Legal News Shots- Today’s Best Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA -The Modi Government Approves Death Sentence For Heightened Sexual Assault In The Amended Posco Act

The Cabinet has approved a petition seeking to protect children against sexual assault. Stringent measures will be taken on any individual who involves in sexual crime against children. The minister Ravi Shankar Prasad while speaking to the press offered a stern warning against any individual who assaults children. Death penalty will be the consequence for those advocating for child pornography.


INDIA- Silence Over Bill To Reprimand Public Servants Torture Seeks Approval

Many states have remained silent over the draft“ Prevention of Torture Bill, 2017.“ The bill proposes tough measures to anyone practicing it. The perpetrators may also receive heavier punishments which include life imprisonment and heavy fines. This will help reduce cases of torture that have been experienced so far. Only four states have corresponded to the draft bill. This include; Meghalaya, Jharkand, Sikim and Himachai Pradesh. The bill had been presented earlier on to the law ministry on October, 2017 seeking to hear its views. The Panel however presented a report on implementation of the bill to the United Nations Convention against torture.


INDIA- A Big Smile For MSME As The New GOI Law Is Passed

The government of India has passed a law that seeks to accelerate payments to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. (MSME). All along there has been a lesser impact on the affluences of MSME especially in Karnataka. This has been attributed to lack of awareness which in the long run has led to sudden termination of smaller business units. The new MSME act will therefore enhance payment and hence be a major boost to the Small enterprises.


INDIA- A Significant Improvement As Banks Recover Money Worth Rs 40,400 From Non-payers

Several banks have improved significantly after recovering money worth Rs 40,400 from defaulter’s .The banks used several channels through which they recovered the bad loans from non-payers. This include; Insolvency and Bankruptcy code (IBS), SARFAESI act, Debt Recovery Tribunals and Lok Adalats. According to a report released over the weekend, Rs 4900 crore were recovered through IBS while Rs 26,500 crore were recovered though SARFAESI in FY18.  This is a major improvement compared to FY17 where Rs 38500 crore were recovered.


INDIA- Tribals Stage Demonstrations In Kinnaur Advocating For Forest Rights Act (FAR) Implementation

Hundreds of tribal people assembled in Reckong Peom where they carried out a rally on Saturday. Their anger was fueled by the decision made by district administration who rejected 47 individual forest rights claims from Lippa village. Zila Van Adhikar Samiti and Him Lok Jagriti Manch have been fighting for the implementation of the forest act for close to five years. They were the main propellers of the movement.FRA had been brought into the Parliament from 2006 claiming that there are many people depending on forests for livelihood and hence they deserved protection.


INDIA- Commercialization Of Space Activities Bill Likely To Be Passed In 2019

There is a high possibility that Space Activities Bill, 2017 will be introduced in 2019.The bill will ensure that space is used commercially. This is due to a statement from the government aiming to introduce the bill using the budget session of 2019.The bill aims at controlling all the space activities and will ensure that there is a harmonious exploration and use of the space. Individuals who wish to explore the space are supposed to have licenses that enable them to carry out operations in the space. The draft bill has been receiving positive responses since November 2017, from the government, from the general public, from Indian aerospace industry and start-ups, law firms, lawyers and communication companies.


INDIA- The Horrendous Rape Crisis In Haryana Continues As A Woman Is Gang-raped And Her Son Sexually Assaulted

Eight men gang-raped a woman in Haryana and sexuality assaulted her son. The accused with the tenant in the survivor’s house, fixed a camera in her washroom and filmed her. They later blackmailed her, threatened to post the video on social media and extorted Rs 15lakh .On top of that, the men sexually assaulted her son and forced the woman to use abortion pills when she became pregnant within nine months. The woman surrendered to the police in a case filed against her of cheating. This is after police threatened her and beat her up. The survivor is in dire struggle for justice. She was left pregnant, has no home, no money, no husband and no job. Charges were levied on culprits at Pocso court where the Judge referred to section 10 of the Pocso act and IPC. The case is still ongoing as the woman seeks justice. This is a far alarming rate that calls for authorities to react immediately.


INDIA- Five PIA Pilots Exposed, Court Says That They Have No Qualifications In Even Matrics: That Means, They Can’t Even Drive A Bus

The court revealed on Friday that five of the Pakistan`s International Airlines (PIA)Pilot have not completed their matriculation. This was found after investigating their educational background .Justice Ljazal Ahsan in a statement said that a pilot who has not completed matrics cannot even drive a bus yet these pilots were flying planes endangering the lives of passengers. Other 50 PIA employees are under suspension for failing to provide their documents while seven pilots were found to be having bogus academic credentials. The Supreme Court chief Justice Saqib Nisar was hearing a case in relation to verification of degrees of pilots and PIA staff. Justice Nisar asked the PIA to produce a list of all the 498 pilots together with their results for license examination.


INDIA- Illegal Buildings To Have Their Power And Water Supply Disconnected, Says The HC Of Madras

Water and power supply to be shattered for all constructions build in violation of the building rules. The government order stated that any building made against the rules shall have its power and water discontinued since it’s an offence and rebellion to the government. Any form of construction must first be approved by the building corporation. The petition had been filed by Mehraj Begum. The bench further judged officials for failing to inspect sites before construction and cautioned them of disciplinary measures if found indulging in any form of misconduct.


INDIA – Loss As The Writ Petition Against SHRC Is Disbanded

Madras high Court has dismissed a writ petition presented by a woman who challenged the rejection order of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).The argument ensued over ownership of property to a person who had two sons whereby one is born to his wife and the other to a mistress. SHRC dismissed the complaint and hence the petition to the high court. The bench concluded by asking the petitioner to launch her rights over the property only in the pending suit.


INDIA- Gujarat HC Awaits Government Response Before Pronouncing The Verdict Of Bullet Train Land Acquisition

Gujarat High Court on Friday gave out a directive to the state government asking them to provide details of the compensation plan from the National Highway Authority of Indi (NHAI) for obtaining land running parallel to the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet train project. The directive was given by Chief Justice AS Dave and Justice Biren Vaishnav while hearing a petition filed by the famers who are against the acquisition of land for the bullet train project. The court is still waiting for a report from the state government by January 11 so as to produce its verdict.


INDIA- Harassment On The Rise In The Public Work Places

The news agencies have in the long run reported the high level of harassment in the workplaces especially on women. The National Commission for Women produced data that shows that about 60% of the harassment takes place in the formal sectors and most especially those working in the public sector. The private sector on the other hand is slowly suppressing harassment in its institution using the good internal systems that deals with harassment. The Supreme Court advocate KV Dhananjay said that new laws should be introduced so as to save women from being assaulted sexually.


INDIA- A New Policy Of Partnership As 5G Goes Through Financial Pressure In India Telecom

A new policy of consolidation has been formed to aid 5G network development. The policy will take into account the concerns of telecom operators. Despite the financial pressure this year, the telecom sector recorded major developments such as the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) and other developments in the market. Discussions on the development of 5G network by 2020 and plans to monetize the assets of companies for better balanced sheets also hit the headlines in the year 2018. The partnership in the telecom sector was successful with the two mergers-Vodafone India and Cellular NSE creating a better idea. This will boost the telecom sector in terms of revenue and subscriber base. The experts say that the telecom sector is now stable with the 3 major players; Vodafone Idea,Bharti, AirtelNSE and Reliance Jio.


INDIA- The Ministry Of Home Affairs` Produces A Shortlist Of 17 To Hold The Position Of New CBI Chief

CBI Director Alok Verma`s  is soon ending his term in office. The home ministry has however produced a list of IPS officers from the 1983, 1984 and 1985 groups to succeed him. The original list had 34 names but changes have been made and is currently 17 names. Officials concerned, have said that the names have been forwarded to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to be investigated on anti corruption cases and integrity.


INDIA- Bursting Firecrackers On The New Year’s Eve For More Than 2 hours In Delhi Could Land You In Prison

The central pollution control board (CPCB) has given out a directive to the police asking them to ensure that the order given by the Apex court is followed to the latter. The order aims at reducing air pollution in the national capital. It’s an order from court that requires firecrackers to be busted within the stipulated period of two hours, exceeding this limit would land the offender in Jail and can be charged heavy fines. The relevant authorities including the Supreme Court and the Green Tribunal implemented a Graded Response Acton Plan (GRAP) whose goal is to improve the quality of air.


UNITED STATES- The New DUI Law In Pennsylvania Is Likely To Curb Road Fatalities

A new introduced law that has been passed makes a DUI a crime since time immemorial. Impaired drivers will be charged if they are four time offenders. Repeat offenders who may have killed a person will face lighter minimum penalties with 5 to 7 years behind the bars as compared to the three years that were initially recorded in the books. No driver will therefore be allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol. The law also raises the penalties for any driver who drives while their license is suspended. This has helped a lot in reducing drunken driving and road fatalities.


UNITED STATES- It Doesn’t Amount To Child Abuse If Women Use Mother’s Drugs While Pregnancy; Says Pennsylvania Court

The highest court of Pennsylvania has ruled out that mothers who use illegal drugs when they are pregnant will not be considered as the culprits of child abuse against their newly born children. This is in accordance to the state child`s protection law. The judge went on to say that the definitions in the law does not include fetuses or unborn children but rather born children.


UNITED STATES- As Per The New Rule, Pet Stores Can Sell Only Rescued Cats, Dogs & Rabbits In California

California to form new rule that enables it prohibit sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores except animals from rescue centers. The new law, titled AB 485 aims at curbing puppy mills beginning next year 2019.The pet shops will only be permitted to sell dogs, cats and rabbits from shelters and rescues. The law will also require one to be compliant with the laws requiring the spaying or neutering of animals as instructed. Each pet store will have to maintain records that are sufficient to document the pet and to provide the details to the authorities when prompted to do so.


CANADA- Tough Penalties On Distracted And Impaired Driving To Roll Out On January 1 In Ontario

The government of Ontario has introduced laws that will crack down distracted and impaired driving. Tough penalties will come into effect on Tuesday. Any driver convicted with distracted driving will face a 3 day license suspension and a fine of up to $1,000 including three demerit points. If the driver repeats the mistake then the penalties double gradually within the time limit convicted. Drivers would lose their license for 7days if found in the second conviction.G1 and G2 licenses will face 30 to 90 license suspension.


UNITED STATES- Texas Under Pressure After Mexico And Canada Allow Use Of Marijuana

There has been major changes in how people view marijuana. Canada opened her markets for the drug to be used in recreation. Mexico on the other end made a court ruling that gave permissions to citizens to possess the weed for their own personal use. Texas now remains in the middle of the two countries that have legalized the use of marijuana. Though it has not been legalized, the country has lowered the penalties for possession of marijuana. Many countries have so far legalized the use of marijuana. For instance, 10 states have fully integrated the use of marijuana whereas 33 allow it to be used for medicinal purposes only.


UKRAINE- A New Law On The Control Of The Black Sea Signed By The President Of Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has approved a law that enables the country to expand control in the black sea. The adoption of the law comes barely a month after an incitement by Ukrainian Navy Ships in the Kerich Strait and abuse of the Russian maritime border. Ukraine`s president introduced martial law in several regions of the country and at the Coast of the black sea and the sea of Azov but was terminated early this week. Ukrainian President signed the law after the parliament had approved it.


UNITED STATES- President Trump To Disband Law Created By Obama On Coal Release To The Air. Is It Safe?

The US President is likely to scrap the law restricting coal power plants. This will mean that mercury and other toxins will be released into the air. The environmentalists are moved by the plan and are pre-empting the possible harms that will be caused. The law has so far prevented pollution and enabled residents to live in conducive environments. Citizens are at risk of respiratory diseases, learning disabilities and other birth defects in children. The Environmental Protection Agency (APA) states clearly that the cost of regulation outweighs the savings and benefits to human health and the entire environment.


UK- Ushering In The New Year-2019. When And Where To Use Firearms In The UK

2018 is coming to an end and in a few hours we are ushering in the New Year of 2019.Many people receive the New Year in different styles. In the UK and most specifically Newcastle and Gates head, there are large displays organized and are free to attend. One of the biggest display is Quayside at the stroke of Midnight. Fireworks are the main displays during the midnight hour but how should they be used here? It’s illegal to set up fireworks between 11pm and 7am but the New Year’s celebrations are exempted from this restrictions. You are not allowed to set up fireworks in the public unless you have been licensed. If you happen to break the laws you may be fined and imprisoned for up to 6months for selling or using firearms illegally.


UAE- Discrimination The Highest Crime. One Can Be Fined Up To Dh 1 million In UAE

Discrimination is preference among individuals or groups based on the ground of religion, creed, race, color or ethnic origin. All along, the UAE has been neglecting the issue of discrimination but right now an anti-discrimination law has been set for combating discrimination and hatred. The anti-discrimination law has been implemented and seeks to bring justice in the governmental offices. Any form of discrimination shall result in tough penalties including minimum jail term of five years and a fine ranging between Dh500, 000 and Dh 1 million. The UAE has been struggling to control discrimination and finally it comes up anti-discrimination law in order to combat discrimination and hatred among individuals or groups based on the ground of religion, creed, race, color or ethnic origin.. The anti-discrimination law has been implemented and seeks to bring justice in the governmental and other offices. Any form of discrimination shall result in tough penalties including minimum jail term of five years and a fine ranging between Dh500, 000 and Dh 1 million.


AUSTRALIA- The New Year Is Knocking At The Door. What To Expect In 2019-Australia

As soon as the clock hits on 12 midnight here is what to expect as a citizen of Australia;

  • Tampon tax to be a thing of the past .Products like tampons, pads and menstrual cups and liners to be 10percent cheaper in 2019.
  • Account holders will be charged $2 for transaction if funds are withdrawn from RediaATMs.
  • Western Australia will be the next state to join `No jab, No play` initiative. This will be introduced in child care centers.
  • The public transport prices to increase.
  • The new NSW parents will receive a Baby Bundle worth $300 which will be sent to an address nominated parents.







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