Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA – A wife can still seek maintenance regardless of her decision: Bombay court rules

Bombay high Court judge ruled that maintenance is a matter of public policy so long as it’s under CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure). A private consent therefore cannot be allowed to supersede the public policy. The judge further said that even if a woman decides to claim back her maintenance from her husband she will be allowed to do so under the Crpc rule. Justice M s Sonak stated that section 125 of the CrPC was endorsed in public interest. The high court was hearing a petition that had been filled by a resident of Sangili in an appeal of an order made by a lower court.

INDIA- Lawyers urged to facilitate clearance of cases

Speaking on the matter, Chief Justice of Odisha High Court, KS Jhaveri said that the Judiciary is currently slow in solving cases. He noted that several individual cases have been piled up in courts for more than five years. He had attended the felicitation ceremony in the city which had been organized by Gurajat High Court Advocates` Association (GHCAA). The chief justice said that steps need to be taken by the lawyers so as to facilitate the disposal of backlog cases. He urged the lawyers to always attend to cases while prepared so as to avoid unnecessary adjournments that may slow down the justice delivery system. The chief Justice Jhaveri was also seconded by Justice R Subhash Reddy who emphasized on the same point.



INDIA- Lawyers go on riot after a halt on illegal Colonies` registry

It was on Thursday 28th when a group of lawyers and deed writers went on riot at the Sadar Tehsil office. The group complained against the administration which had ordered for a stop of registries in the illegal colonies at Ghaziabad. They purportedly tore the official records at the Tehsil office, destroyed the furniture and literarily stopped the staff from working. Police Forces were sent from various stations to calm the situation that had caused mayhem in the area. Later on, Tehsil Bar Association denied accusations claiming that their demonstrations were done peacefully without destructions. The chief authorities in a statement said that investigations are underway and the culprits will have to face tough legal actions.


INDIA- Stern warning given by Bombay High Court to prosecutor who whacked the judge

Bombay High court on Wednesday took into notice a scene where court judge had been apparently slapped by an assistant public prosecutor inside the court premises. Justice R K Deshpande of the high court’s Nagpur bench stated that incidences like that are against the judicial independence. It is reported that the incident took place outside the lift when Prosecutor Dinesh allegedly slapped judge K R Deshpande and at the session’s court on Wednesday. The prosecutor had been annoyed by the ruling made by the judge in a case that did not favor him. The high court further said that such cases need no tolerance since it undermines the independence of the Judiciary.


INDIA- Is it real that PUBG mobile game has been banned by the Bombay high court?

Fake notice stating that PUBG (PlayerUknown`s Battlegrounds) mobile game has been banned by Bombay high Court has been disbanded. News have it that the rumors were doing rounds in social media with the fake notice. Reports from Gadgets360 indicated that fake notice on the ban of PUBG game on Facebook was doing rounds faster. The notice further stated that PUBG game had caused a lot of disturbances in colleges and spoiled a higher number of students. The Bombay High court judge dismissed such claims and said that there is no designation of that sort in the Indian High Courts. The designation however is a clear indication that it’s fake and not real.


INDIA – The high court urges state government to ban the cruel act of ragging

Gujarat high court has sent a message to the government urging them to ban ragging in the educational institutions. The court further asks the state to form laws that defines ragging as an offence just as it has been done in other states. Justice J b Pardiwala stated that ragging should be expelled from schools immediately. He noted that students have committed crime as a result of ragging.After citing several instances, the court lamented the great loses caused by ragging.


INDIA- Gujarat High Court rejects list produced by MCA Reason?

The high court has dismissed a list of directors that was published by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).The list had disqualified directors and hence were not fit for approval. Justice Bela M.Trivedi apprehended that section 164(2) of the companies Act is prospective in nature and will only take effect from the date that the notification was raised. The high Court further stated that the directors had not filled financial statements for three years.


INDIA- Plastics to be banned by Tamil Nadu as from January 2019

 Plastics to be banned as from January. This is after the high court on Thursday dismissed a petition challenging the order. The judge also recommended a total ban of all other plastics. The move to ban this plastics was also due to success witnessed in Nilgiris district where the use of plastics had drastically decreased. Environmentalists in the country received the order with gladness. On the other end plastics manufacturers and small traders were annoyed by the ban. The government however lifted the ban on certain items such as biscuits and other packaged foods. Besides that, the government may consider sparing paper cups and non-woven bags.


INDIA-`Protection` Bill Rejected by the Trans Community

The transgender community in India finally rejects a bill that campaigns for government’s official recognition to an individual’s gender identity if its different from the one given at birth. The community in India denounces the bill claiming that it does not defend their rights and with time affects the future life of the citizens. The international Commission of Jurists (ICJ) states that the bill lacks a proper framework for protecting the people in the community. They are advocating for a strike so as to completely do away with the bill.


USA- New gun laws in California to increase paperwork for store owners

New gun laws are yet to be rolled out in California. One of these laws will prohibit those below age 21 from purchasing and owning rifles or shotguns unless they are law enforcement officers, Military members or are licensed to hunt.

Another law will also authorize background checks for the purchase of any ammunition. This law will mean a lot of paperwork. The background check will take at most 10days .This is called the “cooling off“ time which is meant to cause those who are purchasing it rashly to think otherwise.


USA- Defrosting car windscreen a serious offence

Motorists have been warned against defrosting car windscreens. It is against the law and anyone who breaks it may end up being fined. As the temperatures fall, drivers are being cautioned on the rules they should follow when defrosting their car so as to avoid major penalties. Motorists are therefore asked not to leave their engines running while defrosting their cars. One of the rules in the Highway Code emphasizes the fact that the motorist must not leave a parked car unattended while the engine is still running.


UAE- The new law regulations on animal welfare issued by UAE

The new executive regulations law on animals has been issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) in UAE. The law contains nine articles that highlight the responsibilities of all animal owners, health and technical standards of animal facilities, animal nutrition and guidelines for loading, transporting and unloading animals. This was stated clearly by the WAM. The law will furthermore make it an offence to use animals in a way that is against their nature in art and entertainment purposes.


BELGIUM- Shechitah to be banned starting January 1, 2019 in Belgium

Schechitah will officially be banned in Flanders region of Belgium starting from January 1, 2019. The region has been the home to Antwerp City and at least 60percent of the Country`s Jews who have so far caused problems to the Jewish community. The law was passed in June 2017 indicates that all animals should be stunned before being slaughtered for humanitarian purposes. This requirement is not allowed according to Halachos hence making Shechitah illegal.


UK- UK streets in possession of illegal guns smuggled from Eastern Europe and Balkans

News reports this year indicate that the UK streets is in high possession of illegal firearms smuggled from the Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The research conducted indicated that this year the number increased drastically. Chief Constable Andy reported that this guns were smuggled from Eastern Europe through Netherlands. The country`s newspapers explained that the current situation is so serious and needs to be looked into. The National Crime Agency has given out orders to the police officers to do investigations and ensure that illegal possession of firearms is stopped with immediate effect.


USA- Investment fraud associated to four ladies from Israel

There has been a rise in the business investment fraud in the US. Four women so far have been associated to such cases. It is alleged that they reassure people a win upon investing. For instance, the Sales representatives give promises to clients that they will be millionaires within one year if one does not withdraw the money in the account. Yukom Communications employees have been identified to stage lies and in return con people on investments. This persons pretend to be coming from different countries and does not define clear terms. Federal trial has so far been scheduled to begin from Jan 8 in Maryland.







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