Legal News Shots- Today’s Best Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA – Bombay High Court Adopts Green Energy

The Bombay high court commissioned a 200kW solar power plant on Monday. This project signals a shift towards green energy. By its adoption of green energy, the court has set a precedence for other government institutions. The Initiative will help the Nagpur bench of the court conserve power expenditure worth at least Rs40 lakh yearly as well as alleviate pollution.


INDIA – Kerala Government moves Supreme Court on the Sabarimala temple issue

The Kerala Government has moved the Supreme Court on the controversial Sabarimala temple quagmire. The Government has ordered all proceedings in the writ petitions pending with the Kerala High Court be transferred to the apex court. A string of protests followed the controversial Supreme Court’s ruling which lifted the ban restricting women between the ages of ten and fifty from gaining access to the Lord Ayyappa temple. Despite the ruling, fiery protesters continue to restrict women’s access to the temple.


US – Law Targeting Pregnancy Centers Turned Out For Good Although It Was Meant For Harm Says Heidi Matzke

Heidi Matzke, believes California AB775, a law that infringed the freedom of speech of pregnancy centers, eventually turned out for good, although it was meant to threaten their civil rights. Matzke, who is the executive director of Alternatives Pregnancy Centre in Sacramento was one of the many persons initially appalled by the new law but the backlash from opponents of the new legislation gave her work and others like her free publicity, what Matzke considers a blessing.


INDIA – Delhi High Court to Hire 147 New Officers

The Delhi High Court is currently accepting applications for the Judicial Service Exam. The court has set the 22nd of December as the deadline for applications.  The court is calling on interested persons to apply for the examination. The examination is designed in two phases, a preliminary test and the mains (for those who pass the prelims). There are 147 vacancies to be filled


INDIA – Supreme Court Grants IT Department Leeway To Reopen Tax Assessment of the Gandhis

The apex court on Tuesday granted the IT Department leeway to reopen the tax assessment of the famous congress leaders in connection with the National Herald Case. Although the Apex Court gave its approval for the reopening of the tax assessment of the Congress leaders, it, however, restrained the IT Department from executing it within the period of the pendency of the Gandhis plea in the Supreme Court.


US – LA County Board of Supervisors to Give Final Nod to New Plastic Law

The Board is expected to give its final nod to a new law that seeks to prohibit restaurants and food vendors in the unincorporated sections of the county from giving out plastic straws or coffee stirrers with to-go beverages on unsolicited basis. The ordinance which is expected to take effect from January 3, will require employees of such businesses to ask patrons if they want a straw before handing out one.


INDIA – Government’s Cold Approach Towards Military Veterans Who suffered Medical Disabilities In Active Service a Big Concern

The Supreme court’s observation reveals the magnitude of the problems military veterans who suffered medical disabilities while in active service go through as regards their pensionary dues. The number of appeals sitting before the Supreme Court has carved a notion of an insensitive government.


INDIA – Government In Talks With the RBI On The Prospect Of Using QR code-based ‘offline Aadhaar’

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on the Aadhaar, the government has entered talks with the Reserve Bank of India on the prospect of using QR based ‘offline Aadhaar’ rather than the biometric eKYC, for banking operations such as opening new accounts, running payment wallets as well as purchasing insurance covers.


CANADA – Advocacy Groups Demand Improvement to National Accessibility Law

A number of advocacy groups have called on the Senate to make improvements to the National Accessibility Law. Numbering more than ninety, these groups say the proposed Accessible Canada Act, recently passed by Parliament, is to feeble to achieve its set objectives. They are calling on the Senate to hold public hearings in the coming year and make improvements to the legislation.


INDIA – Suspected Middleman in the AgustaWestland scam, Extradited to India

Christian Michel who was fingered in the AgustaWestland scam landed at the Delhi airport on Tuesday evening. Michel’s extradition is coming months before the Lok Sabha elections and may threaten the opposition’s prospects. Michel’s extradition is part of the BJP’s strategy to gain an edge over the main opposition party.


INDIA – Supreme Court ignores Fresh Plea Calling For a Life Ban on Lawmakers Convicted In Criminal Cases

The Supreme Court has refused to attend to a fresh Plea seeking a life ban on Lawmakers convicted in criminal cases. The apex court dismissed the plea stating that it was already dealing with in a similar petition on the same issue. The apex court is billed to hear a similar petition filed by BJP leader Upadhyay who is seeking a life ban on convicted politicians.


CANADA – Experts Make Call For High-Strength Opiods To Be Recalled From the Market

Medical experts are urging the Canadian minster of health to withdraw high-strength Opiods from the market. The experts revealed their concerns in a new Canadian Medical Association Journal Commentary. The authors say the minister can enforce the change using a relatively new but never before used power in Canadian law, the Vanessa’s Law.


INDIA – Supreme Court Justice Says Upsurge in Law Colleges Will have an Impact on Litigation

In a speech commemorating the Lawyer’s of India Day, Supreme Court Justice Madan B. Lokur, stated that the rise in law colleges will have an impact on litigation. According to Lokur, the mushrooming growth in law colleges across India will have an impact on litigation. Lokur also decried the ‘abysmal’ state of the nation’s law universities.


INDIA – Snapdeal Secures Victory Over Fraudsters In Delhi High Court

In response to a suit filed by its parent company, the Delhi High Court has barred several known and unknown entities from fraudulently using the Snapdeal Trademark. The court’s order came in response to a suit filed by M/s Jasper Infotech Private Limited, which runs famous e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal. The company had asked the court to take action against fraudsters who were using Snapdeal’s name to operate fraudulent schemes.


UK – The UK Can Cancel Brexit, Says Top European Law Officer

A top European Law Officer has opined that the United Kingdom can unilaterally suspend its withdrawal from the European Union. Prior to his submission, a coterie of Scottish politicians have approached a court regarding the feasibility of the UK calling off Brexit unilaterally. However, Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona, an advocate general of the European Court of Justice believes the UK should be able to suspend its withdrawal from the European Union without the consent of other member states.


INDIA – Gujarat Riots: Supreme Court Schedules January 2019 For Hearing of Zakia Jafri’s Plea Against Clean Chit Accorded Modi

The Supreme Court has set the third week of January for the hearing of Zakia Jafri’s Plea against the clean chit given to Minister Narendra Modi in connection to the 2002 Godhra riots which claimed the life of Ehsan Jafri, an ex-MP. At the time of the crisis, Modi was Gujarat’s Chief Minister. In its assessment, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) gave Modi a clean chit, however, Jafri’s widow does not agree with this assessment.


INDIA – Madras Court Extend Interim Stay on Eviction Notice Given To Madurai Vendors

The eviction order issued to  Madurai vendors have been extended to December 11th. The extension is done by the Madurai bench of the Madras high court in response to a series of petitions filed concerning the eviction notice which is one of the steps taken towards the actualization of the Madurai Smart City project.


UK – UK Set To Integrate Digital Justice Into Legal System

The United Kingdom is set to integrate digital justice into its legal system. Part of the planned legal reforms revealed by Lucy Frazer, the UK’s justice minister includes court cases conducted by email, online pleas and artificial intelligence for judges. The minister believes the new reforms will gain widespread acceptance and adoption just like the success of online dating.


INDIA – Despite Change in Pecuniary Jurisdiction, Delhi High Court Says High Court Can Execute Foreign Arbitration Award

Despite a 2015 amendment which altered the Delhi High Court Act due to a change in pecuniary jurisdiction, the Delhi High Court has stated that it can execute the foreign arbitration award.


INDIA – Remittance Exceeding One Million Dollars Outside India From NRO Account Will Require Special Permission

Under the existing law, remittances outside the country are generally allowed, albeit, remittances exceeding one million dollars per financial year will require special permission from the Reserve Bank of India.


AUSTRALIA – Uncertainty, Disgust as Proposed Encrypted Message Laws Promises To Give Police Access To Your WhatsApp

The nation’s parliament is putting together new police access laws that aim to circumvent encryption. The proposed law will compel technology companies to give Police Access to encrypted messages. Although the government says the new laws will enhance its fight against terrorism and crime, its citizens fear that this might just mean an infringement on their privacy. Many have expressed their fears, disgust, and concerns. Technology companies have also developed a negative posture to the proposed law.


INDIA – Supreme Court Approves SIT’s Probe into 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots; Gives Approval For the reopening of 186 Cases

The Supreme Court has given its approval for the reopening of 186 cases connected to the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots. The apex court gave its approval to a two-member SIT to continue its probe in the Anti-Sikh Riots. The government had informed the apex court on Monday that it had no objection if the SIT reopens the cases.


INDIA – Supreme Court Orders Constitution Of Special Courts In Each District of Bihar and Kerala to Set Up Special Courts For Pending Criminal Cases Against MPs, MLAs

The Supreme Court has directed constitution of special courts in each district of Bihar and Kerala to set up special courts to facilitate trials in the several pending criminal cases against former and present MPs and MLAs. The apex court also directed the special courts that have already been set up in the two states to submit detailed reports regarding the status of pending cases against the MPs and MLAs.


IRELAND – The Recent Abortion Law Is Not What The Country Voted For – Emer O’Toole

The recent abortion law shows that the people’s representatives are still not listening to the true yearnings of the people, says Emer O’Toole, an associate professor of Irish performance studies at Concordia University in Canada. O’Toole believes the regulation of termination of pregnancy bill does not show that the people’s representatives are in lieu with the peoples true yearnings.


INDIA – Congress Calls For Judicial Inquiries Into Interference in The Highest Ranks of The Nation’s Judiciary

The Congress cited remarks made by retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kurian Joseph who said that the Dipak Misra, the previous Chief Justice of India was operating under some influence engineered by an external source. In its submission, the congress called for judicial and parliamentary inquiries into the matter.


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