Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

INDIA – The Indian Advocate Association Releases New Volume

The publication which is the journal of the Bar Association of India focuses its recent volume on women and the law. The recent volume covers a large spectrum of women related issues such as sexual autonomy and women in the workplace. The latest issue features articles from prominent members of the legal profession such as Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and former Supreme Court judge, Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, among others.


INDIA – Rules To Allow In-Flight Connectivity Underway

The telecom ministry is awaiting the perspective of the law ministry regarding new rules that will make it possible for travelers to use voice and internet services on their mobile phones during flights within the country’s airspace. The new set of rules will also cover maritime transport as well.


UK – Mills and Reeve Emerges UK Law Firm of the Year

The firm clinched the top spot after stiff competition from contemporaries such as Keystone law, Shoosmiths and Osbornes Law. Factors such as stellar growth and exemplary talent management and employee development programs had singled out the firm for the prestigious award.


INDIA – Government Set To Revise Country’s Income Tax Laws

The Indian government has put in place a panel to revise the country’s 57-year-old income tax laws. The panel which is led by Akhilesh Ranjan, the head of the Central Board of Direct Taxes is charged with the responsibility of making the country’s income tax laws more comprehensible.


INDIA – Internet Shutdowns An Infringement On Fundamental Rights, Shashi Tharoor

A Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram has written to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on subordinate legislation demanding the comprehensive review of the Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services Rules, 2017. The frequent internet shutdowns have made India the country with the highest internet clampdowns in the world.


UK – Legal Experts Call For The Integration Of Religion In Civil Marriage Ceremonies

A new study has proposed the integration of religion in civil marriage ceremonies. According to the study, couples who marry in civil ceremonies should be able to have religious vows, rituals, and music during their service.


INDIA – SEBI Panel Proposes Direct Listing of Indian Forms In 10 Countries

A panel set up by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made a proposal that seeks the direct listing of Indian firms in ten countries which includes the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea. If the proposal becomes actualized, it will enable budding Indian startups to access cheaper capital from foreign investors.


INDIA – Taxmen Begin Critical Examination of Unilever – GSK Deal

Taxmen have begun a critical examination of the $3.8 billion Unilever–GSK transaction, which could increase demand on the value of the sale. According to tax experts and lawyers, the value of the sale could be raised if taxmen invoke provisions relating to indirect transfer of shares.


US – Appeal Court Strikes Out Law Against Encouraging Illegal Immigration

The now-defunct law made it a crime for citizens to encourage an immigrant to travel to the United States if they know the person would be doing so illegally. The judges said the law violates the first amendment because it criminalizes a large aspect of protected speech.


INDIA – A Secret Deal Was Offered Prior To My Extradition: Michel

Although it had become apparent by September that Michel would be extradited to India, what remained unclear is now it became possible. India Today TV has now demystified the circumstances that led to the extradition of the British national. The broadcast outfit made the revelation after learning of a “secret deal” that made the extradition possible.


INDIA – Supreme Court Strikes Out Cartelization Charges Levelled Against Telecom Giants

The Supreme Court has struck down cartelization charges levelled against the country’s major telecom operators. The apex court nullified the competition commission of India’s Plea for am investigation into charges made by Reliance Jio against three Telecom majors, Vodafone, Airtel and Idea.


US – Prosecutors Charge Four Persons In Connection To Panama Papers Tax Evasion Scheme

Three of the four persons charged in connection to the Panama Papers tax evasion scheme have already been arrested. The revelations that led to their arrest was made by Mossack Fonseca & Co, the Panamanian law firm at the fore of the leak.


INDIA – Supreme Court Approves Draft Witness Protection Scheme Prepared By The Center

The Apex Court has cleared the draft witness protection scheme prepared by the center. Known as the Witness Protection Scheme, the initiative will be implemented by all states except Jammu and Kashmir where implementation is dependent on Parliament’s approval.


INDIA – Government Opposes Arbitration Award Favoring Reliance Industries

The government has challenged the arbitration award favoring Reliance Industries led consortium the gas migration dispute case. The government said the award has given premium to a contractor that has accumulated immense wealth by committing an insidious fraud.


CANADA – Feds Allay Fears That New Driving Law May Impede Civil Rights

Federal ministers have responded to concerns raised by civil rights advocates that the country’s latest impaired driving law may infringe civil rights. Allaying fears that it could impede civil rights, justice minister Jody Wilson Says she is confident the new law is consistent with the charter of Rights and Freedom.


INDIA – Court Directs Traffic Police To Challan Auto-rickshaws After Near Fatal Clash Involving Five Year Old

The Delhi High Court has moved against rashly driven auto-rickshaws in the nation’s capital after a near fatal accident involving a five-year-old child. The court has asked traffic police on the nation’s capital to prosecute the drivers. The court had identified auto-rickshaws with rear-view mirrors turned inside as a major cause.


INDIA – Court Rejects Plea By Jiah Khans Mother To Retrieve The late Actress’s BBM Chats

A High Court sitting in Bombay has rejected the request filed by the mother of late actress Jiah Khan seeking the retrieval of messages exchanged between her late daughter and her boyfriend on BlackBerry Messenger. Dismissing her request, justice Bhatkar said, it was “not feasible under the law”.


AUSTRALIA – Hague Convention Remains in Place, Says Minister

A convention signed in 1980 has forced several New Zealand women fleeing domestic violence back to Australia. These women are subject to the convention because it makes provision for the return of a child when one parent takes them from their country of residence. There have been several calls by lawyers for a review of the convention which has been used as a means of re-victimizing women who have deserted abusive relationships.


INDIA – Livestock Exports Resume From Tuna Port After Court Clears Decks

After over four months of delay, exports of livestock form Tuna Port has resumed following the intervention of Gujarat High Court. Activities resumed after the court cleared the decks for the resumption of exports of livestock.


FRANCE – French Government Grants Human Rights Prize To Organization With Terror Ties

The French government has granted a human rights award to a frontline leader in the anti-Israel warfare and boycott efforts, Al-Haq. Al-Haq is reported to have ties to the Popular Front to Liberate Palestine (PFLP) – a terrorist group which advocates for Palestinians human rights.


NEW ZEALAND – New Legislation Requires Food Manufacturers To Attach Country Of Origin Labels To Products

Previously required on a voluntary basis, the recent amendment will require food producers in New Zealand to attach the country of origin label to their products on a mandatory basis, the Food Safety Australia New Zealand, has Said.


AUSTRALIA – New Law Requires Mega Corporations To Report On Modern Slavery

The Australian Government is set to implement a new law which would require mega companies that meet the threshold of AU $100 million in total annual global revenue to file annual reports on their efforts to curb modern slavery in their operations. The Act will likely take effect from Jan 1, 2019.


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