Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

INDIA- The congress walks out in Lok Sabha as the triple Talaq bill is passed                                                                                                                     

Today in the Parliament, the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) bill was approved. The government had initially declined to refer the bill to the committee in parliamentDespite cries of Bharat Mata KI Jai, The Lok Sabha Bill was passed in parliament on Thursday. The opposition used all their might to reject the bill and even walked out but none of the officials could give an ear to them. Confusion had set in after members spend over five hours debating on the motion. The bill was later passed through voice vote. The government referred back to last year`s rule by the Supreme Court stating that the triple Talaq is illegal and not in accordance to the constitution.The Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad urged people to view the bill from a human perspective rather than a political view.



INDIA –Cheers and sadness as the president orders separation of Hyerabad high court.


There was both Joy and distress in India after President Ramnath Kovind instructed the separation of Hyerabad High COURT into different entities of Andhra Pradesh states starting January 1 2019. Lawyers from Telengana celebrated while those coming from Andhra Pradesh were in deep pain and sadness. They claimed that the ruling was unfair and pledged to move to higher courts. Telengana lawyers were filled with awe and had high hopes that following the order made, the 31 districts would soon be useful. On the other end, the lawyers from Andhresh complained bitterly to the media stating that 3 days were not enough to move to Amavarati. They pleaded for more time from the government for the order to take place.


INDIA- Studies reveal the elevation of FPI registrations in 2018

The news headlines recorded a sudden rise of FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) registrations in India after four years of observation. Foreign investors in the country have increased as a result of easier protocols which has helped improve offshore funds and Indian equities which have gone beyond other competitive markets within. For instance, Sebi introduced a single application form for registration which made it easier for FPIs to apply. The approximate number of new FPIs who registered in 2018 is 600 and above. This was the highest number compared to the year 2014.The country now hosts 9,246 active FPIs.


INDIA- Group B job to be given to Kabaddi player. says HC

Punjab and Haryana to engage former Kabbadi player from Hisar district on a group B post under states sports policy. The government rejected the request of Suresh who had initially represented the country in various international events in Kabbadi. His denial was as a result of age limit of 4o that he had passed. Justice Ritu Bahri approved these orders while allowing the request. The petitioner on the other end had won four gold medals in international Kabaddi league.


INDIA- Chandigarh panchayat poll schedule to remain the same.

According to the figures produced by the election commission a total of 13,276 seats of Sarpanches and 83,831 seats of Panches, 4,363 Sarpanmches and 46,754 Panches were elected unanimously. On Thursday,the state election commission(SEC) revealed that Panchayat polls in Punjab will be held asorganized before.This is after the Punjab and Haryana high Court declined to change the December 24 order asking the government to give a consideration to those whose candidates had been rejected. Justice TS Dhindsa and Mahabir Singh Sidhu deferred the hearing to January 7 2019.


INDIA- Constitutional change to take effect on AAP to suit term limit clause.

Sources indicate that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is most likely to amend its constitution so as to allow any office bearer to have a maximum of two consecutive terms of three years. This is in inclusiveness of Arvind Kejwiral, who is finishing his second term on April 26, 2019. The election of Mr Kejriwal together with other officials was done on April 2016 in the fifth national council meeting. So far Mr kejwiral has been the national convener despite oppositions from certain members.


USA- Death on the rise among police officers on duty

Reports from United States Washington Dc on Thursday states that more police officers who were on duty have died this year compared to 2017. The national Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund in a report stated that about 144 federal, state and local officers have so far died in 2018. The officers died in mysterious circumstances. Majority of them were shot or injured in car crashes. Other causes of their deaths are sicknesses such as heart attacks, cancer, drowning’s and other illnesses. The report further indicates that eight of those officers killed were doing an investigative activity whereas six of them were in the process of responding to calls of a domestic disturbance.


ERITREA- Nevsun resources case in Eritrea to be heard on Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada is set to hear the case accusing Canadian Miner Nevsun resources of human rights abuses in Eritrea. The hearing will take place on January 23 whereby it will be decided to use the customary international law (CIL) to charge Canada or not. The International law applying to Canadian businesses and most especially the mining sector will initiate a competitive ground that will compromise its effectiveness.


China- Technology transfer faces ban in the new China`s draft foreign investment law

A new proposed law has been formed in China which if passed will ban the forced technology transfer and consider it illegal in the country. This law comes as the government of China tries to come to terms with the United States which has been accusing her of biased trade practices. This includes; intellectual property theft and forced IP transfer. China has proposed a ban on forced technology transfer and illegal government “interference” in foreign business operations, practices that have come under the spotlight in a trade dispute with the United States. China has been pledging to always provide an improved market for foreign investors and to defend their rights as they do their operations.


Russia- President Vladimir Putin to remain in office if the law is amended

There is a possibility that the Russian Constitution will be changed. This is due to statement given by Speaker of the Lower house of Parliament. Suppose this is done then President Putin will remain in office. While giving a speech in Kremlin meeting attended by Mr. Putin, he said that the society has been questioning the Fundamental laws of the Russian Federation that was formed 25 years ago. Mr Volodin emphasized the need to amend the constitution in order to give answers to the questions raised by citizens.




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