Indian Association of lawyers said that adequate representation comes from including sections of society, stating that this is a requisite for social justice.


INDIA – Police Continue to Use Section 66A of the IT Act despite Supreme Court’s Ruling

Despite the Supreme Court’s Ruling suspending section 66A of the IT Act, police continue to rely on the law in its operations. Over the years, the police has made arrests under 66A. Some of these arrest have attracted media attention which has emphasized on the invalidity of the act but instead of taking concession, the police finds an alternative section to justify the arrest.


CANADA – Drivers Risk Their License If They Illegally Pass a School Bus, According to New Legislation

A Canadian Province, the Prince Edward Island, has rolled out a new legislation that raises the punitive measures against drivers who violate traffic laws. The new legislation comes on the hills of a recent statistic that shows an rise in the accident or near accident occurrences involving school children. The new law which will take effect from December 8, will authorize public officers to take away the license of defaulters.


INDIA – Actor Bags Prison Sentence over default on Rs 5 Crore Loan

Famous actor, Rajpal Yadav is buried in legal troubles after defaulting on a loan he took in 2010. The Bollywood actor has been condemned to three months in jail by Delhi High Court over his inability to fulfill his financial obligations on loan of Rs 5 Crore. Rajpal and his wife had taken the loan to support their directorial project Ata Pata Laapata, but have failed to repay the loan making their creditors to seek a legal recourse.


INDIA – Sacked Paramilitary Officer Fails to Get Legal Relief After He was Removed over Immoral Behavior

The deputy inspector general who was removed due to a discovery that revealed that he had been sending sexually explicit content to a married woman, has failed to get legal relief after Delhi High Court stated that a public officer high ranking should hold himself to higher moral standards.


CANADA – Justice Department Issues New directives around prosecution For non-disclosure of HIV Status

As part of its commemoration of the 30th anniversary of World’s Aids Day, The Department of Justice issued new guidelines on prosecution over non-disclosure of HIV status. Over the last two years, the Justice Department has been working with its provincial counterparts to Redraft directives around prosecution For non-disclosure of HIV Status


INDIA – Bombay High Court Acquits Man Charged With Abetting Spouse’s Suicide

A man who was charged with abetting his wife’s suicide has been acquitted by the Bombay High Court. It was reported that the man, an alcohol addict often subjected his wife to battery which prompted her eventually self immolation. The court had acquitted the man on the account that inebriated quarrels may enhance cruelty but not abatement to suicide.


INDIA – Court Seeks Details of Moves Taken on Buildings that Violate Legal Requirements

The Bombay High Court is seeking details on moves taken on illegal buildings near beaches in Alibaug. The court has asked the Maharashtra Government to provide details of moves it has taken on buildings that violate legal requirements near beaches in Alibaug, within two weeks. The court’s directive is coming on the heels of a petition filed by an activist, after the government said it had failed to put down most of the buildings due to pending litigation.


UK – First Medical Cannabis Prescription Issued after Chances to Law Restricting Its Use

After years of legal restrictions that prevented the use of cannabis for prescriptions, the first medical cannabis prescription has been issued following chances to the law that placed restrictions on the substance.


INDIA – Converting a Company to LLP has Tax implications, rules I-T Appellate Tribunal

A New Legislation is threatening a strategy that has enabled companies reorganize to the LLP form. The LLP model makes it easier for businesses to attract foreign investment, primarily due to an advantage that allows profits to be distributed to partners as dividends without the deduction of dividend distribution tax. This threat is evident in the ruling of the I-T Appellate tribunal which has stated that converting a business to the LLP form is a transfer and has tax implications.


Australia – Young Legal Practitioners Seek Changes To Culture of Overwork Prevalent At Top Legal Firms

Young Lawyers in Australia are kicking against a culture that is prevalent in the country’s top flight law firms. These coterie of lawyers are seeking changes to a work schedule that induces mental and emotional stress. This culture of overwork is caused in part, by the demands of the banking royal commission. Over the past three months, top tier firms have been investigated.


France – Macron Holds Security Meeting Amidst Fuel Protests

The French President held an urgent security meeting amidst riots stirred by thousands of anti-government protesters. Police say three persons have been killed since the protests started over two weeks ago.


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