Legal News Shots- Today’s Most Trending Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World


INDIA- Supreme Court RulesThat Son From Hindu Woman And Muslim Man Is Legitimate.

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal against the high court order over an inheritance scandal. The court stated that a child born out of the marriage of a Hindu woman and a Muslim man is legitimate and has right to inherit property whereas in the case of void marriage children born out of it are dimmed illegitimate with no right to inherit property.


INDIA- New Law University To Be Built On 500 acre Land Dimmed (NA)

A National Law University is expected to be built along with some other constructions in a 500-acre land that was declared “natural area” (NA) and Non-Development Zone(NDZ) when Mumbai’s new Development Plan (DP) draft was first published.. However, the state government has proposed a classification for NA land for the proposed development which has been firmly red-flagged by the opposition.


UK- Thousands Of Cats Dumped In Landfill Sites Call For Law Change

A 48-year0old pet owner Helena Abrahams lodged a parliamentary petition for the law to be changed for microchip scanning in cats as in the case with dogs. This issue has gotten a lot of support evident with the more than 40,000 signature received. There seems to be “discrimination” on dogs over cats as it looks like dogs receive more privileges than cats. Helena is not impressed by the government response but is hopeful that the debate may change the situation.


INDIA- Lawyers From Punjab, Delhi Suffer Blow As 7 lawyers Are Red-flagged For Appointment As HC Judges

Eleven lawyers have been flagged down for appointment as High Court judges by The Center. Seven lawyers out of the eleven lawyers who were rejected were from Punjab while Haryana High Court, Delhi High Court and High Court of Jammu and Kasmir followed respectively. As for the case of one, the collegium decided to recall it’s April 6, 2017, for his elevation as a High Court judge.


SPAIN- Christiano Ronaldo Tax Fraud Scandal And Civilian Rape Allegation

World football star Christiano Ronaldo has been involved in a lot of scandals ranging from tax frauds to rape allegations. The Juventus star pleaded guilty and was suspended for two years along with a hefty fine. A  U.S.A civilian Kathryn Mayorga has also filed a civil lawsuit accusing Christiano Ronaldo of raping her in his Las Vegas hotel room. Ronaldo denied these allegations.


INDIA- High Court Orders Government To Inform People About Measles Vaccine

The Delhi high court ordered the AAP government that the risks of administering measles vaccine And Rubella(MR) vaccine should also be indicated in their advertisements so as to get the consent of vaccination from students parents. The parents argued through their representatives that there couldn’t be an opt-out consent but there was a need to acquire consent from parents. The court made a final ruling in that, tentative dates should be given and consent forms circulated in schools.


CANADA-Roadkill Harvesting, Killing And Where It Is Legal In Canada

The U.S.A state of Oregon has made the killing and harvesting of roadkill a legal practice. The Canadian Press has published an article to collect data on legislation variation on the harvesting of roadkills. In many states, it was discovered that most of the states required a permit from the authorities in order to harvest roadkills. However, not all provinces had roadkill regulations.


INDIA- Congress Leader Sentenced to life Imprisonment Over 1984 Sikh Riots

Former Congress leader Sanjan Kumar has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Delhi over a “crime against humanity” allegation. This is after a witness testified against him. Cham Kaur stated that she witnessed the former Congress leader entice a crowd of people to kill the Sikhs. The witness also claims that his son and father were brutally beaten before being thrown down from the roof.


INDIA- Supreme Court To Make Decision On Constitutional Validity Of Article 35-A

Supreme court is yet to make a decision on a listing of petitions that are challenging the constitutional validity of Article 35A which gives special rights and privileges to permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir. The article was incorporated into the constitution by the president back in 1954. There have been several petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the article like National Conference and The CP-M. There were two verdicts of the constitutional benches which are held by the Supreme Court in 1961 and 1969 which are upheld by the president.


PAKISTAN- Workers And Leaders Held Under Anti-Terrorism Laws in Pashtun Rights Rally in Pakistan

Sindh police under the antiterrorism police have arrested leaders and workers of the Pashtoon tahaffuz Movement(PTM). Police alleged that the organization didn’t listen to the SHO and spread provocation which lead to commotion and fear among the people. The release of Mehsud And Other workers Was ordered with immediate effect. In the meanwhile, The regional chapter of Amnesty International also expressed concern over the disappearance of the PTM activist.


INDIA- Supreme Court Junks Centre’s Appeal Against Ruling University Would Not Act As Deciding Factor In Teacher Recruitment

The supreme court dismissed an appeal by the Center against a ruling which ha declared that ‘Department ’ and not University will be used as a determinant factor in the teachers’ recruitment process. The appeal was however rejected while attempts by several parties to convince the court to change the verdict reached a dead end hence Universities are to make recruitments by treating department as a unit.


INDIA-Online Application For Civil judge Post

The High Court Of  Gujarat HC has released a notification to recruit candidates to fill in Civil Judge position. The online application is through the official website The application will be submitted on February 1, 2019, while deadline ends on March 1, 2019. There are application charges and you are therefore advised to visit official info on application fees and other instructions


USA- Supreme Court Agrees To Jump Into National Debate Over Gun Rights

The Justices of the supreme court in Washington D.C have agreed to consider a petition filed by gun owners asking the strike down new York Strict Firearm Rules concerning firearms. However, city officials argue that some guns were found loaded and in far ranges while some policies allow gun owners to take loaded guns only to restricted ranges outside the city. These are just a few of gun policies battles which have been going on for a very long time.


INDIA- Madras high court asks the civic body to suspend officials

The Madurai bench of Madras High Court ordered the suspension of two members of staff of the commission of Madurai Corporation over an overpricing in the theatre scandal. A petition was filed and the directions were given to Madurai District collector to take action against violation by the theatre owners in Madurai.


Abuse Of Disabled People Online Is Becoming A major Concern

Abuse for people with disabilities has become a huge concern leading to more than 222,000 people have signed a reality TV show MS Prices petition to make online abuse a criminal offense. Actress Samantha Reke is one among many other culprits of a criminal offense who claims she was abused just because she has brittle bone disease. MPs and other officials are putting in place policies and rules that will be of help to the people one of them protection under hate crimes law.


INDIA- PIL for global investors meet guidelines: Madras high court  reserves order

A petition to stall the conduction of the Global Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2019 in Chennai has been reserved by the Madras High Court on Monday. Senior Counsel p Wilson submitted that the petition was not against investors meet but wanted the government to frame appropriate guidelines to protect the interest of other investors.


USA- Bishop Claims That N.Y Abortion Bill Is A “Bermuda Triangle”

Albany’s Catholic Bishop has communicated his concerns to the New York Gov to stop the integration of the Reproductive Health Act, or RHA. He stated that people mourn unborn children and mothers and fathers suffer and get heartbroken as a result of this act. He went further to claim that the act goes beyond Roe V wide in its aggressive extremism.


PHILIPPINES- Bill to make 9-year-olds criminally liable approved by Philippine lawmakers

Lawmakers in the Philippines have approved a bill to lower the minimum age of criminal age to nine from the current age which is fifteen. The president quoted that with technology a nine-year child was just the same as that aged twelve or fifteen. The president and the police supported the idea for they both believe that the children will be protected.





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