Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World’s Top Picks

Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

INDIA-Lawyers To Protest Designation Bench Of  Allahabad High Court For western UP

Lawyers of 22 districts of western UP are expected to carry out their protest,  which is aimed at mounting pressure to the Government to designate a bench of  Allahabad High Court in Western UP. Under the leadership of Samiti president Rajendra Jani and general secretary  Devki Nandan Sharma, they were able to acquire the support of BJP city president Mukesh Singhal. Singhal. Rajendra went on to confirm that Samiti would intensify the movement for the HC bench in western UP. The lawyers also argue that the HC bench in Western UP is also in the interest of common people who travel over 500km Prayagraj for legal work.

Canada-Why Law Schools Should Incorporate Technology Into Their System.

Incorporating technology in law school may fix a lot of problems both in the curricula and theclassroom. Instructors of traditional areas of law are expected to be actively considering the technological change in their courses and using these situations as examples to force students to think outside of the box. Law schools should also be teaching about technological platforms in their systems among other technological practices that can be added. Truly innovative law schools can look beyond just integrating technological change into their courses—they can help foster legal change.

INDIA-India Swaps Bankruptcy Teeth For Dentures

India’s two-year bankruptcy regime can be described by the following phrase: Errant debtors are forever looking for ways to undermine creditor protection; but when lenders themselves start making a mockery of fledgling insolvency law, nobody can save it. The billionaire Ruia brothers used every trick in the book to ensure their prized asset stays in the family, along with other rich Indian family have been declared economic destroyers of India by some groups.

INDIA-Collegium To End Controversy By Recommending Senior Most Chief Justice Of A High Court Justice Menon.

Chances of elevation of Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajendra Menon are very high, due to a recommendation controversy the collegium would look forward to ending. However, chances of elevation of three other senior judges, who have Delhi as their parent court are very low. Another controversy has also erupted after the collegium dropped Justices Pradeep Nandarajog and Rajendra Menon, who had been agreed in December. Instead, in January, recommendations were made for Justices Maheshwari and Khanna, of which stood at number 33 in all India seniority list of high court judges. This has raised suspicion of insubordination.

USA- Farm Bill law opens doors for hemp farming in Illinois

Hemp is expected to finally open its doors soon. Hemp is a diverse crop used for fiber, grain, food, and medical purposes, like at Your CBD store. Harvey suffered from depression as a young adult. Then he started using hemp products and saw an opportunity in the product which he decided to exploit. Experts predicting an economic boost think the state needs to capitalize. In the next 30 days, Harvey plans to open two hemp stores in the Peoria area and he hopes to reap the benefits of being ahead of the local trend.


INDIA-Delhi High Court Offers Police Protection To A Rape Victim And Her Husband

The Delhi High Court has been forced by circumstances to offer police protection to a rape victim who had temporarily shifted to Delhi from Jammu. The court ordered the police to look into the matter and not to disclose any information for security purposes. The couple said they had approached the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in September 2018 seeking protection and the court but were forced to shift to Delhi since the matter was not looked into.

NIGERIA-Battle For Power Intensifies As Militants Are Expected To Launch Attacks In Nigeria

Nigeria’s Government claims to have evidence that Boko Haram is planning to launch attacks across the nation with the elections just ahead. President Muhammadu Buhari, 76, is seeking a second four-year term in polls scheduled for Feb. 16  as the country is struggling to contain a decade-long militant campaign by Boko Haram in the northeast. The U.S.A Embassy in Abuja warned that the militants are planning to attack security and infrastructure as well as places of gathering such as markets, hotels, and malls. There is a very tough competition in the battle as two candidates battle to gain biggest Africas oil producer steering weel. There is fear that their might be post-election violence as it was back in 2011.

INDIA-Private Sector In Gujarat, Punjab To Benefit From Collaboration With   TheGovernment

Private parties  Gujarat, Punjab are expected to benefit enormously from a government deal of running health institutions, which according to the Government “stand constructed and furnished”. Private sector institutions are expected to express interest to the proposal by February 4, 2019, after which the Punjab government says it would begin the bidding process.Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, however, highlighted the cons of the act by claiming that A govt which can’t run its schools and hospitals had no reason to continue in power.

INDIA-Gujarat High Court strikes down Circular on Levy of GST On Distribution Companies

Two judges Harsha Devani and A P Thaker have nullified the clause 4(i) of Circular dated 1.3.2018 issued by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) which deals with the imposition of GST on Distribution Companies. The bench noted that the liability to tax of a bundled service has to be determined in the manner provided under sub-section (3) of section 66F of the Finance Act. After a lot of consultation between the judges and the included parties, it was concluded that the services provided by the petitioner are in the nature of composite supply and therefore, in view of the provisions of clause (a) of section 8 of the CGST Act, the tax liability thereof has to be determined by treating such composite same as a supply of the principal supply of transmission and distribution of electricity.


INDIA-High court Urges Universities Not To Offer farcical degrees.

The high court has ordered universities no to offer farcical degrees to people who are not worthy of having them.The high court went further to state that a university was a center of higher learning, and it must maintain high standards.The HC upheld Sardar Patel University’s decision to not the affiliation of Vinayaka College of Nursing in Nadiad and went on to state that it will not interfere with the universities powers to offer affiliation.


INDIA-Bombay high court fines couple Rs 25lakh For Preventing  A Court Officer To Inspect Crime Related Goods.

A couple has been fined  Rs 25lakh after threatening to implicate a court officer in a false case of molestation and prevented him from inspecting and seizing goods pertaining to a suit filed in connection with a copyright infringement case. Justice Kathawalla was informed that the court receiver was prevented from executing court order. Annoyed with this Justice Kathawalla observed that in the instant case, accused Neha Gandhir and her husband to have attempted to defeat the orders passed by this court by removing the goods from the factory premises before the court receiver took charge of the same. After several more allegations were made, the judge failed to show leniency for such competence in court, therefore he punished the couple.

UK-Law firm ranked top employer for gay people by Stonewall

Law firm Pinsent Masons came out on top according to Stonewall, who crowned them the leading champions of LGBT equality in the workplace. Darren Towers, Stonewall’s executive director says that Stonewall was set up 30 years ago to fight against the introduction of Section 28 – a vicious piece of legislation that banned local authorities from “promoting homosexuality to create a revolution later in time and to support LGBT people in their organizations. Stonewall said Pinsent Masons is ‘passionate about diversity and inclusion which forms a core part of its values and purpose’.

INDIA-“Reservation Is Not A poverty alleviation programme Claims DMK Organising Secretary R S Bharathi “

The Madras High Court on Monday issued a notice to the Centre on a petition challenging the Constitution (One Hundred and Third Amendment) Act, 2019, which provides 10 percent reservation for economically weaker sections in the general category. DMK organizing secretary filed a petition claiming that reservation was not a poverty alleviation programme.Senior advocate P Wilson argued that reservation was introduced in the interest of communities that are socially and educationally backward. From another side, the state,  it was claimed that petition was moved in political interest rather than public interest. Finally, the total reservation shot to 60 percent.

Germany-Iran’s Mahan Air Banned Due To Amid Security Allegation.

Germany has banned Iran’s Mahan Air from landing in the country with immediate effect, citing security concerns and the airline’s involvement in Syria. The U.S Secretary Of State said that the airline was a route to transport weapons and fighters across the Middle East. He also urged other nations to do the same. Among other things, German prosecutors said last week they had detained a 50-year-old German-Afghan dual citizen who had worked as a translator for the army on suspicion he had been spying for Iran. However, Iran’s Minister dismissed the allegations saying that they were trying to sour relationships between Iraq and Europe.


INDIA-Cause of death missing or vague in six out of 10 death certificates

It has been noticed and statistically proven that six out of ten death certificates lack a cause of death or information is vague. Many professionals have commented on the matter as to why the cause of death is not accounted for in most death certificates. One of the reasons is that inaccurate medical certification of death by doctors is the major culprit.However, Dr. Ramana Rao, a well-known cardiologist, feels the data is a fair reflection of reality as many at time doctors don’t know the cause of death.Due to these and other instances, DES is planning to hold a workshop for doctors across the state on how to write death certificates.

UAE- A Dubai Courts Awards Dh 1million To Indian Road Crash Victim In Dubai.

A court based in Dubai has directed the payment of Dh 1million to compensate Puthiya Puriayili Siddiq, a 42-year-old cafeteria owner, who was hit by a Pakistani on May 20 2017, on the on the Sharjah-Dubai ring road in Dubai. They also gave compensation against mental, medical and physical damages.

FRANCE-Google Fined 50million Euros Over Controversial New EU Data Law

France’s data watchdog announced Monday a fine of 50 million euros ($57 million) for US web search giant Google, using the EU’s strict General Data Protection Regulation for the first time. The CNIL said Google made it too difficult for users to understand and manage preferences on how their personal information is used hence leading to misuse of data. The CNIL further found out that despite changes implemented by Google since last year, it was still failing to respect the spirit of the new rules. However, Google has declined some allegation claiming that it should only apply to European sites and not the global domain.

INDIA-Karnataka high court Claims shown in the civic body’s reports are far fewer than expected

A two-member commission claims that the number of potholes shown in the civic body’s report proved to be fewer than in its measured books. The report went further to confirm that pot filling works have not been documented therefore, the commission said that no tender schedule was given to confirm if contracts are documented on the ground. According to the BBMP chief engineer, Malleswaram and Mahalakshmi Layout had been done without formal tender. The BBMP submitted its reply to the panel claiming that loading conditions resulted in crumbling noticed by the commission in repaired. potholes at Kogilu Cross, near Yelahanaka.

INDIA-Symbiosis Law School Tops As  Moot Court Competition Concluded on Sunday.

The 15th KK Luthra Memorial moot court competition concluded on Sunday with Symbiosis Law School, Pune, carried the day. Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman adressed the students and asked them to be clear, concise and hold the interest of judges and work hard. Delhi University’s Campus Law Centre bagged the second position as the teams argued on the moot problem of cross-border of money laundering and the powers of investigating agencies of different nations. The competition brought together 62 institutions from different countries. In the finals, Gultasha was awarded best speaker and Rashi Jain of Vivekanand School of Professional Studies was second place.

































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