Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA- Lilly Thomas- “Woman Of Steel” Blocks Off Convicted Criminals Not To Take Oath Of Office

According to listed criteria authored by Ambedkar, the right of the representation and the right to hold office were the most predominant rights that made up citizenship. Lily Thomas, a Supreme Court advocate from Kottayam, made a breakthrough after nine years of struggle, in removing convicted MPs and MLAs from the government by the trial court. This woman is simply an idol of transformation when it comes to democracy.

INDIA-The Indian Corporate Association (ICCA) Holds An Indo-UK Summit In London

With backup from Wales and England, the ICCA held an Indo-UK legal summit in London on the 22nd and 23rd of November. There was a diversity of topics discussed in the summit including the potential for joint global success and the international Commercial Arbitrations. ICCA President Ashok Sharma said that the summit was a stupefying success and that they looked forward to another summit.

IRELAND-Newly Elected Abortion Rights Faces Hurdles

Ireland voted decisively to keep aside abortion bans and approved a new law that gave them legal rights to abort up to 12th week pregnancy. For a country which has been long dominated by the Catholic Church, this is revolutionary and more than enough to take in. Worried about stigma caused by abortion, doctors are lagging to sign up to offer abortion services to women. However, the Irish government has set up an anonymous online support site to help women navigate the new system

Turkey-Turkey Women To Jump A Lot Of Hurdles To Get Access To Abortion, Though Legal

Women in Turkey are having difficulties in getting access to abortion practices, yet the act is legal. According to DW hospital procedures were essentially non-existent. For instance, a hospital in the Black Sea, Coastline of Rize, abortions only took place in exceptional places. G who worked as a nurse in the maternity sector, says that public hospitals didn’t receive an abortion but were referred to private hospitals. Abortions have also proven to be expensive and difficult to finance.

India- Ranking Sixth, Nearly 65% Of Indian Companies Ready For GDPR Compliance

According to a report by Technology Conglomerate Cisco, almost 65% of Indian companies are ready to submit to Eu’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Vishak Raman a security professional at cisco that GDPR organizations have reported low cases of data breaches or related flaws which is the main objective of the campaign. However, according to the Cisco survey, it is vital that Indian companies comply with data privacy and protection laws if they wanted to continue mining and using EU clients related data.

UK- UK Remorseful Of The Burning Of Indian Flag By Separatist Group In London

The UK government is concerned about the burning of an Indian flag during a separatist’s protest in London on republic day. Congratulating India on celebrating their Republic day celebration, Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed its disappointment on the issue. Metropolitan police say that the demonstrations took place outside India House in Aldwych which was lawful. There were no incidents of allegations of crime reported.

INDIA-Technology Aided Sex Selection Leads To Worsening Numbers

According to data released by the office of the Registrar General, the sex ratio at birth in the South Indian States have drawn concern due to sex preference factor. Gita, the author of “Disappearing Daughters” says that with medicinal help, people were going to take it. There has been uncertainty on the effect of the predetermined sex issue for people have different opinions concerning the matter. However, because of the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique (PCPNDT) Act in 1944, sex predetermination was forbidden although there is a potential technological advancement that could facilitate sex selection with a positive effect.

INDIA-Car Accident Claims Lives Of Two Law Officers, As car Hits Parked Trailer

An accident claimed the lives of two advocates of the Punjab and Haryana High court who were working as Assistant Advocates General (AAG) in the office of Advocate General Punjab. The two died on a road mishap near Ghall-khurd village on the Ferozepur-Moga road while coming from a colleague’s wedding in Ratta Khera village. The two died on the spot while the trailer driver fled the scene. Hardevpreet Singh, SHO, Ghall-Khurd, confirmed that the injured driver had been admitted to a civil hospital.

UK- Maternity Leaves Could Be Extended Under Proposals Forwarded To The UK Government

The government has proposed extending the 1999 maternity And Regulation act to staff on other types of parental leave. Business minister Kelly Tolhurst said that they were looking for ways to further protection to new parents by giving them time to re-establish. According to research by Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) an established 54,000 women lost their jobs due to pregnancy related issues. The government isn’t stopping at anything toward helping women and is implementing more laws and regulations to help protect women.

INDIA-Teen Facing Hardships Quests To “Teach Cops A Lesson” By Following A Movie Script Plot

A 15-year-old boy facing financial and social challenges deluded the police by making them think that he had implanted bombs across the city. Despite the efforts of hiding his identity, his IP address led the police to him. When asked, he claimed that he was trying to “teach the cops a lesson”, following a Bollywood thriller “the protagonist”. Considering the boy’s hardships, the police did not press any charges.

CHINA-Chinese rights lawyer Wang Sentenced To A Four And A Half Jail Term For Debasement

A Chinese Court has confirmed a four and a half imprisonment penalty of Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang for state subversion. It is believed that wang disappeared in a 2015 sweep referred to as “709” crackdown. A statement by Tianjin Second Intermediate People’s Court confirmed that Wang had also been deprived of political rights for 5 years.

INDIA-Supreme Court Judges Impede Justice Muralidhar’s Transfer

Sources have confirmed that there was a move in the collegium that aimed towards transferring high profile Justice S Muralidhar out of Delhi High Court. The proceeding was freezed by a collegium headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Justice S Muralidhar is popular, thanks to the authoring of many judgments which were widely discussed. With a new collegium, the supreme court settled on a decision to elevate Justice Dinesh Maheshwari, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, and Justice Sanjeev Khanna, a judge of Delhi High Court.

CANADA- Canadian Jewish Organization Ripped Support After Audit Confirms Support For Armed Forces

According to documents obtained by Global news a Canadian organization has been deprived of its charity status following a government audit that confirmed a connection to foreign armed forces funding. A CRA Directorate said that the group’s issued tax receipts were suspicious when it came to the use of funds. The group has got 90 days to appeal on the case after the CRA released 90 pages on the case. In respect to the allegations, Beth Oloth said that it only funded a religious teaching project.

INDIA- Indian-Born Billionaire Accused Of Masterminding Illegal Marketing Tactics That Contributed To An Epidemic Of Addiction And Death

The first prosecution of a pharmaceutical company Chief Executive tied opioid to overdoses is scheduled to take place next week. The billionaire John Kapoor, 75, is accused of innovating illicit marketing tactics that contributed towards death. He is also charged with bribing doctors to prescribe wrong medication to patients. The prosecutors have confirmed that the charges could send Kapoor and other ex-Insys managers to prison for as long as 25 years. The trial is expected to be the year’s most dramatic case involving opioid epidemic since more people involved are still being dragged into the scandal.

China-Australia Pledges Beijing To Obey International Law In South China Sea

Christopher Pyne is yet to call on China to act with great caution in the South Sea and avoid the “might is right” approach of diplomatic regimes used by isolationists like Russia. Pyne says that settling disputes in the south sea according to international law would build confidence in China hence building strategic culture. Phyne is also to pledge Australian support for multinational activities in the South Sea of China to demonstrate to China that they are international waters.

INDIA- Bombay High Court fines A Woman Rs 25 lakh for threatening rivals with A fake molestation case

The Bombay court has levied a fine of Rupees 25lakh on Neha Gadhir, an entrepreneur from Haryana, threatening to file a molestation case against Mumbai-based Sapat and company over a trademark infringement case. She later claimed that she did not mean what she said. Sapat and company have filed a case against Feel good company for infringing cough syrup trademark name.

USA-Illegal Bets Still Rule Super Bowl — Even As More States Offer Regulated Action

95% of the amount of betting will be made with bookies, offshore sportsbooks or acquittances despite the availability of seven more states allowing legal betting on the super Bowl than 2018. An estimated 22.7 million adults plan on betting on the Super Bowl, AGA confirmed. Meanwhile, the NFL has sought to ban prop bets which have really gained popularity over the years.

INDIA-Bombay High Court Orders The Maharashtra government To Give Copies Of Report To Petitioners Challenging Quota Decision.

The Bombay High court has ordered The Maharashtra Government to give copies of the entire report of the backward class commission on Martha’s reservation to petitioners challenging quota decision. A bill passed on November 30, 2018, proposed a 16% portion in the government’s jobs and education for those who were considered socially and educationally backwards. According to chief justice More, the petitioners should be given what they wanted. While others were against the bill some have filed petitions to support it. The court will be expected to start listening to petitions on February 6, 2018.

USA- Survivors Of Child Sexual Assault Smile As Legislators Extend New York’s Statute Which Works In Their Favor

Survivors of child sexual assault are expected to emerge victorious as legislators advance to extend York Statue of limitations that will give a time advantage to child sexual victims to sue and press criminal charges. There could be  a lot of drastic change concerning the same issue but the main change is that children will be able to file civil lawsuits against abusers till they were 55 years, different from the previous 23 years.

UK- Ex-Minister Criticizes Sports Sex Law Delay

Tracey Crouch Ex-sports Minister has confirmed that a proposed law to make it illegal for sports coaches to have sexual relations with 16 and 17-year-olds is yet to take a course. The minister slammed the government for failing to protect vulnerable people. According to offside, at least 80 coaches have been convicted of sexual assault in a time span of two years.


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